The Standard Real Estate Advance Commissions That Are Available to Realtors

If you are a realtor who has just closed an excellent deal, you will want to ensure that you are well-compensated for your hard work and negotiation skills.

Calculating the commissions, you are owed may be one of the best parts of being a real estate agent or broker.

However, the downside is that you may not always receive the money right away. Sometimes, it takes months for it to reach your bank account, which causes significant financial troubles.

If you are in a similar situation and trying to make it from one commission payout to another, there is a solution available!


You can go for a commission advance that allows you convert your due commissions into quick cash in exchange for a fee. However, to take full advantage of this financial tool, you would first need to know how to calculate your commissions correctly.

Agent and broker divisions

Some brokers and agents agree with a 50/50 divide from the total commission attained by the concerned broker after the transaction. There is, however, no strict rule or average for this. The split might also vary based on circumstances. Furthermore, the commission estimated on the selling price percentage of the property can also differ based on the brokerage. The listing and buying brokers will divide their share with their individual agents.


For instance, if a residence transaction gets listed at $250,000 at a 5% rate, then $250,000 gets multiplied by 0.5 and divided by 2. By this rule, both the agent and the broker would make $6,250 from the transaction. When you deduct the state and federal taxes and office costs, you might have $3,000-$3,500 of total income.

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All such splits can be negotiated upon depending on the business that a real estate agent is generating. There are chances that a realtor can have a 90% divide. However, this should not make a realtor over-ambitious. At times, giving up a fraction of your share can have an advantage. It will help you enjoy enhanced marketing guidelines and broker services. Brokers help realtors increase their profits in the long run.


The referrals

You need to do something before sharing the commission with your broker. That is deducting a referral fee when there are many brokerages involved.

It is essential to subtract this amount from the overall commission of a sale. Usually, a referral fee comprises of 25% of the take-home commission amount.

You get it once the client has agreed to the deal. Removing this amount streamlines dealings between a broker and realtor. It is here that you can take interest and learn more about commission received in advance journal entry from online sources.

Few other processes

There are chances of a realtor getting 100% commission from the sale. For this, it is essential for him/her to pay the office/desk expenses on a monthly basis to the broker.

That means you do not get the exact 100%. Hence, especially for new realtors, it is suggested that they stay away from this mode of transaction.

That monthly desk and office fee can cost a fortune! In this scenario, a realtor is likely to receive $12,500 instead of 6,250. However, $1,000 needs to be paid every month for functional and office expenses. This fixed expense usually adds to your cost, and it restricts you from getting what you must.

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When to opt for a commission advance?

Once you know the average to expect, it is essential to figure out when you should draw in the real estate commission advance. The last thing any realtor wants is to pay the business and personal bills late.

A real estate commission advance is useful in making both ends meet until the deal closes. It will help you to keep running your business smoothly without having to rely on debts.

Realty experts never advise stopping all business processes while waiting for a deal to close. It negatively affects the business in the long run.

A commission advance here is the ideal solution for progressive realtors who want to grab new business, convert leads and also pay off bills as they make their profits.

A realtor cash advance can help in multiple ways, but it comes at a cost. Hence, realtors need to assess their situation thoroughly before opting for it.

It should not be treated as an everyday practice. Instead, a realtor should bank on it in times of financial emergencies.

The world of real estate and finance has a close connection. Realtors continuously need capital to fuel their long-term plans. A real estate commission advance is a concept that most realtors are drawn to, but not all are aware of its implications and applications.

So, if you have been mulling over it for a while, the discussion above should guide you in the right direction.


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