How to start sales of furniture business

sales of furnitureSales of furniture is a business that has seen a tremendous boost in Nigeria. This is as a result of how people are beginning to appreciate the art of creating quality and beautiful furniture like cushions, chairs, tables, wardrobes, cabinets and other household furniture.

The industry is proven to be one of the untapped gold mine. The availability of raw materials has made it possible for manufacturers to create furniture that is beautiful and affordable.

According to studies by the center for industrial studies, put world production of furniture at about $350 billion. It makes people begin to tap into the business to get the gold mine.

Why start sales of furniture business

  • It is still an untapped industry. More demand and limited supply
  • Raw materials are readily available
  • You can start sales of furniture even when you know nothing about wood or carpentry
  • You stand the chance to make money

How to start sales of furniture business

If you want to tap the untapped goldmine in the sales of the furniture business, there are some steps that will guide you.

Decide the type of furniture to sale

There are several type of furniture you can sale. You have to make up your mine to start with one of them and you may expand it to others with time.

  1. Sales of garden furniture

This furniture will include wooden garden deck chairs, gravity garden relaxer, padded garden relaxer, picnic tables, dining tables are some of the examples.

  1. Sales of hotel furniture

Sales unique and executive furniture for hotels and will include chairs, table, cushions, hangers and so on.

III.   Sales of used hotel furniture

Hotels auction some of their used furniture. Often they’re in good shape. You can get such furniture to begin with the sale.

If you’re going to sell used hotel furniture, you may have to be in an area where you can find lots of hotels and be ready to do it part time.

  1. Sales of office furniture

Office furniture in demand regularly. Both the private and public sector requires seats, tables

  1. Sales of bedroom furniture

Furniture for the remaining ones will include a cushion, bed Wardrobes, tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets are some of the examples.

Find a designer

Now I assume you have decided on the type of furniture to sale. It’s time to find a competent carpenter that will be making the design for you.

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Here quality and precision are important. The delivery should be in time and should be able to meet your production capacity.

If the designer cannot meet your standards and quantity for delivery, then it’s very important to look somewhere else.

Another option is to look for designers that will work for you. Here you have to be specific. Hire designers’ base on their expertise.

The designer that specializes in creating tables should handle that, the one that specializes in chairs should handle that.

Or you can use the factory line model also called the progressive assembly. In which product parts are added to a semi-finished assembly moves from one workstation to another until it reaches the final station where the complete part is fixed.

The factory line model makes you produce more in the shortest possible time.

An example using a table will be some will create the leg then move it to those that will fix it on the table surface, then move to those that will do the filing, then painting and finishing.

Write a business plan

Some may think sales of furniture business do not require a business plan. But if you think like that, you’re putting your business in jeopardy of failing in time.

The business plan is all about the business written on paper.

It tells about the summary of the business, the industry analysis, marketing plan, who your target audience are, the required startup capital and how the money will be spend, financial analysis that includes the projected sales, cash flow analysis, profit, and loss statement.

If you cannot write it yourself, you can hire an expert to help you.

Another advantage of a business plan is, you can use it to find investors that will finance your business.

Register a business name

To build your brand, you’ll need an identity and that’s why registering a business name is very important.

It also makes people trust you and take the business seriously. Visit any of the certified agency to do that.

Create a sales channel

How you intend to sell your furniture is very crucial for your business success.

Creating a sales channel will expose the business to people. There two ways to create a sales channel:

  • Find a suitable location: This is probably the most popular one here and can also be called showroom location. You find a good location that will be accessible to men and women of all ages, cars, motorcycles, bicycles.
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Make the place unique and inviting. When you supply your furniture, make some of it to display in a way that moving vehicles and pedestrians will be able to see it.

  • Selling it online: if you go to a website call the sale funnel is using online. Using their concept will require you to build a website, snap some of the furniture and post it online. You’ll need to enter into a partnership with courier service like DHL and FedEx for the shipping of the product easily and safely. Using the online sales channel will build customers not restricted to your area alone.

Supply your furniture

Go on to supply the furniture to your business location. Moving the furniture will require you to be extremely careful to avoid the damage of anyone of it.

Hire the right personnel

Hire people that will help you in running the business. you will need a sales agent, an accountant and those that will be in charge of loading and offloading the furniture.

Advertise your business

Once your furniture is in place, begin to advertise your business. You can begin by telling your friends and family (word of mouth), then continue on services like the use social media, print media, place flairs in public places and banners.

Customer feedback

It’s important to know your customers feel about your product and relationship. Customer feedback is the only way that will help you with it.

Get a form or create an app that your customers tell you the pros and cons of your business. this feedbacks will help you to improve in places where you’re lacking.

Tips for becoming successful

  • Supply furniture in time
  • Always give your customers guarantee of the product to proof to them about the quality of your product
  • Use a competitive pricing to beat the competition. Make your price your unique selling proposition
  • Treat customers as king and queens
  • Make your designs unique
  • Create discounts during a special day to improve more sales. Example during black Friday, you can create things like “sales furniture black Friday, get 90% off on all orders”

Sales of furniture business is still a business that has a lot of potentials to grow.

Starting it will put you in the right possible to tap into the untapped goldmine and also make you a leader in the industry.



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