How to start a commercial pig farming business

pig farming business

Do you know the pig is one of the most reproducing livestock in the world? A single pig can give birth to as much as 15 piglets at a time and the piglets grow very fast.

In this article, I will show you why you need to invest in the pig farming business and the complete step by step guide to creating a successful piggery.

When I was growing up, the pig business was one that was popular. People engaged in the farming business, grow the pig and transport it some 500 miles where they sell to customers in the pig farmers market.

Today there are not many people in that business, as many have either stop or change to other forms of farming business.

But do you know, the demand for pork meat is still huge in both developing and develop countries.

For a pig to birth their young ones, you most have both the male often call boar and the females as the sows.

The pig farming business is one of the lucrative farming you can do. Even with a small herd, you can raise up 200 new piglets a year.

With such a number, you could make a profit in a year if they’ve grown to the right breed for rearing.

However, this is not always the case, especially, when you do not get the right bread to the rear.

Another challenge worth noting is that the popularity of fish, poultry, goat farming are more when compared to pig farming.

How much food does a pig eat?

It’s important to note that a pig will eat from 6 to 8 pounds of food a day. Some of the food of the pig are corn and soybeans. But the pig eats 700 and 900 pounds of food after four to six weeks of feeding on the mother. However, this will depend on many factors.

How long does it take to grow a pig?

Pigs do grow faster if they’re feed and the environment is favorable. On just pasture, it takes about seven months and on other food, with the required nutrient you’ll need about five to six month for a piglet to grow.

Why you should invest in pig farming business

The fact that pig farming business is not popular this day, does not mean it’s not lucrative. However, here are the 5 reasons that you should consider when investing in pig farming.

  1. Compared to poultry, fish and other forms of animal farming, the mortality rate in pig farming is low. They’re rugged and have the ability to survive for days without food.
  2. The raising of pig is easy
  3. Their food is readily available and eats most type of food human eats, as a result, makes pig feeding cheap and raising it cheaper when compare to fish or poultry farming which requires selective types of food.
  4. They have s stronger humane system. Falling sick is rare as long as they get the required food and vaccines regularly.
  5. The pig farming generates more profit than other forms of farming.

So will all that in mind, you may be asking, how do one start a pig farming business? let’s dive into the step by step guide to great a successful pig farm.

Step by step commercial pig farming business.

Acquire the knowledge

If you’re new to pig farming, getting the knowledge can help you in knowing what you’ll need and how the pig farming business works. You can get knowledge from an expert, asking existing farmers, getting your hands on the information online about pig farming.

Whichever method you use, you still need to at least get the information that will tell you what you need to know and help you better prepared so that you don’t get a surprise when starting.

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Other knowledge will be learned by experience.

Write a piggery business plan

Starting a pig farming business will ensure all the details are not left out. A piggery business proposal will include the business summary, market analysis, marketing plan, the future projection of the business.

With a business plan, it’s easier to get investors who’ll be kin in investing in your business. and the business plan equally helps you put you on track when you’re deviating.

Raise the required capital

When you all have the knowledge, you’ll need to raise the required capital for the business. use family and friends, get a loan or create a partnership that’ll raise the capital that can setup and run the business.

If your piggery project business plan is in place, finding investors or securing a loan from the banks becomes simple and easy.

Find a location

The first step you’ll take is to find a location you can use to grow the pig. This location most is suitable for the growth of the pig.

Growing pig close to the house is not advisable, as the smell might make it unbearable for the house close to it. Another thing is the noise will be pretty disturbing to houses around it.

Instead of bringing the location and causing unnecessary disturbances to your household and neighbors, you can look for a farmland away from the neighborhood to locate the farm.

You can purchase or hire the farmland according to the scale of the piggery that’ll be enough for your farming activities like space for rearing, feeding, and grazing.

How much space do you need to raise a pig?

