Snail Farming Business in Nigeria: 10 steps to Start

Snail farming might not be the first idea that comes to mind if youre thinking of starting a profitable agricultural business.
However, snail farming business in Nigeria is one of the lucrative agricultural business or diversify into it, if youre an existing agricpreneur.
Despite the huge potentials, snail farming has not been fully explored and thus many have neglected this farming.
This post will show you the step by step process to start the farm and realized the hidden opportunity to create wealth in snail farming business in Nigeria.


The increase in snail consumption is nothing new. Gone are the days where snail are only Consumed in eastern and Southern Nigeria.
Now there are hotels and fast food restaurants who have snail as part of the food menu.

Commercial Consumption will mean regular buyers from popular hotels restaurant.
In Nigeria, the price of snail varies. Fresh, matured and raw snail go for N300 to N750 which is determine by size.
For many years people rely on snail from farms or bush as the only way to find and sell snails to customers.
With daily increase in demand for snail, such method of supply will not meet the demand.
The increase in the demand for snail and the little supply is an indication that the market potential ishuge both locally and internationally.
the gap can only be filled if small or large scale snail farming businesses are started to begin to close the gap in the demand.


Like any other farm business, snail farming in Nigeria has some problems to be overcome if you want to make profit from the business.

a. Possible disease
– Snail Farming maybe affected by possible pests and other diseases if the right form practices, are not followed, which can harm the snail.
Also look out for possible fungi parasites, nematodes and micro Arthropods. Such problems can spread rapidly and mortality can result when snail population are intense.
b. Snail Farming is not a get rich quick scheme.


Snail is probably the sluggish animal you can grow and still has many benefits. From producing it as for health product to begin using as product and by-product.
Aside from eating snail as food, the parts that are not consumed are used to create other products,
Snail eggs or snail Caviar: this are produced part of Snail which grows into matured snails.
Snail shell: They’re use to provide protection from a predators.

Snail slime
The snail slime contains 91-98% water and can be used for treatment of burns, traditional medication and Cosmetics.


Step one: make the decision

it’s not enough to read this article in its entirety. You’ll need to make the decision. Don’t do it out of excitement but out of conviction that you really want to go into Snail Farming.

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No business is easy, snail farming in Nigeria is no exception. When you have decided, you can then move to the next step.

Step two: write a snail farming business plan.

In starting a Snail Farming business in Nigeria, you’ll need to have a business plan. This is so important because a busmess plan contains the future of your business and the steps youll take that will get you there. Why?

Because your business plan will contain the capital you’ll need to start, amount needed for equipment, the amount for building, estimated profit, market analysis and marketing strategies.

When the business plan is ready, it’ll give you an insight and the direction the business will take. In other words if you’re going to be growing and gaining or losing in your Snail farming business.

The business plan is also another document which you can use to secure loan or find investors for your business.

Step three: Find a Snail Farming house

Land is the most important aspect of Snail forming business in Nigeria. Miss this, youre going to likely not gain the profit required.
youll need to find plain land that are plain and with adequate shade. The land should not be situated in a waterlogged area or where its prone to flooding.

The land should be balanced, not too wet and dry, and at the right PH. The recommended or suitable soil for snail farming is loamy or sandy loamy soil with minimal water holding capacity.

This soil type contain calcium which the snail uses in forming their shell. The soil is also suitable for egg laying and get the required water.

Step four: Snail farming housing

Snail farming business in Nigeria can be reared in tank, drum or Snail pen or an open place. Whichever method you intend to use you’re still in line.

Just ensure that the method of snail farming housing you should ensure that it can give you a close watch on your snail.

when constructing a pen, tank or drum ensure that it can prevent ants or insects which can prevent the spread of diseases.

if you intend to have a concrete floored in your pen, you should cover the top with loamy soil which gives the snail nutrients for growth.

Step five: Selecting the breed

Now that your snail farm house is ready, its time to stock your snail pens with snails.
But what breed should I use?
Several snail breed available, but you’re to look for fresh, weight heavily and sexually matured. There Shells should be hard and free from nodes, patches and damages.
Going into snail forming business in Nigeria, therere many breed:
Tracked nerite snail
Zebra nerite snail
Horned nerite snail
Sulawesi snail
Pond snail
Apple snail

The Achatina fulica, Achatina Achatina and the Archachatina Marginata are Considered to be the best species. In Nigeria, Achatina Achatina (AKA giant Ghana Snail or giant tiger land Snail) are considered the best to grow in Nigeria.

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The reason is they’re resistance to many diseases, suitable water for growth, theyre big in Nature and lay many eggs.
they can lay up to over one thousand eggs every year. This form of reproduction is what makes Snail Farming business profitable in Nigeria profitable.

Step six: Snail Farming feeding

Snail Farming is one of the low cost farming when it comes to feeding. Snail feeds on Sweet potato, Cassava tuber, fruits, Cabbage, Lettuce, guava fruits, fish meal, Soyabeans, maize offal.
Those food are readily available and can be found irrespective of your location.

Snail are not selective in what they eat. Just ensure the food is salt free. And you can feed them three times a day.

Step seven: Snail Farming reproduction
Reproduction in Snail farming is vital. The profitability of snail farming business in Nigeria comes when Snail Can reproduce. The male & female snail fertillze each other and lay eggs under fragments or logs.

Snail start laying eggs when they’ve fully matured and sexually active. Though white eggs laying take 8-12 months, snail eggs hatches between 4 to 16 weeks.

When hatched, baby snail stay 2-5 days in the soil. After that they should be put into separate pen with available space to grow However, it takes 1 to 2 years to grow to adulthood.

Step eight: Harvesting your snail

When fully matured, you can harvest and sell your Snail. matured snail will have
hard shell. However, never sell your entire snail youll need Some for breeding & reproduction.

Step nine: Snail Farming marketing

Marketing should start prior to harvesting by Contacting and sampling your potential buyers and sampling your snail. You have hotels, restaurants, market women, Joints which you can reach then.

But you’ll need to do your market research to know the price and that will also determine your price

Step ten: Other issues on Snail farming

Cost of Snail Farming in Nigeria

this might be difficult to estimate this is because it depends on several factors.
The size location, type of farm house will need to take into consideration. Again,
It depends on the inflation available.

Diseases affecting Snail Farm

Therere several diseases associated with snail farming. Here are some of the diseases associated with snail farming in Nigeria.
Egg problem
Snail inactivity
Discoloration in new Shell
Reproduction problems
Irregular growth of the shell
Thin and fragile shell

c. Shall farming healthy management

– Snail have high disease resistance and are easy to manage, yet it does not mean to take chances. When manage poorly, Snail mortality and poor growth may arise.

Ensure you provide food at when it’s due, prevent rodents, ants and other reptiles from entering the Snail Farm.

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