12 Best Recycling Business ideas and Opportunities to Start

Recycling Business ideas

Let’s face it.

I hate waste and I know you do too.

But the amount of waste filling our landfills is not helping us and the environment.

Waste products are a serious issue in our environment today. With many household looking for ways to reduce it. Reducing waste is quite expensive.

With a problem, comes the opportunity that you can take advantage of.

How can you be a solution to a problem that is affecting many households in their neighborhood?

Well, a simple solution is to start a recycling business that will provide more resources, conserve the environment and profit from it.

But here is the fact.

Most of the waste are from the product from the industry. We use these products and drop the containers which form part of the waste.

With much of the waste, you can then decide to come up with the recycling business idea and the opportunities to start.

These recycling Business ideas that expose the business opportunities in the recycling industry.

The waste recycling business idea, have been gaining ground due to the increase in the business of recycling.

In our last article, we have shown you the steps to starting a waste recycling business, I want to take things a little step further.

Many will ask what aspect of recycling do I need to focus? What is the best recycling business ideas and opportunities to start?

Before joining the business of recycling, you’ll need to know the recycling industry trends to be able to predict what will happen in the future.

Read on to find out the top 12 low cost but profitable recycling business idea that you can begin with.

The world population is growing fast and globalization always on the increase. That simply means the rate of garbage that is produced is increasing on a daily basis at an alarming rate with resources becoming limited.

The effect of most of the garbage can be disastrous to the environment and the inhabitants as well. The recycling business enables you to make money from garbage and a well saving the environment.

Why waste Recycling business will remain a profitable business

The government has known the effect certain garbage creates to the environment which can cause pollution by releasing some toxins which are harmful. If you’re interested in learning how to start a recycling business, here is an in-depth guide.

Recycling is a broad niche considering the huge materials available. However, profitability will depend on your location. The best place is waste materials are readily available and is a serious problem with no recycling plant in the area.

But why will recycling business ideas remain a profitable business?

  1. Waste disposal still remains a serious headache for both citizens and the government. With an ever increase in waste from plastic, nylon, cans, paper, clothes, saw dust etc. means the business will be profitable even with an existing recycling plant.
  1. More demand for recycled products is on the increase from manufacturers of products. These enable the manufacturer to reduce the production cost of the product. Because recycled package material will be cheaper compared to the new one.
  1. You may decide to change and make a custom recycled package material that will be unique. Also, you can create the new different size of your package product to target more customers at a cost that will be affordable.
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As good and promising this recycling business is, it can be capital intensive as some of the equipment are expensive. To reduce cost, the services of a local fabricator can be required.

It can equally take some time to gather the garbage.

Top 12 Best Recycling Business ideas and Opportunities to Start

Are you ready? Here are the top 12 best recycling business ideas and opportunities to start. However, they’re not arranged in order of priority.

  1. Set up a recycling plant

These might be capital intensive, but you can set up a recycling plant where you can recycle garbage from collectors. The advantage is, you don’t need to get the garbage, you make money by recycling people’s garbage

  1. Recycling of rubber

These will be of benefit to those who want to create cups, plates, disposable spoons etc. you can begin the business by liaising with household and people who sell these rubber.

  1. Recycling gold

Gold is mine from the ground impure which undergo the process of refining by melting to separate it from the impurity. The process of refining is far easier compared to the mining process.

  1. Recycling of aluminum cans

Recycling of aluminum cans can be done with no capital. You can collect aluminum cans for recycling industries or you can collect the cans and recycle them into pots, cup, spoon etc.

To begin with, you can make advertisement by printing and distribute flyers, billboards, business cards and make them know you’re ready to pick the cans for free at any time they call.

  1. Recycling of construction waste

These entails collecting different scrap in construction sites, like wood, tiles, aluminum roofing sheets, metal scrap and selling them.

  1. Recycling of sawdust

Sawdust is a by-product of cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding of wood. The process entails recycling sawdust that can be used for particleboard, Fill wood holes and defects, serving as a mulch, as an alternative to clay cat litter, or as a fuel.

  1. Recyclable collection center
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You can set up a waste collection center where you can collect recyclable materials like wood, cans, bottles from people. You, in turn, deliver the recycling materials to the recycling firm.

  1. Recycling scrap plastic

The recycling of plastic entails the recovering scrap or waste plastic and reprocessing the material into useful products, sometimes completely different in form. These products could include bottles, cups, plastic plates etc.

     9. Recycling steel and tin cans

Steel and tin cans are one of the popular recycled cans. They’re called tin cans because they’re coated with micro tin to prevent flavor and protect the can from corroding.

Most of the milk, sardine and coffee are either packaged in steel or tin cans. These are items that most household use and can always be available to waste waiting to be recycled.

But how can one differentiate between a steel and aluminum can? Just use a magnet. Yes, magnet. The one that attracts is the steel while aluminum will not.

    10. Recycling of glass

The glass is seen as ideal for recycling because the material of the waste glass does not show any degradation.

Glass recycling can turn a waste glass into a usable product. The recycling of glass is done base on the glass color because glass does retain their original color even after recycling.

The most commonly used glass doesn’t are the colorless one, brown and green glass.

Glass makes up a large component of household and industrial waste which may include the light bulb, broken glassware, bottles etc. these makes finding waste glass for recycling easy.

   11.    Recycling used tires

Used tires can be very dangerous to the environment. A large pile when on fire can be difficult to extinguish.

To save yourself from these dangers, it’s better to put the tire into the rightful use by recycling it.

Recycled tires are mostly used as fuel in civil engineering, create vehicle mud guards, mats, floor tiles etc.

    12. Waste paper recycling

Paper recycling business ideas are enormous. Today, waste paper can be used to be recycled into tissue paper, wrappers etc. You can find the raw waste paper from printing shops, paper shops, bookshops and so on.

Final thoughts

These are not the only recycling business ideas and opportunities to start. But they’re the most popular waste recycling materials that can be found easily.

Whichever one you choose to do, the opportunities will always be there to make a profit.

What Recycling Business ideas did we leave out? Which one do you want to do? Feel free to share by making a comment below

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