21 awesome small business ideas for MBA graduates

small business ideas for MBA graduates

Are you looking for the best business to start after MBA? Then you’re in the right place.

This article will seek to show the business after MBA that you can do.

It’s official you can now say it confidently, I am MBA graduate now what? The biggest challenge most MBA graduate face is securing a high paying job with a fortune 500 company.

The biggest challenge most MBA graduate face is securing a high paying job with a fortune 500 company.

But the good news is: there are small business ideas for MBA graduates, some of which can be started with little startup capital.

That’ll be great I know.

I’ve compiled a list of top 21 below, not because they’re 100% perfect, but because with the business, you can also become an employer of labor.

Starting your own business as an MBA graduate should not be that difficult considering the knowledge and skills you have acquired.

Though the small business ideas for MBA graduates is not guaranteed for business success, your proactive and analytic skills as an MBA graduate should enable you to create and manage your business.

Below are some of the ideas for graduates which they can do and succeed at it with time.

Top 21 small business ideas for MBA graduates

MBA graduate salary with a fortune 500 company is what many MBA graduates will want. But due to economy uncertainty and technological advances, getting the job is difficult.

If your dream of working with a 500 fortune company isn’t coming, then you need to look at the business ideas for MBA graduates. In fact, many fortune 500 companies started small.

  1. Corporate training

In an increasing world of competition, businesses and organizations want to equip their staff for better performance and overcome some challenges.

You can start a cooperate training business which will focus on offering these training to several of the business and organization.

An MBA graduate has analytic skills which can be an important skill of training.

  1. Business brokerage

Companies and organizations depend on other business for their supply. As a business broker, you’re responsible for connecting these businesses and organizations to buyers and sellers.

Normally these form of business is a commission base company. It works just like the only affiliate marketing business.

  1. Business classes

Many people want to start their business, but don’t know about product development, how to move a business from point A to B, sourcing, accounting, business plan and so on.

You can create a business class to share your ideas and knowledge about how people will go about it.

To succeed in this form of business, you have to provide up to date way of doing things and create something like a curriculum that will guide the way the learning process will go. This also gives the student of what to expect.

  1. Crowdfunding expert

Helping people to secure funding for their business ideas is what many MBA graduates will not want to miss.

As a Crowdfunding expert, you get to advise and show the best way and place to find people who will help in funding their business.

Crowdfunding has seen the growth in recent times due to the increase in the popularity because it’s becoming increasingly easier to raise fund.

  1. Author

Everybody has a story to tell. You can become a book author and write either about the knowledge you learned, about your experience about being an MBA graduate or anything.

The Main thing is to make sure it addresses a problem by the solution you provide.

You may not need 300 to 500 pages to publish. If you can publish 15 pages that are highly informative, then you’re good to go.

Just use your Microsoft office to type your work and convert it to PDF.

With the internet, you can create your book and publish it for free in popular E-commerce stores like amazon.com.

  1. Business financing expert

Many small business ideas fail because of lack of financing. Sometimes new entrepreneurs don’t understand the process of securing a loan or other ways of getting funding.

The business financing expert will help direct the entrepreneur in ways the funding can be achievable.

  1. Feasibility study consulting

How viable is your business idea? Sometimes you may have to go to find out what the business will look like. That’s where feasibility study comes in.

Many will not know what and how to do it. But a feasibility expert will be more willing to help you out.

  1. Business plan and proposal writing

Business funding through loan or investors will definitely require a business plan and proposal submission.

No one will give their money for free to you, except if you have once build and sell a company worth $800 million.

The problem is many cannot write a winning business plan or business proposal.

You can stand as a solution to these businesses by writing a business plan or business proposal on behalf of the new entrepreneur.

  1. Public relation expert

Many businesses are outsourcing some of their work so that they focus on what is important to them. That’s where the services of a public relation expert come into play.

The public relation expert does the work of communicating to everyone that is doing one thing or the other on behave of the business.

The experts write press releases, reminders, branding in an effort to promote the company’s good image in the eyes of the world.

  1. Debt management and recovery

This is one of the small business ideas that operate on two front one with individuals and the other with the business.

You can start this business to help those who are in debt and cannot pay or are about to face the penalty in coming up with a solution that will make the debtor pay it easily without stress.

On the other hand, you can work with businesses who want to recover their own money from debtors in a pattern that will be favorable to both parties.

This form of business is a commission base.

