White hat seo techniques:7 things to do to rank pages high

White hat SEO techniques

Do you know pages don’t just appear in google top search by chance? For a page to rank high, it has to meet a certain standard and follow certain rules.

As the search engine modify how pages are rank, you’ll have to adjust to ensure you avoid been penalize.

Since we have white hat SEO, means there is also black hat SEO. The black hat SEO takes your pages out of the search engine ranking while white hat SEO keeps your pages.

Using the black hat SEO is not recommended for those who want to build a great business and increase their conversion the best possible.

I know you’ll not follow the wrong path.

You may be wondering and asking whether it is possible to rank pages high within the search engine?

Yes, it’s entirely possible if you follow the best SEO technique often referred to as white hat SEO techniques or tactics.

In this article, am going to show you what you need to do to your pages to rank high within the search engine using white hat methods.

White hat SEO is the best SEO practices that guarantee high search engine ranking and ensure you’re within the rules.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. What is white hat SEO
  2. White hat SEO tools you can use
  • White hat SEO techniques for your pages

What is white hat SEO?

Before we go into the tools and technique to use in white hat SEO, it’s important we understand what white hat SEO is.

In simple terms, white hat SEO is the opposite of black hat SEO. This is to say it’s the recommended way of doing SEO, by following the strategies and tactics that are used to ensure pages are crawled and rank pages within the search engine.

This becomes possible because it’s in line with the terms and condition of the search engine.

For instance, when you visit google, to make a search on content marketing, the pages that will appear are the ones that have followed the rules of white hat SEO.

The white hat SEO techniques will ensure that you rank high for a long time.

White hat SEO tools to use

What was considered the best form of SEO some years ago, it’s now called black hat SEO. This is clearly to say that the tools that worked in the past are not what works today.

You may be wondering, what tools works best in white hat SEO today?

Well, there are several tools today, but I have picked (in my own opinion) the best tools you can use today.

The reason why these tools are important and a most to use, is it gives you the idea of what works and that will be a guide for you.

Well, that is pretty great. Well here are some of the tools you can use:

  • Semrush

SEMrush does a lot of things, from analyzing a page, to finding long tail keywords. The tool has other functions but for the sake of this article, am going to stay on finding the long tail keywords and similar traffic source of a high ranking page.

Using our 4 method way of finding long tail keywords, you can get tons of keywords.

if our keywords we pick is: homemade breast enlargement cream, go over to google and input the search term.

Here you can pick the top 3 URLS of the pages after your search.

white hat SEO

Now let’s dive into the SEMrush page and begin our search.

Log into your account (you can sign up here and get 14 days free trial).

Then paste one of the links in the search box and hit search.

white hat seo

Then scroll down to see the other keywords bringing in the traffic for the pages as well as the pages linking to the page.

white hat SEO

With this information, writing your content you’ll have an idea of the organic keyword to look for and who to contact if you’re to make a request for backlinks.

  • Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is one of the tools you can use to find out the popular content based on social media shares. The ability that buzzsumo find the content and the influencers behind it are amazing.

This is great to know as it will help you when you come into content promotion.

To begin using this tools, you’ll have to head over to buzzsumo.com

And insert the keyword or a website URL to find the most viral.

white hat SEO

But before you hit the go, just scroll and look at some of the options we need to know. First, we need to filter our content by date. You can choose based on what you want. I prefer to filter with either past month and past 6 months.

White hat SEO

Scroll down again to choose your content type. Buzzsumo has the following content type.

White hat SEO

Once you’re done with the settings, then you can hit the go. This is how the result will show.

white hat SEO

With that, you can have an idea of how your content will be received within the social media. Again you can use the article title to come up with a great article title.

  • Buzzbundle

Recently, I got to know buzzbundle. This software is great and presents the best ways to promote content across different websites like forums, questions, and answers website and social media in real time.

The software brings out the latest conversation based on the keywords you have chosen. For content promotion, these tool is great for giving it the eyeballs it requires and improves the page ranking fast.

White hat SEO techniques for your pages

Before ranking your pages, there are certain things you need to do for your pages. These are the practice that ensures your pages are ranked high within the search engine.

If you’re ready, let’s go into the white hat SEO techniques for pages.

  • Use long tail keywords

Writing with keyword keeps you in focus. The keyword is the search terms that users use when they’re to make a search.

