To build or invest 500,000 naira

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  1. benjamin udoma says:

    sir,with due respect,pls what type of business can i invest my money on. Having just 500k is not even enough for a land talkless of building. So what can i do sir with d 500,000.

  2. nigfree says:

    Hi Benjamin, thanks for your comment, but i don’t recommend any business to anyone, i only advise people and show people about how businesses are done or created and if it’s in line with what that person already wanted then fine.

    we have have cases of people who ask us about what business they need to do just like you ask, which we did recommend, but when they where not making head way, all accusing fingers was on us.

    i suggest that you get the business that you want, email me i will give you the best advise. thanks

  3. Damilola says:

    what’s your email Sir

  4. slither io says:

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  7. kelvin says:

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