How to start a fast food restaurant business

fast food restaurant businessFast food restaurant business is one of the lucrative business in any country. The reason is food is a daily necessity and there is no living thing that can survive without it.

Here in Nigeria, the fast food restaurant have seen tremendous patronage due to the increase in number of food in the menu and how they’re quickly served.

The first fast food restaurant started in the United States of America by A&W and was also called quick service restaurant (QSR) in 1919.

In Nigeria, the United Africa Company of Nigeria PLC (UAC), started Nigeria’s first fast food restaurant in 1973, which re-branded some coffee shops and in 1986 became Mr. Biggs.

Today Mr. Biggs are currently around 170 in Nigeria, to serve fast food that also includes Nigerian delicacies.

According to the he Association of Fast Food and Confectioners of Nigeria, AFFCON, an umbrella arm of the of the quick service restaurant (QSR), Fast Food Contribute N200bn Annually To Nigeria’s Economy and employs over 500,000 workers at processing and retailing levels.

Why start a fast food restaurant

  • The Association of Fast Food Confectioners of Nigeria has put the growth potential of the fast food industry next only to the petroleum industry and the industry worth 250 billion naira.
  • The raw materials required to create the food are always available
  • More people are outsourcing for fast food for their occasions
  • With little time to rest, more people have resulted to using fast food restaurant to eat. This cut the time they’ll use to cook and use it to rest
  • It’s a lucrative business to venture into

How to start a fast food restaurant business

To start a fast food restaurant business, you’ll need to know following steps. Each step is vital and should be approach with all seriousness.

Decide on the type of fast food

Several fast food are available today. Some do appeal to people more than the other. The appeal maybe as a result of the recipe been the usual taste they know. Your main concern here is to find the type that will be appealing to all ages.

Fast food restaurant business plan

Write a business plan for the restaurant. the business plan is a formal statement of business goals, reasons they are attainable, and plans for reaching them. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals and the financial analysis.

Find a suitable location

A suitable location will bring in customers in no time. Your business location should feet the style of your operation, easily accessible and has enough parking space, has lots of foot traffic and the proximity closer to your customers.

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Fast food restaurant design

This is vital here. Designing your fast food restaurant to make it unique makes it inviting. It can be chairs and table that is unique, the method of serving the food, having a fist pond like table or an open or close restaurant.

Not forgetting that you should have a color that is appealing and that makes you unique.

For instance, Mr. Biggs colour is red and yellow and their restaurant design is you pick your tray tell them what you want from the list of the menu in front of the waiter and you’ll be serve.

Just brainstorm to come up with the one that is unique and appealing. You can even deploy the use of technology to ease the process.

Fast food restaurant equipment list

This will largely depend on the type of fast food restaurant you open. When you’re certain about the one that is needful, you can go ahead and buy it. Some essential fast food equipment is needed to start off a fast food counter. Let us see what they are.

Significant equipment

  • Point of sale system: This system helps to tract the exact sales and inventory and inventory usage. Help cut the mismanagement of funds that may arise.

The remaining equipment will include:

Commercial deep fryer– one of the most vital equipment in fast food restaurant. With commercial deep fryer, you can fry and serve hot and crispy fries, chicken nuggets and fried chicken. These fryers can also be used to fry desserts like donuts.

Sandwich stations-helps you to display ingredients and sauces, making it easier for your customers to choose the right filling. This makes it possible to make fresh sandwiches within minutes in front of your customers.

Kebab machines– Kebab have become popular. Kebabs wrapped in tortillas or pita bread or just served with salad is a mouthwatering snack.

Counter top gas griddles– This is used mainly for grilling or cooking various ingredients. This is also used to warm up meals and also cook some sizzling dishes.

Bratt pan– Use this pan to cook the large quantity of food at one go.

Sandwich griller– help to make grill sandwiches and serve them hot and fresh. An exciting way to service

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Microwave – Is very essential as you can heat up end number of things quickly will doing some other things.

Vertical cooling display– Help in Stacking water and cold drinks. What a great way to serve fresh and hot sandwich with a cold drink.

Others are pots, pans and various cookware, mixers, dicing equipment, cutlery and marinading pans for meats or steaks, stainless steel tables and cutting boards for meal preparation, meat grinders, dish washing machines, dough rollers, bread slicers, colanders and blenders.

Decide on the price

Come up with prices that attract customer. Each of the fast food you produce will have different prices. One maybe higher than the other, but set the price at a point that covers your production expenses and use it as your unique selling proposition.

Hire the best

Hire the right people. Preferably, people who have the experience in that field. In this type of business, good management stills is required. You can schedule a training program on how to improve your service delivery.

Launch your business

Open your business door to the general public to begin to take orders.

Advertise your business

Begin advertising your business. this should be done using several means that should include, word of mouth, creating and distributing flairs and banners, social media and the media.

Tips for becoming successful

The following tip will help your fast food restaurant business stand out from others

  • Make your fast food recipes unique. An example is indomie instant noodle. One thing that separate them from other is the uniqueness of their seasoning. You can come up with a unique recipe that makes the taste unique.
  • Mode of packaging especially for take away should be attractive. It’s one vital way of advertising the business and equally building your brand
  • This business need great management skills to stand. Successful restaurants like McDonald Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Mr. Biggs became successful and spring up branches because of that. You can learn from them.
  • Make hygiene your number one priority. Always make your restaurant clean at all time and deploy that same on people working in the kitchen. Cleanliness attract. The first impression always matters.

Challenges of starting a fast food restaurant

  • it’s capital intensive to start
  • most of the fast food item are perishable
  • customer building takes time

 What will you want to add in the fast food restaurant business? Feel free to a add by making a comment




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