But when you pick a keyword you intend to target, you’re simply picking a fight. This is because you’re not the only one that will be targeting the keyword.

So fighting and coming out on top should be your ultimate priority, but not all fight is worth it.

Some keywords especially the head keywords ( 2-3 word phrases) are highly competitive. That’s why long tail keywords are the best way to win the keyword fight.

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Using long tail keywords, however, presents the best opportunity to rank high within the search engine.

This is due to the low competition for such keywords. However, the longer the keywords the better, with the long tail keyword having 70% of search traffic.

Even amazon realize the power of long tail keywords and have used it to increase their sales by 57%.

Conductor showed that those who begin to use long tail, the conversion rate is 2.5X when compared to head keywords.

long tail keywords

By and large, the long tail keywords focus on giving the search user the specific information they need. That’s why the long tail keyword is a great white hat SEO technique you’ll need to take.

  • Include meta description

How many content marketers ignore the use of meta description? Many have missed, potential customers, because they could not figure what the content is all about.

Not only that, the search engine might not know what your article is about without meta description.

So what is meta description?

It’s the short description of the entire content. This is what appears just below the title after a search. For instance, when you make a search about marketing here is what you’ll get.

white hat SEO

The result will show you the title of the article (in blue color) and just below it, you’ll see the meta description.

How to include the meta description.

Even without including a meta description, the search engine will create snippet preview of the content and it will appear after a search. But that mostly will not be very appealing and the keyword you’re targeting will not appear.

So what way works best?

To better utilize the meta description, I recommend installing the SEO by Yoast plugin. The plugin creates a place where you can modify the meta description of your article.

white hat SEO

The meta description is under 120 characters long. However, up to 156 characters are available. But keeping it simple and straight to the point is enough to bring the message out.

It’s going to be worth it when you take your time to write an eye catching description.

Whenever I write, I try to be within 120 characters and include the keyword am targeting.

Below is an example of a meta description that can grab the attention of anyone who is trying to get the ways to drive traffic.

White hat SEO

The Meta description is simple, short and tells you what to expect when you click to read the article.

  • Use image alt text

The search engine doesn’t know what your images are until you tell them. Including images without using alt text, is a way of missing certain traffic which will come from the search engine.

Recently, I have to go through my over 700 images to readjust their alt text. To my surprise, more than 400 were the image without alt text that made no meaning.

You can imagine the traffic I’ve missed.

So what is an alt text?

Alt text is an acronym for alternative text, and according to whatis, it is a word or phrase that can be inserted as an attribute in an HTML(Hypertext Markup Language)  document to tell Web site viewers the nature or contents of an image.

The alt text appears in a blank box that would normally contain the image. Alt text is useful when an image link is not available because of a broken or changed URL or some other issue.

Your alt text can be the keyword you’re targeting for that article or similar keyword to your main one.

If you’re using WordPress, there are basically two ways you can include an alt text.

At the point of uploading the image

In the process of uploading your images in your pages, you’ll  see the following at the right site of the page:

White hat SEO

When you click on insert into post, the image will be inserted and the search engine will index the image based on the alt text for the image.

After uploading the image.

But if on the other hand, you have an existing image you intend to do that, then here is how you can go about it.

If the image is within an already published content, then try locating the content and click on edit;

White hat SEO

This will take you to the place where you can edit the alt text of the image:

white hat SEO

Then include your alternative text and click on update. Repeat the procedure for other images until you have done it with the entire image in your website.

  • Build quality backlinks

Link building are like vote the more you have the higher the chances of the page to rank high. But not all link are equal, as certain links offer more value to others.

For instance, one link from an authority site gives you 10X value than 10 links from a non-authority site and the more the link from an authority site, the better.

Building quality backlink can be done in several ways. However, link building is not what you can do overnight. It requires work consistently and over time, you’ll begin to see the result.

Some of the best ways to build quality backlinks include:

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one of the easy ways to begin the journey of link building.  All you need is to find a blog post, read it, make your own contribution and leave a link back to your site.

To do it the right way, you should:

  • Find blog post relevant to your niche.
  • Write great contribution. Don’t just comment because you want a link back to your website. Instead, contribute because you have something important you want to add.

Guest blog on authority sites

Submitting content on sites related to your niche, not only build your credibility alone but also help in building quality links to your site.

One article in authority site increases the page’s authority and the amount of traffic. The more the traffic, the more it sends signals to the search engines and ranks your pages.

