Local and exotic types of goats in Nigeria

Types Of Goats In Nigeria

In the tropics d in particular Nigeria, there’re many local and exotic types of goats in Nigeria.

With farming and rearing business fast developing in the country, production of meat and milk is becoming the major end product of goat farming.

On the majority of farmers, rearing goat is for meat production only and the skin sold for leather production.

However, going into goat farming will be confusing if you don’t know the breeds of goats in Nigeria.

Even if your interest is about rearing goat for meat production, you still need to know the type you want.

While the majority of farmers rear goats for meat, only a few are raising it for milk production.

In Nigeria, goats are classified into local and exotic breeds.

Types of goat in Nigeria

The common and most popular breeds are:

The local breed of goats in Nigeria

  • Sahelian goats
  • Maradi or Red sokoto
  • West African Dwarfs
  • Pygmy goats

Exotic breed of goats in Nigeria

  • Anglo-Nubian
  • Toggenburg
  • Saanen
  • Alpine
  • Jamnapari
  • Boer

Local breeds of goats in Nigeria

Sahelian goats

18058 Sahelian

Source: thatsfarming.com

These breed of goats could be spotted, red or black in color and can have a large body size when fed well at maturity.

This goat can be identified with their short ears and horizontal horns, a characteristic you can see in both males and females.

With their long legs and body size, they can withstand long-distance grazing. This may be the reason they’re dominant in the Sahel or desert areas of Nigeria.

At maturity, the Sahelian goats can weigh between 25 to 30kg and are mostly reared for meat production.

Maradi or red Sokoto

Sokoto Red

Source: waapp-ppaao.org

as the name implies, it’s the popular goats in the Sokoto area and some parts of the Niger republic. They’re red in color and the skin is used for leather production and a good source of meat.

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This breed of goats has other varieties which are the same type but are slightly different in color. The variety breeds are Boronu white and Kano brown.

When fully matured, this type of goat can weight between 20 to 30kg, with born male and female carrying a horn.

African Dwarf goats


source: livestockoftheworld.com

The African dwarf goats are a popular domestic breed in the west and central Africa. This goat is characterized by dwarfism.

They’re resistant to sleeping sickness and both sexes have horns that can be curve outwards and backward in males. The male has a beard.

The African dwarf goats have straight back, long neck, broad chest, and short legs. They come in variable colors, but dark brown with black spots is the most common. Although white, red, black colors are also seen.

You can find other types across the regions of the continent which can include: Cameroon dwarf, the Casamance in Senegal, Djougry in Mauritania, and the Ghan forest in Ghana.

They have a typical height of 30 to 50cm. adult males weigh 20 to 25kg and females 18 to 22kg, and are reared for meat and milk production.



Source: roysfarm.com

This is another small-size breed of goats in Nigeria and derives from the western African dwarf group. They’re short and stocky with heavy bones. Their height is usually in the range of 40 to 50cm and weigh between 25 to 40kg.

There are seven color variations but the most common colors are grey with black markings. Their gestation ranges between 145 to 153 days and the young may sexually mature at two months.

Pygmy are mostly reared for meat production and can also be used for scientific research and milk production.

Exotic types of goats in Nigeria


Anglo Goat

Source: goatsfarming.com

This exotic breed is an England domestic goat that’s gotten as a result of cross-breeding between the native British goats with large lop-eared goats from India, North Africa and the middle east.

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Pendulous ears and convex profiles are what characterize anglo-Nubian goat. The mature anglo-Nubian breed can weigh between 60 to 70kg and are adaptable to tropical climate.

The goat can be used for meat production and also produces an average of 4.5-8% butterfat.


Toggenburg Goat

This breed is also of European origin particularly Switzerland and is reared for milk production. Toggenburg goat name comes from the Toggenburg region of the canton of St. Gallen as its supposed place of origin.

The Toggenburg goat is the most common distributed worldwide dairy goat in the world and Nigeria is no exception.

The minimum milk yield is 740kg per lactation and weight between 55 to 75kg. their coat color ranges from light brown to grey.



source: en.wikipedia.org

The Saanen like Toggenburg is also a Swiss domestic goat. It’s also a dairy goat and distributed worldwide. They are 80 to 90cm in height with short hair, white skin, some are hornless and may have tassels present.

They can produce an average of 838kg in lactation of 264 days.

Because of the pale skin, the strong sun will be a hindrance to the growth and production of the Saanen goat.

Alpine goat

Mountain Goat 3917628 1920

This domestic goat breed of French origin has no set colors or markings. The breed is reared for milk production with a height of no less than 81cm in males and 76cm in females.

The male and female weight no less than 77kg and 61kg respectively.




The Jamnapari breed of the goat is of the Indian subcontinent and is raised for both meat and milk production. The Jamnapari male can weigh up to 120kg while females can reach around 90kg.


Boar Goat

Source: royfarms.com

This is of the African origin that was developed in South Africa and is a breed for meat production.




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