How to start and register an NGO in Nigeria (The complete step by step guide)

NGOIf you want to start an NGO in Nigeria, this will be a complete guide on how you Can setup and register one in Nigeria.

An NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organisation, which means it’s not part of the government and exists as a non-profit organization.

An NGO stands to promote awareness to certain causes or the welfare of a target population. In other words, An NGO exists for the benefits of the population.

For an NGO to thrive, it must follow it’s objectives from the planning up to the action stage.

If you want to go in social work, then the guide will help you.

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Examples of  Popular NGOs include:

Examples of popular NGOs in Nigeria

Nigeria Youth AIDS Program

Society for Family Health
Nigeria Youth Working Group on Environment & Development
Nigerian Association of University Women
Nigerian Environment Study/Action Team
Nigerian Institute of Public Relations Lagos state chapter
Nigerian Integrated Rural Accelerated Development Organisation (NIRADO)
Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC)
Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)
Nigerian Youth Action Rangers
Nigerian Youth Environmental Network
Obi/Akpor Patriotic League
Oil watch Africa
OMEP World Organisation for Early Childhood Education
Omni Medical
Operation Happy Home
Organisation (ACHDO)-Formerly Mother and Child
Organization for the Advancement of African Women (ORGAAW)
Organization for the Dev of Sports & Youth
Orthodox Welfare Association

NGO are created base on the rules and regulations set by the government. Here are the steps to set up an NGO here in Nigeria.

1. Write what your NGO intent to achieve

What your NGO intends to address is important. Which target group the message is for. That will form part of your Vision and mission for the NGO

2. Have a governing board

The governing board will be responsible for all activities and decisions of the organization. The board is to be in charge of planning, finance, networking and human resources.

3. Secure a name and address of your NGO

4. Raise funds for your NGO

There are several ways you can generate money for your NGO. It can be done via membership fees, subscription charges, donations or grant in aid from the government.

However, you’ll have to check for your eligibility and meet the criteria before you stand the chance for the government aid.

5. Register your NGO

Here are some of the ways to register your NGO according to the corporate affairs commission:

i. Availability/name reservation

Here you’re to present the corporate affairs commission with the intended name of the organization. The commission will do a name search to check its availability, when available, then they’ll reserve the name for you. Note the reservation has its time limit where it’s expected you register the name.

ii. Procurement of applicant form which contains a memorandum for the guidance of application

iii. Publication of notices in two national dailies, one being a local newspaper widely circulated in the area where the organization is based. Where there is no local newspaper, publication shall be in two national dailies.

iv. Submission of the duly completed application form which should be completed by the following:

a. A formal letter of application/forwarding letter

b. The original newspaper publications

c. 2 copies of applicants constitution

d. Minutes of the meeting whereat the trustees were appointed, having the list of members present and absent and showing the voting patterns, signed by the chairman and secretary of the board.

e. Minutes of the meeting where the special clause rules were adopted into the constitution of the organization; signed by the secretary and chairman.

f. Trustees (applicants) have to attach 2 passport sized photographs of themselves.

g. Trustees have to sign against their names on the application form (ENCL. D) and furnish permanent residential addresses.

h. The impression of the common seal should be affixed on the page of the form.

i. Draft of N37, 000 in favour of corporate affairs commission.

j. Two photocopies of the application form

k. Application form duly signed by the secretary and chairman of the board.

l. Duly completed trustees declaration form sworn to the high court submitted with receipt of payment.

m. Recognized means of identification (driver’s license, international passport or national ID card)


6. Network. Network. Network

For your NGO to thrive, you’ll need to build relationships and partnership with government and non-governmental agencies, other NGO, the media and other relevant sectors.




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