How to start dry cleaning business

dry cleaning business

Dry cleaning business offers the services of washing, drying and ironing of cloth. The Dry cleaning business and laundry services market in Africa is huge and growing at an amazing rate.

Dry cleaning services can be run either from home or from a laundry and dry cleaning shop. Home laundry and dry cleaning business can be started on a small scale and can be expanded into a big business.

The industry is a multi-million naira industry for entrepreneurs who want to make money from dirty garments.

Finding dry cleaning business for sale can make you start the business without busilding it from scratch.

Though you have to dig deep before investing on aan existing dry cleaning business.


How to start dry cleaning business

What step do you need to start the dry cleaning business? Here are the steps that will guide you.

Laundry and dry cleaning equipment

For efficiency, you’ll need laundry and dry cleaning equipment. This equipment can be used whether it’s dry cleaning at home or using a shop. Some of the dry cleaning equipment should include:

  • Good pressing iron: quality pressing iron that will last and gives the maximum efficiency
  • An ironing table: Smooth and wide enough table that will be convenient to work with. This helps not to damage the clothes. Preferably the table size to be 4×6 feet
  • Washing machine: quite a good machine and washes the cloth while you focus on other things. Dry cleaning machine gives you leverage and increases your efficiency.
  • Large washing basins: If you don’t have the resources, you may want to use washing basins before getting a washing machine.
  • Garment conveyor: You’ll need it to hang finished clothes. Garment conveyor can be constructed locally.
  • Laundry detergent: Laundry detergents are cleaning agents, without it, removing stains or dirt from garment might be impossible. Use a high-quality industrial laundry detergent that will give you the desired result.
  • Space for drying: create space for drying the clothes. If the drying space is created, you’ll need items like drying robs that will create the lines and clothe pins.
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You can invest in a drying machine that can do that. There are some machines that do both the washing and drying at the same time.

Dry cleaning business plan

No matter how small you start, you’ll need a business plan that will help you to grow. The business plan is your business on paper and what you intend to achieve in the future.

It provides a clear steps step by step plan of action and other things like the required funds, what this funds will be used for, number of staff to employ, future expansion plan, financial analysis, marketing plan and industry analysis

It may sound like not an important thing to do, but the business plan is one important document that will make an investor invest in your business.

If you don’t know how to write one, you’ll need the services of an expert.

Hire the personnel

Dry cleaning and laundry services will require you to get some extra hands to make the work move smoothly.

If you’re just starting and have little, it’s understandable if you decide not to hire anyone. But as the business grows you may need it.

Dry cleaning business requires those who master the art of cleaning and ironing cloth. Those you hire must be discipline to always give their best for the business.

Find a location

If you’re starting the dry cleaning business at home, that will be your location, but if you want a place, it must be convenient and easily accessible to your clients. A good location and its accessibility will make you more customers

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Register the business

Give your business a name by registering it. This gives you the complete ownership of the business and ability to begin to build your brand.

Market your dry cleaning business

You’ll need to find clients that will use your laundry and dry cleaning service. Begin to market your business by using word of mouth, going door to door to tell people about your new business.

Another great marketing strategy is to create flyers, banners and use the social media to target people in your area.

Pricing is really important

Whatever you do in your dry cleaning business, make sure you don’t lose money. Before you set your prices, you’ll need to know the cost of labour and the materials and overhead. When you figure out all these things, then you can set your prices.

Don’t be emotional with clients and again don’t over charge them. Do some research to know what other dry cleaning businesses around to know their prices, so that you remain competitive.


Tips to stand out and be successful

  • Always make a good impression on your customers
  • Your reputation is important, so guard it.
  • Stick to your word. If your delivery is in three days, don’t exceed that. Excuses are what scare customers away.
  • Create a delivery system to clients. You can deliver products to your clients’ resident. This will make them keep using your service.


Final thoughts

Don’t be carried away with dry cleaning business profit that will come when the business is just starting. Focus on building the business until it has build credibility and customer base that will make the business stand by itself.




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