The space required for starting a pig farming business is small when compared to poultry farming. Although many have advocated for a minimum of 20 square feet per pig, the neighbourhood in the outdoor area, where they move around freely. With a minimum of 50 square feet or more will be great

For instance, starting on a small scale, you can get a 50×50 space.

Because you’re looking for farmland far away, it should be cheap compared to the one you’ll in the neighborhood.

Create a pig pen

The pig pen is the name of the pig shelter or housing. This is so important because a pig pen will save the pig from many external problems like weather, diseases, contamination and insecurity.

The pig pen can be created either with an iron, wood or concrete. You’ll have to choose the option that’s within your budget.

There are things you need to put in place when creating a pig pen. One of such things is creating an effective drainage system. The drainage will ease the movement of waste material.

Some pig pen floor is made suspended with metal that makes the pig feces and easier to wash and the spilled water, will find their way out.


how to start pig farming business

This will help in regulating the breeding of insects, germs and other forms of diseases that may affect the pig growth and increase the chances of mortality rate.

Include a water pool in the pig pen as this will further make the environment conducive and increase the chances of a healthy growth. However, the pool water should be changed regularly, else they might grow germs that may affect the pig.

Buy the essential pig farming equipment

Now you’ll need to get the necessary equipment that will be used in the pig farm. some of which are the feeding trough for putting their food, drinkers for putting their drinking water, brooders and heat lamb, swine scrappers and other accessories.

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Buy the piglet

Now that your pig pen is ready, it’s time to get the piglets into your farm. the piglets can be gotten from an existing pig farm close to you. You’ll need both male and female pigs for the farm.

At the point of buying, you should be able to clarify the following by asking and knowing:

  • The vaccination history of the pig
  • The parent breed of the piglets
  • The environment of piglets

Why this is important is because you will be able to ascertain the health of the pig and the expected growth size.

The number of the piglets will be determined by the size of the pig pen. Taking the space of the pig pen into consideration, you can start with the number of a suitable for the pig pen.

When the space for the pig pen is enough for the pigs, the growth of the pig will be pretty fast.

How much do piglets cost to buy?

Well, the price of the piglets will depend on your business location. But that’ll be determined by the demand of the product in the market.

Hire workers

Depending on the size of your farm, you’ll need extra hands to help you with the work. For 100 pigs you’ll need 4-5 workers. If you’re just starting hiring 1-2 will help you clearing the drainage, changing the water and makes the environment hygienic always.

Ask a professional for advice

For a pig farm to be successful, you’ll need to engage the services of a professional. Many who have ignored the services of a professional have seen a lot of losses compared to those who have used it.

Hiring a qualified veterinarian will help you in administering the vaccine at the right time, regular checkup to ensure the pigs are in good shape and treating the ones that are ill.

The consultancy service of a professional always ensures your farm animals are always in the right health condition.

Feeding of the pig

When you’re going to start a pig farm, one thing that will not be a big issue is their feeding. This is because pig eats most of the things humans eat and that have to remove the concern of finding a specialized food for feeding.

However, the food most is balanced and contain all the required classes of food as it can make the pig grow fast and healthy.

Again ensure the pig have access to water for drinking and for them to play. However, you should replace the water when it because too dirty to discourage the breed of diseases.

Market your pig

Begin marketing your pigs before the due date you intend to sell. You can approach meat sellers or use it to create bacon and sausages and sell.

The price of the pig will depend on the size of the pig as it’s sold per kilogram.

Other Management

Even though pig farming requires little management some should not be overlooked. Ensure feeders have fed, the water always running and provide security to ensure no pig has escaped.

Treating of your pig of internal parasites especially when they attain 125 pounds. Often done by putting medication in the feed or water, or by injecting the pig.

Well, all the treatment will not be necessary if the farmer had already wormed your pig before you bought them.


Starting a commercial pig farming business will require coming up with a great piggery project business plan, getting the required knowledge and taking the right action. The market for a pig will continue to grow as more people are beginning to take pig farming serious.



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