9 proven social media engagement strategies to boost your brand

social media engagement strategy

Do you have a social media engagement strategy for your business? Do you get the conversion that gives the result?

Friends and fans do not become customers overnight without consistent interaction with your business on social media.

Social media is an incredible tool for your business. According to social media statistic, there are 2.3 billion active social media users.

of these users, 91% of retail brand use more than two social media channel.

This is no surprise as 1 million new active mobile social users are added every day. That’s 12 each second


This gives you a reason why social media marketing is important.

You decide to join the brands to start your own social media marketing, you’ve to produce the best content and share it, and the biggest question will be if your social media is helping you achieve real business results.

None of your efforts reflect an increase in social media engagement instead, you’re left with little or nothing to show.

Despite the result, you keep posting day in day out thinking you can make headway and find the conversion you need.

Here is the hard truth

Your social media marketing won’t get you the result you want when your audience isn’t getting excited about what you post.

Without an effective social media engagement strategy in place, you still will continue to work without getting the result.

Here is what makes social media marketing different from other forms of marketing.

Social media marketing is a direct method of marketing which means you meet your customers one on one.

Speaking directly with the customer most be in a way that will persuade the customer to engage in whatever you offer.

With an opportunity to meet the customer directly, you have the chance to take advantage of the connection.

But there is a lot of noise coming from the social media, here are some steps you can implement to stand out from the noise and engage your audience.

Before then what is social media engagement and why is it important?

What is social media engagement?

What come to mind when you think about social media engagement?  It can simply be how you interact with your friends, fans or customer with the aim that you’ll get the desired result. This engagement takes place in places like facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on.

It normally begins with building the relationship until you turn these relationships into a large customer base.

When your customer begins to engage with your business, it simply means you’ve built the trust that you can provide the solution to their problem.

Why social media engagement is important

When you look at how social media has evolved, you cannot just overlook it. The number of people using it can never be over emphasized.

Now tell me do you think social media engagement is important? Do you think it will help your brand?

Below are some of the answers to the question above:

  • It helps in building relationship on a one on one basis
  • Marketing is direct and no third party is involve
  • Building customers are easy once you have built trust.
  • Increase your site traffic

Now we know how important social media engagement is, let’s go and see some of the social media engagement strategies for small business.

9 important social media engagement strategy for small business

Coming up with social media engagement strategy is what will drive the engagement that spark conversion.

Social media is all about getting attention. The person scrolling the news feed must be able to spot your post, stop and get engage.

Therefore an increase in the popularity of your post is important to that effect. Here are some of the ways you can do it.


Whether you’re a webmaster, small business owner or an expert, here are some ways you can increase social media engagement for free.


Yes free.

Not just that, it’s effective. Here we go.

  1. Schedule post

One overlooked thing is the lifespan of a post in social media. Writing and posting post once is not enough.

You’ll need to appear as often as possible to be able to get notice.

To help increase the longevity of the content, there is need to schedule your post so that the prospect sees your post frequently.

According to Moz, the average lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes. That may sound like a lot. But the amount of tweet per second is alarming.

social media engagement strategy

According to a report, there are 500 million tweets send every day that is 6000 every second.

it’s more likely that your tweet will get lost in the crowd of the newer tweet.

In another research, 75% of facebook post gets engagement within the first 5 hours.

Now it’s important to plan how to schedule post that can give you the maximum benefit.

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What could be the best time then?

No one will say exactly that this is the time for it. But here are some experiment that shows us some of the ways others have tried and have gotten the engagement they needed.

Coschedule has compiled a list of the best time you can get the best social media engagement. Here are the best time base on across the popular social media platform.

Facebook social media

social media engagement strategy

For twitter:

social media engagement strategy

on Pinterest

social media engagement strategy

On LinkedIn

social media engagement strategy

On google+

social media engagement strategy

On Instagram

social media engagement strategy

Quick tip: Location matters here. What works in one location might not work in yours. It’s important to try your own different method to see which time best work for your business.

Now it’s time you begin to schedule your post. Since there is no certainty of the time, you’ll need services like HootSuite and buffer to do that in other to track the time with the most engagement.

When you do it once, don’t just conclude. Do it at least three more times to be sure of the time.

  1. Use images

Including image draw more attention than just text alone. According to a report tweets with image see an increase in engagement by 35%.

social media engagement strategy

An image speaks more than words. Knowing the right size of the image for the social media you’re using the better.

It’s important to include the full width of the image.

But there will be competition for images. According to the social media marketing report, 71% of social media marketers will use images.

The secret here is to create an image that stands out from the crowd and knows which method works.

Here are two cast study:

The first case study

When page level analyze 133 (33 of the photo where photoshop) photo post on MTV roadies  facebook page, posted together as the photo album, they receive 12.9 times more clicks than a single photo.

the second case study

when over 500,000 images were analyzed by curalate,  they realize that on Pinterest, it’s imaged with a red and orange background that get repinned more than images that are blue in color.

The whole issue here is: know the type of image your social media want and create it for them.

  1. Use hashtags frequently

This is particularly great when using twitter. The hashtag is written with a # symbol use to index a topic in twitter. Making it easier for users to find content within that topic.

