Top 8 profitable small businesses you can grow daily

profitable small business

You can never be out of place when you try to grow your business daily.

Really! Is that easy?

Not at all but possible. The day you decide to start a business you should expect that change will always happen.

The reality then is?

Building a profitable small business can be tiring and rewarding as well. You tend to handle various tasks.

You hang out with friends but still thinking on how to overcome the next business challenge keeps ringing.

Change happens more rapidly in business today than ten years ago. Those that respond to change in days rather than in months is those that will stay in business.

With each change, a shift in operation, product or service need to change to go in line with the trend.

No customers want to go with the old way of doing things especially when they’re getting tired of the old way. When they have an option with a way that will benefit them, they jump at it.

When it happens, you have given room for competitors to take advantage of the gap to fill.

who want to do that?

These might eventually push you out of business, killing your dream as an entrepreneur.

Having business strategy will continue to position your business on the right track.

But then, what makes certain business always at the top?

It’s not easy to maintain business momentum, but they do one thing that many don’t, they grow their business regularly. Others are even dictating market direction.

For instance, google then to decide how the search engine optimization works since they are the major search engines.

You might not be at the stage since you’re just starting to build a profitable small business you want to work.

But it’s the change that many people who have small business ideas are afraid of taking.

That’s why many are afraid of taking the step.

The uncertainty of what if the business do not work as a plan? Is this small business idea really worth taking?

The result is staggering as not many small business ideas don’t see the light of the day and the few that do, end up not making the impact it was intended to do.

The few have taken the giant step and are in business.

If you intend to start a business, here are the businesses ideas that you can start and makes you grow from it on a daily basis.

Top 8 profitable small businesses you can grow daily

Today more than ever, you have the available resources that will help you grow your business on a daily basis.

Even if you don’t know, you just have to check the trend and that should give you an insight and what to expect.

What business do you need to keep building on daily? Below are the top ten small business ideas that you can grow daily.

  1. Freelance writing

These business has seen the growth in time. When it all started and when competition was at its low, it was easy to write a 300-word article to build authority.

However, that has changed. With much stiffer competitions, companies want to be ahead of their competitors.

Hiring freelance writers to ensure that happen has been the in thing.

There are many contents written but the authority sites and blogs need new ones. They want to be at the forefront of getting new content.

Freelance writing is one business that will continue to grow. On a daily basis, authority blogs, businesses, and personal bloggers need fresh content.

As the internet change so is the business of freelance writing.

In writing quality content, you’ll need to do two things: research and writing.

Content today will require to include case studies, experiments, statistics, examples, and answers.

These of cause will not come naturally except you research the content and find the keyword you want to rank for.

This gives your writing the deep and the quality that pulls in more clients.

The longer you strive to be the better.

Although you’ll need to take it one step at a time. According to statistics, content with 2000 and above words get more shared than anyone.

Again you get more opportunity to rank higher within the search engine.

In other to grow your freelance writing daily, you’ll need to

a. Learn how to find long tail keywords

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b. Find a niche that has the resources you need at your disposal to research

c. Make sure your data are the real thing else you may lose credibility

  1. Graphic design

This is another creative small business idea you need to venture into. However, the trend keeps changing with more technology come into being.

Ten years ago designing static logos was smart, but today, the static logo is now animated.

With more activity drawing more people to the social media, you’ll need to design things that will require attracting visual explanation.

As a result, the need for animated dramatically as companies try to fill in the void left by the death of flash and tools workflows for complex HTML5/Js animation become more mature.

Shifting to providing what the market demands more will make you build a profitable small business that will attract more customers.

Designing entails you to make it simple and straight to the point. To many graphics will make people shy away from it.

  1. The Web and mobile development

The word is becoming mobile and a village via the web. The increased use of mobile and web users has propelled innovation in terms of mobile app and web development to meet the need for people.

The business opportunities in the web and mobile development are enormous.

We have to see fitness assistance, security, social media, hiring cabs, online shopping and much more.

Due to the opportunities, everyone can join and create the web or mobile app to start their profitable small business.

But 75% of mobile application will fail basic security, according to Gartners report of 2014. Presenting thread and risk to many mobile app.

This is one of the several factors that will require you to keep updating your web and mobile app. Even other big companies understand it and keep updating their app.

People want assurance and what will solve their problem in an easy way.

With over 6 billion mobile phone subscribers globally and the rapid growth of the internet, you’ll need to build the strategy that will keep you grow daily which will help your profitable small business to grow.