  1. Email marketing advertising

This is one of the best forms of marketing today. The popular saying the money is in the list is indeed true because you have a focus audience to reach out regularly with just a push of the button.

It involves building a list and sending a persuasive email to your subscribers. Through the email, you can market your product or service and increase your conversion.

Of cause, not all emails give you the conversion you need. It has to grasp the attention before the action comes into play.

to get the best out of your email, you’ll have to hire an expert who can teach or write creative emails that drive conversion.

Another important thing you need to note here is, you have to strive to give the best email always in other to retain your subscribers. Boring emails piss them off and when they continue to see it, they unsubscribe.

  1. Business management consultant

No business or an organization that requires serious result shies away from a business management consultant. In fact, many businesses will from time to time use the services of a management consultant.

Because they give them the advice, there thought and expertise on how to improve their product or services.

  1. Event planning

Event planning is one of the popular businesses out there. Many businesses outsource these so that they focus on the main aim of the event.

An event planner must have creative event concept that can fit the purpose of the event, time management, and organizational skills. MBA graduates can use their analytic skills to offer the business and corporate world their services in creating events that make it a memorable one.

  1. Market research

Market research is critical to business and that’s why businesses do it in regular time interval.

It’s in market research they find out about how their customers feel about their product, their services, testing a product, the pricing of a product and so on.

Because it’s time-consuming and may create a distraction to companies, they have turned to market research businesses to do it for them.

Starting a business of market research help the company know all that need to improve base on your recommendation as well as to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Recruitment firm

Hiring the best to work at a company is not a day’s job. From advertising for the job placement, writing the examination to interviewing, training and orientation of the new staffs can be hectic.

With a recruitment firm, all that will be handled in a professional way. The end result will always be you have hired the best.

One advantage again is there is no one within the organization that will influence the recruitment process to favor certain prospective employees.

  1. Life coach

The knowledge an MBA graduate get is enough to become a life coach. It could be listening to someone problem and providing a solution to them.

  1. Financial expert

Financial mismanagement is sometimes the result of not understanding certain financial dealing.

Having a business idea is great, but without knowing anything about financing then you’re probably setting up a financial trap for your business.

The financial expert helps your business in things like cash flow analysis, taxes, interest rate, expected profit, investment, and auditing.

The financial expert simply helps you to position your business so that you can rest assured that your finances are always intact, by sealing the leakages.

  1. SEO expert

The SEO expert will never be enough. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

Many businesses want to rank high within the search engine ranking because,  According to Imforza, “70% of the links search users clicks on are organic – not paid.
This is to tell you how important SEO is to business.

You as an SEO expert, you’ll be saddled with the responsibility to provide such services to business to rank high by optimizing their search presence.

However, this business requires knowledge and mastering the various ways of SEO to stand the chance of making the site appear within the search engine.

  1. E-commerce

Buying and selling online is not a new thing. We have seen how E-commerce has changed the way we buy things. As an MBA graduate, you have the skills to create an online E-commerce to begin the business.

Due to high competition, be targeted in other to be successful. For instance, you cannot compete with e-commerce sites like amazon.com or ebay.com. Instead, you can create an e-commerce store that focuses on delivering grill mat.

  1. Blogging

You can create a blog to share thought about any subject that pleases you. With blogging, you can find the kind of followership that can make you an authority in a niche.

Many bloggers have gone on to create a successful business just from blogging. But you have to strive to stand out from other bloggers. Blogging is all about content that can come in the form of an article, video or podcast.

To stand out, you have to do one thing always give value to your audience. That makes you an expert in the field and your audience begins to trust in your message.

With you buying their trust, anything you recommend will always be welcomed with open hands.

  1. freelance

Outsourcing is a business that has come to stay. People and companies outsource for many services like article writing, web design, graphic design, web and mobile application and so on.

Start a freelance business in the chosen feel that you can deliver the best to your clients.


You cannot get the job that you want an MBA graduate, but these 21 small business ideas for MBA graduates will definitely set you apart on a journey that will make you contribute more of your skills than when having a day job.

Sometimes it’s fear that’s is stopping us from jumping out of this box and taking the risk. Well, that’s why the small business ideas for MBA graduates have been clearly selected. They have less risk, little income to start and when done properly, gives the desired profit.

However, it’s not a quick tip to success, you’ll have to maintain consistency in what you do in other to record any meaningful success.

What can you add to the 21 small business ideas for MBA graduates list? Feel free to make your contributions in our comment section.

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