How to choose responsive premium wordpress themes for your websites

Responsive Premium WordPress Themes

One of the things to consider when starting your business online is how the site is going to look.

Delivering content is important as the look of your site. You’ll need the site to be clean, functional and organized.

Won’t that be great?

Getting a Clean, functional, functional and awesome site will depend on the theme you’re using.

Not only that alone, but also meets the need of your website.

For that, you’ll need to use some of the best responsive premium WordPress themes out there to use.

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes you can install and use for your website.

These WordPress themes are also highly customizable. That is you can change the theme color, fonts, headline, links etc.

But how do you choose the best WordPress theme for a website when there are tons of it available?

The answer is simple, your need and will vary from one site to another.

I understand the selection process is not easy, but that’s why this article was written.

The guide in the article will help you evaluate your needs, where to go shopping for themes, how to find the one for your website and make our recommendation on the themes best for you.

Making the list of your desired WordPress theme features

Choosing a WordPress theme without knowing your needs will always give you what you don’t need.

That’s why you’ll need to select the major features you want out of the box.

A news website is different from a food website, hence the reason to choose.

What are the main features? Here are a few features to ask yourself before going into to selection process.

  • Do you want the header to be tall or short
  • Do you want the theme to have one widget or more?
  • Do you need more space to displace images or videos?
  • What is your preferred columns width?
  • How do you want your footer to look like?
  • How will you collect email?
  • Do you want it to be SEO friendly?
  • Do you want it to be responsive and retina ready?

Are just a few of the need you’ll want from a WordPress theme. You can add more to the list based on your website need.

For example, if you have an eCommerce website, then you’ll want to get a theme that will displace large thumbnails of several categories of the product on your homepage, collect emails which will be used for periodic advertisement, SEO friendly and fast loading.

The idea here is to make a list of what you want to get in a theme according to your website need, before searching for it.

Sometimes even when you don’t have all of the features, you’ll always have the chance to customize it.

However, with a free theme, the customization is always difficult when compared to premium WordPress theme.

The premium WordPress theme, unlike the free one, will always provide support and ability to customize the theme to your feel and taste.

Even when you don’t want to use a premium theme, there are still free themes out there that can still give your site the look and feel that you need.

Using the WordPress admin panel you can sort out specific features you’re looking for.

Just go to appearance>>>>themes>>>>add new, you’ll find this filters

You can choose your theme based on:





Or use the features filters

At the end, you may have gotten the theme that will represent your brand.

Most popular responsive premium WordPress themes

Due to the ease of building a website with flexibility power of WordPress, many themes have being created which can be used to give the website the looks it deserves.

However, there are a few of such themes that are popular and works perfectly well with the majority of the WordPress plugins without any issues.

These themes are produced by developers that have studied the WordPress platform and understood what the best themes that can fit any website.

You can find some of the themes at:




You can find tons of themes when you visit any of the sites. Whether you’re looking for WordPress themes for business, blogs, community, news etc.

As we continue, I’m going to look at each of the theme sites, show you how to find themes based on your preferences and of cause make recommendations based on the individual most popular premium WordPress theme.

But before we go into that, let’s look at how to find the perfect WordPress theme.

Try these useful suggestions to choose the perfect  WordPress theme

Not all WordPress theme are the same. Whether you use a free or premium WordPress theme, there are themes that are easily customizable while others are not.

Unless you’re a programmer, choosing a WordPress theme you can easily add or remove columns should be what you should go after.

There are plugins that can help you add different custom text before/after the header, footer, sidebar, comment area etc.

However, in selecting a WordPress theme, here are the 8 things to consider before going in for any WordPress theme.

  • Ensure the theme is simple

Themes come with many widgets, color, layout, animation and so on. These are some of the things you’ll need in a WordPress theme.

The idea here is to look for a theme that will fit your website layout and design. It should look simple and has a good design.

A simple and good design theme will make people always want to visit and makes finding other pages simple.

In general, a good and simple theme will help increase your opt-in, conversion and increase your traffic.

  • Have a responsive design

Having a responsive website is not an option. Internet users today uses all form of device to access web pages.