Write evergreen content

Writing long form content often will attract quality backlinks from authority blogs and marketing influencers. Because when they find your content useful, they’ll help you promote it and as a result attract quality links from influencers.

  • Write long form content

Long form content is one major google ranking factor is when you provide content that adds value. Today to get content that provides value require the writing of long form content.

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The era of writing 500-word content might work for the short term but it’s a long form article that will continue to perform in the long run.

The search engine focus is on giving value to it users and that makes the long form content the must trusted one. Because longer content gives the value the user is certainly looking for.

So what is long form content?

To simply put, long form content, are content that has longer amount of content. Such content is also called evergreen content.

So how long are articles supposed to be?

There are several narratives about the subject, but according to serpiq, after analyzing how important Length? Why Data-Driven SEO Trumps Guru Opinions, provide the content length of the top 10 search.

SEO search engine optimization article

When you look at the article that ends up at the tenth position to that of the first, you notice a difference of 400 words.

So how do one write a long form article?

Writing 2000 words and above content might sound like a big deal. But people like Brian Dean, Neil Patel have all use the method of creating long-form content to take their pages to the top of search engine ranking.

But here are some of the basic steps that will guide you to writing long form content.

  • Use examples to back your points. Examples put the user at ease because you’re giving a practical step of putting the steps in action.
  • Include case studies and data. Show some case studies of how the procedure worked and prove the result by providing relevant data. I’ve given a data chart above that shows the top 10 rank pages based on the article words.
  • Develop the act including expert opinion. Expert insights are a great way to create authority within your content. It can even be like an ego bait for your page.
  • Develop a content writing pattern that can create an evergreen content. For instance, Wikipedia has created their own content pattern have made them rank for many pages.

When you write long-form content, you’ll begin to see gradual growth in your search engine traffic and increase your conversion.

Tip: even long form content ranking can go down the ranking with time. To maintain their position, it’s important to update such content by adding fresh ideas to it and republish them.

  • Use the sky scrapper method

I first heard about the skyscraper method from Brian Dean of backlinko.com. Brian showed the three methods you can use to get your pages to the top of the search engine.

It looks like a joke, but I decided to try it with one of my pages. When I tried the method, it pushes my page to the top 4 result and consistently sends in the targeted organic search traffic.

White hat SEO

This is not all, there are other case studies of people who have used the skyscraper technique to rank their pages high within the search engine.

Robbie Richards use the skyscraper method to take his page to be among the top pages for the keyword: Content promotion strategies.

White hat SEO

As a result of the skyscraper method SEO Robbie Richards was able to increase his traffic by 272% in 30 days.

So what are the steps of the skyscraper method?

His three-part skyscraper method SEO include:

Step #1: Find content with a proven track record of attracting backlinks, social shares, and first page rankings.

It doesn’t matter whether you have written the article or not. Just go and find your keyword you intend to target, then find the pages making the top rank of the page.

Copy each of the pages and go through it.

Step#2: Make strategic improvements to that content.

Write a new content or take your existing content and create a better one. In your content, create a long form content by including examples, case studies, expert opinion to create the depth that will attract the required content.

Step #3: Promote that content via email outreach (today’s post has A LOT of info on this step).

No matter how great your content is, you’ll need to promote it in other to get the required eyeball.

Implementing the skyscraper techniques gives you the ability to rank your pages fast and enables you to increase your conversion.

  • Give your content the required eyeball

No matter how great your content is, no one will read it without exposing it to get the required eyeballs. After publishing a great content, seeing result from the search engine is not instant.

With the content promotion, you can expose the content to the required audience that will signal the search engine and makes it possible to index it faster.

Content promotion can be achieved with zero budget. In other words, it can be done without spending a dime and the good news is, you still can get the result.

What are some of the ways to promote our content? Here are some of the ways to achieve that.

  • Email influencers notifying them about the content. When you mention an expert or have a link back to a resource, you can email and let them know.

When they find the article great, they will share it with their followers online. It becomes a win-win for you.

  • Then email your list.

If you want to know more about other methods of content promotion, Robbie Richards has written a 5000-word guide will walk you step-by-step through 16 content promotion strategies.


There is no doubt that SEO will continue to change and with each change new ways of ranking pages will come into play. The white hat SEO techniques to use for pages listed above are going to keep your pages ranks high for as long as possible.





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