Top 21 small business opportunities in the book industry

small business opportunitiesAre there any small business opportunities in the book industry? Do you want to know?

Small business opportunities are everywhere including the book industry.

Several individuals and companies have benefited from the opportunities and I want to show some of the business opportunities you too can tap into.

Top 21 small business opportunities in the block industry

Here we go the 21 small business opportunities for those who want to explore the book industry.

1. Sales of printing papers

Printing business uses paper to create some of the product. You can start selling these printing papers to printers, magazine/newspapers companies, publishing companies, schools, and so on. You will definitely have to know which printing paper is mostly used in your area.

2. Paper bag creation

Gift bags are a great souvenir. Creating a paper bags for occasions is one business opportunity with huge profit potentials. You have to be creative and provide the bags in a way that the price is competitive.

3. Bookshop

Can be set virtually everywhere to sell items to both school and nonschool pupil. Your bookshop can be specific if you want it. For instance, you can setup an academic bookshop to sell books and items like pen, pencils, rulers, sets square and so.

4. Ebook creation

Begin to create How to, short reports or even a full fletch book for profit. There are several places to sell it online, either via your blog or another marketplace.

5. Newspaper/magazine production

Newspaper/magazine production is another profitable small business opportunity in the book industry. The newspaper/magazine production produces news, editorials, commentaries and adverts.

The magazine/newspaper makes money from the sales of advert space and sales of the magazine.

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6. Children book production

To start this business, you’ll need to write and put images that capture the mind of the children. Your children book can be in series. This keeps the children hunger for more of your books.

7. Novel/motivational book publishing

To start this business, you must be creative and write it away you can captivate your audience. If writing a novel, you can write about fictional stories while motivational books are mostly about life experience, success in failure or about something you know about.

8. Book production

This is the business where you produce writing pads, school notebook, and other scientific books and sell them via a network.

9. Book publishing

The potential of the book publishing is enormous. There are several topics you can decide to start with. The need for more knowledge and wisdom will continue as long as man lives.

Write a great piece and with time, you’ll have created a profitable residual income business.

10. Used book retailing

One business that you could start with selling your own especially the ones you don’t need. You can get some from your family and friends as well and with time, you might build a profitable business.

11. Blogging

Blogging is sharing information about passion. To start this business, you’ll need to setup a blog and begin to post regularly. Money is made via advertising and pay per click advertising.

12. Editorial/proofreading service

To start this business, you’ll need good language skills. This editorial and proofreading services are required by bloggers/website owners, offline and online newspaper/magazine.

13. Research

To start this business, you’ll to have access to lots of information. You’ll need to create your own archive in other to make references to the information where the need may arise.

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14. Translation

To start this business, you’ll need to know more than one language which you’ll translate from one language to another.

15. Online magazine

An online magazine website uses an online website to provide information. One of the common ways of passing the information faster these days.

16. Bookkeeping services

To start the business, you’ll need to provide a place where books are kept. This business is gradual been automated.

17. Book rental

Not everyone wants to buy a book and many who want to, may not have the funds to. You can start a book rental business either online or offline.

Doing it online can be achieved either via a website or mobile app. You most, however, put some security details to avoid the stealing, duplication or unauthorized copying of your books.

18. Library

One may start a library to borrow books and to also provide at atmosphere for reading and research. You can charge per hours or monthly.

19. Book reviewer

To start the business, you must have the ability to analyze book base on content, style, and merit.

20. Storytelling

This business is all about reading a book and telling a group of people about the story in the book.

21. Book cover design

Many writers write books and require a cover that conveys the content, create a business that covers create book covers for people.

Your turn

What did we leave out in the small business opportunities in the book industry? Feel free to add yours by making a comment below.



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