You’ll need to ensure that the theme you’ll be using will take the size of each device you’re using.

According to marketing land, 60% of the internet of internet access is mostly mobile and the mobile media having an influence on the purchase decision.

• Have a responsive design

This shows that there is a good traffic that can be generated from mobile devices.

As a result, google has rewarded many of the responsive websites with a good ranking.

Even though many WordPress themes are responsive, there are still some that are not.

When buying or downloading a theme, ensure that your site will be using a premium responsive WordPress theme.

  • Support most plugins

The power behind a great WordPress website is its plugins.

These plugins are responsible for adding other functionalities that can change the way the website will look.

While it’s not possible to use all the plugins available, a theme should support the popular plugins that you cannot do without.

  • Compactable with major browsers

Browser compatibility is not new to me. In my earlier website, my site was working perfectly well in google chrome and was broken in safari.

I have to change theme I was using to fix the problem.

We don’t use the same browsers at the same. Some will prefer google chrome others Mozilla fireworks.

A good theme should be compactable the majority of the browsers.

However, the majority of the developers of the theme will test the theme before releasing it to the market.

In the case where you’re not sure of it, then you can do your own test using different browsers.

  • Ability to use page builders
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The page builder is an important WordPress plugin these days.

the ability to build a website using drag and drop to give you a layout of your choice is becoming popular.

Some WordPress theme does come with page builder preinstalled in them.

However, when choosing a theme, choose the one that will be compatible with many of the page builders in the market.

  • Have excellent support

Even if a theme is simple, it should have an excellent support.

This is one feature that you’ll hardly get when using a free WordPress theme. Any issue that arises, you’ll be the one to figure it out or outsource it.

Some premium WordPress theme developers will offer from six to one-year free support.

As a rule of thumb, you should check for a theme that has a good documentation and support.

  • Reviews and feedbacks

Reading reviews and feedbacks will really tell you the pros and cons of the theme from people who are already using it.

  • Must be SEO friendly

A theme will be good, simple and compatible with most plugins, but if it’s not SEO friendly, then it’s not a theme for you.

A good theme should generate code that is SEO friendly to boost the site ranking.

The question is how do you know an SEO friendly theme?

For starters, it might be difficult to know, but one easy way of knowing is by reading what the developer will have to say about the theme.

Most Premium WordPress theme is SEO friendly.

This article will not only write about what your website need for a theme but will also make some theme recommendation for you.

Top responsive premium WordPress themes you can choose from

With the huge number of WordPress themes available, choosing the right one for your website might be a daunting task and that’s why we’re going to help you go through it.

1. Themeforest WordPress themes

The ThemeForest WordPress theme has over 9000 themes. This makes it easy to choose from a wide collection of the themes to begin your website.

The ThemeForest WordPress theme was launched in 2008 and has since become the most popular WordPress theme marketplace.

One of the reasons why ThemeForest theme is popular is because you can create your own theme, upload it and once it has passed the quality test, the theme will be available for sale.

Due to the large number of the WordPress themes available and the number that keeps increasing, narrowing down to the one that’ll fit your need might take you hours and can be tiring.

The ThemeForest theme has decided to make certain features available that’ll simplify the entire process and makes finding the themes easier.

To start, you’ll have to navigate to the official website of ThemeForest at

What you’ll see is the search function where you can search a theme using your preferred keywords.

For instance, if I am going to start a photography website, I will input that keyword in the search box then click on search.

Themeforest wordpress themes

Because the ThemeForest theme is available for a different kind of CMS, I will include WordPress, in other to find the one specific for WordPress.

After our search, the list of the WordPress themes for photography.

Wordpress themes

Overall, the search showed us that there are over 1,400 Premium WordPress themes under photography.

Of cause, the long list of the WordPress theme is too much if we’re to begin to go through it.

But then the ThemeForest site also makes it easy to still narrow down your theme. This can be achieved by:

  • Best match (this is the default)
  • Newest items
  • Trending items
  • Bestsellers
  • Best rated
  • Price (low to high)
  • Price (high to low)

This is not all, you can still sort things out by dates. This is to ensure that at the end of it all, you’ll have the best theme for your website.