  • Provide secure data mobile app and keep updating the security
  • Make it easier to use
  • Keep including features that will keep the web or mobile app attractive to people
  • Keep an opportunity for feedback to know how your users feel, you might find ways to improve from the negative complaints


  1. Consulting

Consulting is a profitable small business that requires growth daily to build trust. Consulting requires expertise and prove that your business really provides a solution.

It’s difficult to vet for the right information considering the amount of information available today. Becoming rare will single your business out in the crowd.

Even when you’re at the top, you still need to keep growing.

In the business of consulting, you need to:

  • build trust with more than one person in the client’s organization
  • learn to help people move from one position to another rapidly
  • one vital way to growing your consulting business, is to look for a loophole (disruption) in clients organizations are opportunities. Changes in the management team, loss of business in some area, emergence of a new competitor are all examples of situations where clients will need help.
  • Involve fresh minds from other industries which help you with insights that will expand your business.
  • You have to read a lot to keep your business up to date. Things are changing faster and you should be able to know in time so as to update and have your opinions.
  • Create and publish surveys on current topics, to help know the direction of people.
  1. Blogging

Blogging is popular and with more than 2 million blog post publish daily, you’ll need to stand out.

Writing 300 to 500-word article will not make stand out from the crowd. You’ll need to improve in the way you blog.

Here quality is more important than quantity. Writing shorter post daily don’t make your blog stand out.

Sign blogging is all about content, the way you present it will make you grow or stay where you’re.

To build a profitable small business in blogging here are some areas you need to keep improving:

a. Write great titles

The title is the first thing people will see before anything. The great headline makes people continue reading or make them move away.

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According to the report, only 8 out of 10 people will read a headline copy and out of 10, only two will read the rest of the article.

This is why it’s important to write great headlines. Such headline should incite curiosity, exaggerate, shock or incite people.

You should write the way you speak. This makes the content flow freely and more exciting.

Write a longer piece of information. Longer article entails research to include case studies, examples, experiment and personal opinions.

Longer articles with an average of 2000 words make top ten of the search engine ranking according to a study by SERPIQ

profitable small business

the longer post gets more share after according to report after analyzing 100 million articles.

profitable small business

longer post converts well according to crazyegg you get an increase in conversion rate of up to 363% just for writing longer articles.

b. include images

include pictures according to reports, an article with pictures gets more share than those without it

These are some of the things you need to include daily when writing an article. These gradually build your authority with time.


  1. Tutorial services

Tutorial services are one of the lucrative online work from home job. As the need for knowledge increase, more people will explore all opportunities to get informed.

Like consulting services, you need to build the knowledge in a subject in other to build this profitable small business.

You need to come with a new teaching method that will make it easy for your students to understand your courses.

Then continue to network with clients to build the base of your business.

Learn from other people who have into it and develop a model that will work and keep improving it.


  1. Internet marketing

Internet marketing also called digital marketing evolves like no other website. The change happens radically and affects everything from advertising to ways to build a website.

Whether you’re an SEO expert or webmaster, responding to this changes are what keep you and your business where it’s today.

In internet marketing, with each change the way of doing things become obsolete.

For instance at the early stages of article marketing, it was smart to submit content to article directories.

Two things happens:

a. You get a link back to your website

b. Search engines love article directories. Which means articles from article directories appears in the search engines.

After the google panda update, that change and that method becomes obsolete.

But what makes internet marketing change in such a great way? Well here are some of the innovation that will continue to push internet marketing.

  • More websites will go responsive. More people will continue to use smartphone due to the convenience. Marketing mobile marketing will be the way to reach more users. More of such responsive design will feed content conveniently on a mobile browser.
  • SEO will continue to shift content marketing. Some say SEO is dead, but that’s not true. SEO just has grown up and you should grow. That’s why you need to follow the SEO that works.
  • When building a profitable small business, you’ll need to begin to find long tail keywords which present low competition and it’s an easy way to rank high in the search engines.
  • The video is now a major content platform. I am beginning to find it increasingly easier to watch than read. According to a report by HubSpot, including video increase conversion rate by 80% and 92% of mobile video customers share videos with others.
  • Site speed has become necessary for content. Because faster site load help keep customer retention.

Taking that all in mind, you know that internet marketing will continue to see changes on a daily basis, it’s important to know and implement such change.


Final thoughts

The business environment will continue to see the change as competition increase. In the coming months, more companies will try to bring new ways to do business.

If you’re in the business listed above, then it’s good to be ready to respond to change. Even when there is no such new thing, you’re at least developing new ways to improve the business product or services.

What else can we add to the list? Feel free to make your contributions.




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