SEO basics-6 ways to write SEO search engine optimization article

SEO search engine optimization article

Ever wonder why some articles are always making the top of the search engine ranking?

These bloggers employ the SEO search engine optimization articles strategy to achieve that.

I know you’ll want to achieve that too. But before then let’s look at the what SEO is.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. This is when pges of a website appear naturally within the search engines naturally.

But not all content appear within the search engine or when they appear, makes the top 10 of the search result.

You’ll have to follow google ranking factor and write original evergreen content to achieve that.

Why is that important?

The search engine sends in targeted organic traffic always. People using the search engine are searching for solutions specific to their problem, as a result, you can increase customers as well as sales. Who wouldn’t like that in their business?

It’s on record that, 56 million blog post are published alone on WordPress.

Then standing out to be among the top 10 in the search engine is your ultimate priority if you’re to get the required organic search traffic.

The good news is you don’t have to be an expert or have a brand business to do it. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you only need to follow the rules by providing an SEO article that will drive the required traffic.

So how can one write an SEO search engine optimization article for WordPress? This is what I’m going to show you what you need and the steps required in doing it.

But before going into it, let’s look at what an SEO search engine optimization article is.

What is an SEO search engine optimization article

An SEO optimize article is meant for it to make the top of the search engine in other to send in targeted traffic.

Small businesses, brands, personality use the method to increase their business product or service visibility in other to increase their conversions.

Such article, in the long run, is what will continue to send organic traffic to your site older post, products, services etc.

How to write SEO search engine optimization article

  1. Finding the right keywords

Have a great content is good but not all content drive the traffic unless you check what people are looking for.

Using keyword research tool help you to find what people are searching for. After the google update, long tail keywords and user intent were given more priority than head keywords.

In other words, the search engine is rewarding those who strive to be specific about what they’re looking for.

By using long tail keywords, it’s easy to rank high because the keyword has low competition and ranking high becomes possible.

Unlike head keywords which have great competition from brand companies who spend millions to optimize the head keyword.

When you start using the long tail keyword, you’ll begin to see changes in your traffic over time.

Normally, long tail keywords have between three and above words.

Amazon understands how valuable long tail keywords are, and have increased their sales by 57% all coming from organic search traffic.

Finding the right keywords then becomes your guide of writing the SEO search engine optimization article.

Finding the right keywords

Knowing what people are searching for begins by using the keyword research tool.

If you’re going to write about “cake making”, then navigate to google keyword planner to see what people are looking for (remember we’re looking for long tail keywords).

Insert the keyword in the keyword planner.

SEO search engine optimization article

Then scroll down to the button and click on get the idea which takes you to a list of keywords.

SEO search engine optimization article

In under 5 minutes, we have been able to get our long tail keywords. They’re:

  • Best chocolate cake recipe
  • Simple chocolate cake recipe
  • Recipe for chocolate cake
  • Cake recipes from scratch
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This has given a guide on what to write. The search engine value insightful piece and that’s why they give special importance to the content that offers value to their content.

To do that, you’ll need to write an article with at least 2000 words, because according to a report, articles with longer words make the top 10 search engine ranking.

SEO search engine optimization article

When writing your article, include the keyword as part of your headline, URL and make it appear in the body of the article.

Caution: do not overuse the keyword so as not to risk been penalize by the search engines. Use the keyword to flow with the content and try to maintain the keyword density to be within 1-3%.

For instance, if you’re writing a 300-word article you’ll need the keyword appear at least 3 to 9 times within the article body.

Use the keyword in the H1, H2, H3 headings. This makes it easy for the search engine to know the keyword easily.

  1. Post title

The post title is one of the most important things that you should really focus on. The post title is the first impression to your entire article. A captivating one will make people click on the article to read it or shy away.

To increase conversion, you’ll have to make your article title unique and if possible the only one on the web.

Is that easy? Yes if you dig deep.

Your title should include originality, shock, triggers curiosity, appeal and add value. Using numbered titles have always worked.

Note: your title should always contain your target keyword for the article.

Here are some examples of titles that will increase the chances of click through.

  • How to increase sales by 300% with a persuasive guarantee (plus 39 scripts you can copy today)
  • 33 vocal experts reveal their most effective singing tips
  • Link building case study! How I increased my search traffic by 110% in 14 days.