Choosing a WordPress theme using ThemeForest

After narrowing on the theme you have to choose, it’s time you go a step further to choose the one that will finally be your website theme.

The Themeforest have a live preview for all of their templates. Using the live preview, you can test and see how the theme will look like and if customization is needed, you can go ahead.

There are four things you’ll need to do before making a final decision.

  • A number of download— The number of people that have downloaded the theme is a good sign that the theme is good.
  • Buyer rating— A good rating shows the theme has met the expectation of the user.
  • Last updated— A good theme will be updated frequently in other to ensure the theme is compatible always.
  • Comments— Read the comment to know what people are saying about the theme. The comment can serve as a review for the theme.
  • Support­ — without support, there is hardly a way to find solutions to other issues that may arise from using the theme.

With ThemeForest themes, you’ll have six-month free support which can be extended to one year with a fee.

If after doing all that and still not sure of which to use, you can choose from the best-selling premium WordPress themes.

Under ThemeForest, the following are some of their best-selling Premium WordPress themes.

Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Avana is the theme with the most customizable option systems around and hence is the #1 selling theme of all time, with over 300+ theme sales.

The freedom you have in using the theme to customize it to the style that you need is second to none.

With avana, you’ll have the unlimited design of web pages and styles, design unique sites without the knowledge of coding, it’s responsive and retina ready and comes with an unbeatable support for pages.

  Live Demo|Full Detail


X | The Theme

X | The Theme

This is another responsive premium WordPress theme created a theme.

With X the theme, you can turn a WordPress site into an awesome website. The theme comes with pre-installed page builder and other features which make it easy to design a page with ease.

The theme is compatible with most of the popular plugins WordPress plugins.

Live Demo|Full Detail


Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

With their improved layer editor, enfold theme makes building a website easy and fun with their live preview.

Setup is easy and it’s responsive. The theme can be used to create several types of websites.

Live Demo|Full Detail


Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Salient 8 theme gives the option of a lot of things like unlimited colors and possibilities, tons of icon collection, gives you control of over 700 fonts, more than 500 shortcodes to make it pretty easy to customize website layouts.

The theme is responsive and retina ready, makes the site load fast without slowing your server speed.

Live Demo|Full Detail


uDesign – Responsive WordPress Theme

uDesign - Responsive WordPress Theme

Another great theme from ThemeForest. Envato is one of the themes that can build a good website, increase site speed, SEO ready, responsive and retina ready and an awesome choice for an eCommerce website.

Live Demo|Full Detail

By and large, if you’re in search of a WordPress theme for your website, ThemeForest is a most for you.

2. Themify

Since it’s launched in 2010, Themify WordPress themes are among the most popular themes. There are many themes available for all the type of website you intend to build.

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The goal of the creators was pretty simple from day one: to create themes that can make your website look awesome.

The themify themes are responsive and very easy to use.

The themes come in with their preinstalled drag and drop page builder, making it easy to create page layout of your choice.

There are many features you can use before making a theme decision. These include:

  • Demo of the theme
  • Themify supports extensive customization
  • Themify shortcodes
  • Preinstalled drag and drop page builder.

Finding a WordPress theme with themify.

Even though when compared to other theme providers, the number of WordPress theme are small, but you still can get the themes that will still work for your website.

With many of the WordPress theme available, it will take time before finding the theme that best will represent your website.

But in their wisdom, the themify Website have simplified the process and makes finding a WordPress theme easy.

Below are the steps to go about it.

  • Visit the themify website at
  • Locate ‘theme’ at the top of the menu. Using your mouse, click on the theme and a drop down menu will pop up. Click on ‘all themes’.

Finding theme with themify

  • This will then take you to the page with the themes.
  • Look at the widget on the right hand to see the categories of themes.

themify WordPress theme

Then you can choose the theme based on your category.

For instance, if am looking for a blog theme, I will click on blog themes.

themify theme

The image shows some of the WordPress themes for blogs after our search.

Most Popular Themify Themes

If you want the shortcode, here are some of the most popular themify WordPress themes.


Landing themify theme

Landing WordPress theme was created to do one thing, to increase your audience building.