Hashtag exposes your tweet more to people searching for this theme.

You can decide to target hashtags that are trending and make your post including it.

Normally, trending hashtags are found at the left bar of your twitter account.

social media engagement strategy

If you cannot find trending hashtag related to your niche, you can use the site like hashtags.org to find the niche that is trending in your niche.

For instance, if am looking for the trending hashtags in content marketing I will go input that in the search box, hit on the search.

The tool search to find hashtags trending in content marketing.

It also gives you 24-hour Trend Graph, the influencers using the hashtag and so on

Now this is the tags you should include in your tweets.

When you exceed the required the 140 character tweet limit and still have some other hashtags to use, create the same tweet and include the hashtag you’ve not use.

  1. Use revive old tweet plugin

if you’re using WordPress, this is a plugin that really will make your social media engagement strategy make a lot of sense.

This plugin help tweets older blog post while you sleep or have fun.

The plugin is customizable.

social media engagement strategy

You have the option where you can include hashtags of your choosing which will appear with each article the plugin post.

This is really important.

One thing I’ve noticed was that people then to grow tired with the hashtag you’re using.

So we decided to keep changing hashtag after fifteen days and the engagement continued.

The plugin comes with a free and paid version.

Guess what?

We get an average of 100 retweets, 150 like and 5 to 10 increase in our followership. All using the free version.

Another thing, because we have interlink our twitter page with our fan page on facebook when the plugin tweets our content, twitter delivers it to our facebook page.

Before using the plugin, there was little or no traffic from social media. But this plugin sends an average of 100 daily visits and growing.

We were glad our social media engagement strategy worked.

  1. Mention influencers

These are people who have master and develop a social media engagement strategy that continues to increase conversion.

They have built the trust and have a large followership. Whenever they post a picture or share a quote or anything on social media, the number they gather a lot of like, share and comment.

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Imagine one of the influencer tweets or share your post? That will be exciting.

But here is the catch.

It’s not easy to find influencers and tell them to share your content. You have to make the first move that will catch their attention.

I’ve to use twitter to get influencers to retweet, comment and like my tweets. With retweet and likes, they equally send a signal telling their followers that there is something worth checking.

To get influencers attention, all you have to do is to mention them in your tweet.

Is that simple?

Believe me, that’s all.

All you need is to copy the twitter handle which has the @ simple attach to it.

When you do that, the influence gets a notification. When the tweet becomes appealing, the influence retweets it.

But how can one find these social media influencers?

Well using twazzup.com you plug in your main keyword. Here let’s use “social media strategy”.

social media engagement strategy

This tool does one great thing. It tells you the number of expert tweet the word social media strategy in the past few days.

Take a look at the number of their followers and this will give you the idea of the traffic you’ll get from one tweet.

social media engagement strategy

Quick tip: Take note of the time they make their post and note it. As experts, they’ve known the time they get the best engagement. Which means that is the time they’ll always be online. Use that some time to share your content mentioning them.

  1. Interlink your page with other social media network

Publishing a content without sharing, limit the exposure your content can get. I was doing things manually (I still do) but I realize there are other services that can help me post my new post to my social media automatically.

It really made it easy for me (sometimes social media posting is boring to me).

I then join tweetfeed.com which help tweet every post I publish.

So even when I don’t want to share my post, it does it on my behalf.

But it was linking my twitter page to my facebook page that really explode the procedure.

Taking advantage of interlinking make you post to several social media just by a click.

  1. Always create call to action post

This is the type of post that stirs your followers to take action. Most of your followers will need that extra push before they’ll take action. You will like to make such post always. Here is some example:

social media marketing strategy

The social media engagement strategy here has said it all. One it is a case study and the power words like how controversial and hundred links will motivate people to click.

  1. Give free stuff

People love free stuff and jump at it. However to produce the engagement, give a time frame for the offer and tell let them know it’s for a certain number of people.

Giving free can boost social media engagement strategy especially when you give a lot of value for free.

It also gives people the chance to know your expertise and see the approach to solving the problem.

  1. Be creative in your social media campaign

You must have an aim for doing anything so also it is in social media marketing. Having a successful campaign requires you to be creative.

The social media you’re going to be using will depend on your social media campaign. Here is one social media campaign created on facebook that has changed things for a small community in Switzerland.

This community before the campaign had only 76 residence a hotel and few visitors.

They wanted to boost tourism in their area, they resulted in using facebook for their campaign.

They realize that whenever a fan likes a page, that’s it.

So they decided that they’ll do something to give real connection to their fans.

So any fan that likes their page, they place their picture of the fan on the village notice board.

Residents began posting profile pictures on building all over the village.

That little village became a global village.

The village visits to the Graubünden tourism website have increased by 250%

here is the link to their facebook page

Crafting an idea to boost your social media engagement, will really increase your conversion.

Final thought

Coming up with a social media engagement strategy will definitely increase your visibility and in time that gives you the credibility required to build the trust that position your business as the solution to their problem.

You have to note that you should not expect all that to happen overnight. You have to keep implementing the strategy one step at a time.

What other social media engagement strategy can you add? Feel free to make your contribution in the comment box.

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