How to start dried tomato business

dried tomato business

Dried tomato business is one of the profitable businesses in Nigeria. In a typical tomato season, the availability is amazing.

Many have ventured into tomato paste production business and only a few have looked into trying to venture into the dried tomato business.

Only a few tomato farmers use the greenhouse on their farms which help the tomato maintain the temperature requires to produce tomato in season and out of season.

In an out of season, tomato becomes scarce and pushes the price. Even in areas where the tomato is produced, the Many results to buying dried tomato which is cheap.

The good thing about dried tomatoes is the preservation is pretty easy and stands the taste of time.

Why start dried tomato business?

  1. Fresh tomato tends to deteriorate when picked simply because of their moisture content, removing the moisture by drying it help preserve and maintain the tomato flavor.
  2. Drying under the sun is economical. It’s faster, easy and maintain the taste
  3. Dried tomatoes are packed with nutrients.
  4. Drying can take place in your neighborhood
  5. Homemade dried tomato business is increasing.

Dried tomatoes are still packed with the nutrient that promotes health. If you want to start dried tomato business, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Prepare a drying place

Several method of doing it. You can create one by yourself or buy a new one. Whichever way you may want, it still works.

It’s simple to create one by yourself. Below is an example where you can use a crate to sun dry the tomato.

Many have ventured into tomato paste production business and only a few have looked into trying to venture into the dried tomato business.

Another method is to construct a wood with a net which can be use in the drying process. The pictures below show a lot.

dried tomato business. dried tomato business. dried tomato business.

The cover is used to control the amount of temperature you need.

  1. Buy the tomatoes

Get your tomatoes. Remember, the best time to achieve that is during the tomato season. It’s cheap and you can get the required quantity.

  1. Start the drying

To dry the tomato, the best way to get the required result is to cut the tomato into two. The idea is it makes it easier for the moisture to evaporate.


  1. How to know you’re done

The time it takes to dry will depend on the amount of moisture, thickness of slices and how air circulates within the dried tomato. But when done, the tomato looks flexible and not stiff.

  1. Store your dried tomato

Once you’re done, you’ll need to preserve the dried tomato. It could be done inside the sac and store it in a dry plaster that is not damp. When done rightly, preserve tomato can stay longer than you think.

  1. Package your dried tomato

Try and be different from others. Come up with a better way to package your dried tomato. The package, when done professionally, can be distributed to grocery stores and other shopping complexes.

If you intend to go about it professionally, you’ll need to get a business name, register to get some business licenses.

Your packaging can be a simple vacuum seal bags, which you can use a sealing machine to seal it for you.

Below is an example of a homemade made dried tomato.


  1. Begin to market your product

Begin to market your product. You can use word of mouth, spread flyers and banners, use social media, grocery store and door to door delivery.


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