With landing theme, increasing traffic, subscribers and or social media subscribers is simple.

The pages come with themify drag and drop functionality. That means you can create awesome landing pages using the 23 layouts available.

You can begin by using the pre-installed layout builder to create your pages.

All pages created are responsive, retina ready and supports woocommerce.

Live Demo|Full Detail



Ultra themify theme

Themify tagged Ultra theme as the most flexible WordPress theme created by themify. This simply means with the type, you can create any type o website.

The theme comes with 11 extra add-ons builders that can be used to create pre-made demo sites with just one click.

This makes building a website pretty easy.

With over 60 pre-designed layouts, you can create an awesome page layout using their drag and drop builders that are responsive and unique.

If you’re looking for one of the best WordPress themes with themify, then ultra is definitely worth trying.

Live Demo|Full Detail



Infinite theme


Looking for a better way people will engage with your website, then infinite is definitely a theme that does that.

The theme lets users view an infinite number of the post while scrolling the pages. This is similar to what you see on sites like mashable and Forbes.

With the infinite theme, you can get scrolls for archive, single post, insert banner ads and it’s responsive and retina ready.

The infinite theme is great for news or storytelling. This is due to the large fonts and images.

Live Demo|Full Detail



Split theme

The split WordPress theme is another slick theme that let you scroll from one row to another. With the split theme, you can create pages that can display any type of content.

You can use column styling using the builder to display different content.

With the split theme, you can display comparison content side by side.

The theme works more like that of Pinterest.

Live Demo|Full Detail



Stack theme

The windows 8 metro design and metro theme, is what inspired the stack theme creation.

The theme works with tile add-ons which make creating pages in tile format with the drag and drop builder easy.

The theme uses the masonry style and is fully customizable.

The theme is responsive and can be used to create any type of content (video, post etc).

Live Demo|Full Detail


3. Studiopress WordPress themes

the studiopress premium WordPress theme is a 65 number of theme collection for any type of website.

Even though many, the studiopress team have done an excellent job by explaining what kind of websites there theme are for.

For instance, if your site is about news, their news theme is suitable for it. If it’s a sectioned there is the centric theme.

Many of the studiopress themes have both primary and secondary menu which can be turned on or off in the menu area.

Other themes are not these flexible, therefore making it compulsory to check before using the WordPress theme.

The studiopress theme also gives you an option to choose the site widget. You’ll have 1, 2, 3 widgets.

So how can you find the WordPress theme that best fit your website? Here is how you can go about it.

First, navigate to the studiopress official website at

Locate ‘shop for themes’ at the top right of the studiopress website.

Best wordpress theme


Click the shop for themes. This will take you to the following site navigation.

studiopress wordpress theme

This is where you can use to sort out the need for the website. I will go on to show you all you’ll need.

Let’s click on all categories. This is what will appear from the drop down menu:



Real estate


Magazine style


let’s assume we’re going to run a photography website, then click on photography and all the WordPress theme for photography will pop up.

Wordpress themes

the themes available is for you to choose that’ll fit your style and need.

For the features and layout, It’s important to leave it the way it is. You can adjust any feature from your WordPress admin area.

With over 50 WordPress theme, and 200, 000 websites trusting studiopress theme for their business, finding the one that fit your website feel and look is guaranteed.

The most popular premium studiopress themes

Even though the studopress theme is great, there are some that are more popular than others. Here are the five:

Digital pro theme

Digital pro theme

The digital pro theme is for business websites specifically if you’re going to sell digital goods.

The theme is mobile responsive, has theme customizer option, flexible eCommerce theme, customize header etc.

Workstation pro

Work station pro


The theme was created to ensure that you create websites that have the look that you wanted.

The theme is responsive and retina ready, build a site with four homepages, Ecommerce friendly and highly customizable.

Beautiful pro theme


Beautiful pro theme

Attitude pro theme

Attitude pro theme

Café Pro Theme

Cafe Pro Theme


There is no denying of the responsive premium WordPress theme we’ve discussed and listed are some of the best themes that can turn an ordinary website into a professional one.

Whether you want to increase your traffic, generate leads, change the style of your website, then look no further than the WordPress theme above.




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