When you write great titles like the ones above, you can increase your click through.

If you still need an idea, you can use the site to find titles based on their popularity within the search engine.

Just navigate to the site and enter your main keyword in the search box.

Let’s say our target keyword is ‘Make money online’, then type that in the search box and hit go.

SEO search engine optimization article

Then these will take you to the search which you can find title ideas for your article.

SEO search engine optimization article

Another way is to ensure your article is unique, in other words, you’re the only one with the article title online.

To know that, you’ll need to add the quotation mark “” to the article title in the search engines.

Taking the example above “Over 100 online business ideas and ways to make money” I will rewrite it to “Online business ideas: over 100 ways to make money” then I will copy it to google to see if the title is unique.

SEO search engine optimization article

Now our article is a hit. Hope you have the idea.

  1. Use post meta description

This is a 156 character description of your post which will equally drive more conversion.

When you navigate to google and type anything, the search returns with post meta description.

SEO search engine optimization article

It normally appears below your article title. By and large, the post meta description gives is just like a summary of the entire article.

The post meta description should contain the main keyword of the article.

How to add the post meta description.

To write an SEO search engine optimization article meta description, you’ll need to download and install the plugin, SEO by Yoast.

Thi plugin makes it easy for you to add the meta post description whenever you’re publishing a post.

Just scroll down to your article and you’ll find it.

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SEO search engine optimization article

Click on edit snippet

SEO search engine optimization article

When you have the keyword and the required character, the green line will appear. Once satisfied, click on close snippet editor to save the post meta description.

When the article is published and appeared in the search, the meta description is what will appear with the title and link.

  1. Use image alt attribute

The search engine doesn’t really understand what an image is, you’ll have to specify it to them. That’s where the image alt attribute comes into play.

The alt text is used to tell the search engines exactly what the image is all about.

The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast will also notify you when an alt text attribute is not specified or specified which is not in line with the keywords.

To add an image alt attribute, you can click on the object where you can click to edit the photo

SEO search engine optimization article

Under alternative text, put your main keyword and save changes.

This makes your image to begin to show with the search engine.

When next you have an image with the name “image101” try changing it to the one you know can improve your SEO search engine optimization article.

When I implemented this strategy with our articles, we’ve seen tremendous improvement in our search engine traffic.

  1. Use SEO friendly permalinks

Using SEO friendly permalinks helps the search engine to know the actual keywords in questions.

There are several permalinks available, but not all are the same. It’s important to find the one that adds the value that increases your SEO score.

Here is how to go about it to get the right permalinks with your article.

Log into your WordPress backend and go to settings.

SEO search engine optimization article

In the settings, click on permalinks

SEO search engine optimization article

Then choose post name. This will ensure that your URL contain the headline of the article.

Again, you can try to remove stop words from your URL.

  1. Use Grammarly to edit article

One thing I find really difficult is proofreading the article after writing it. These have always been really the annoying of it until I found a service which does the magic.

That’s Grammarly which let me edit the article for free.

One great thing about Grammarly is, they have extensions for chrome, Mozilla browser, and Microsoft office.

Once you install it, the extension will tell you the problem with the article often at the lower right corner of the article when you’re writing it in word or in your WordPress.

To use Grammarly, you’ll have to create an account.

Click here to create your free account

After creating the account, install the extensions for chrome and Mozilla browser.

At the top of the browser.

SEO search engine optimization article

When you copy and paste the article into your post section, before publishing, scroll down to the button of the post and you’ll see the icon:

SEO search engine optimization article

Showing that there are about four places your article that need proofreading. Then click on it and a window will appear and at the right hand, you’ll see suggestions on what should be replaced.

SEO search engine optimization article

So Grammarly is software that will help you to get find places you would have missed and helped you with an article that’s error free.

Final note

Without content, there will be no search engine. With an average of 40,000 search queries every second and Every day, 16 to 20% of that day’s queries have never been asked before, there are more opportunities to write SEO search engine optimization articles that will always work well within the search engines.

This article will not just work for some time alone, but will continue to send in organic traffic.

Using long tail keyword and focus on providing quality becomes your best way to ranking high.







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