Personal finance tips-the rich becoming richer and the poor poorer (Part 3)

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This is our part 3 and the final under personal finance tips in these series. If you miss part 2 you can simply read that before we can continue. Today we shall be taking about what it takes.

Let’s continue.

Having studied the lion for sometimes now, I wonder why they say the lion is the king of the jungle. Because from my findings, the lion is not the strongest, intelligent, heaviest, tallest, fattest of the animal.

But still the lion is the king of the jungle. I realize the lion has one thing that most of the animals don’t get and that is the attitude. That is why the lion is bold.

The attitude they say is everything and that is absolutely through. This is the number one fire that will continue to burn whenever your close friends, family and the society say, you’re wasting your time or you can’t achieve that’.

Attitude keeps you moving come rain, come shine and gives you the confidence to do more by exploring more possibilities.

Do you have the guts?

As the lion, so is our rich men and women are. They’re not the brightest of all, the smartest of all and the luckiest of all, what they have is the attitude to step out of the box and try doing the things that are expected.

The question is, ‘do you have the guts?’ to change your financial life, from managing to abundance? I know, it’s not going to be easy, but are you willing to sacrifice and pay the price? Just start with a step and you might be surprised at how fast you can move.

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Avoid the excuses

Now the avenue for excuses is open for those who are not willing to pay the price in other to discourage others. Excuses like:

  • This is the best lie I have ever heard
  • This thing he’s talking about works only in Asia
  • I can’t do it am okay
  • I don’t have enough cash
  • I already know it
  • That’s impossible
  • Others have tried it and never worked
  • The concept is not achievable
  • That’s wrong
  • What you’re taking is for working class people.
  • I don’t think I will be that lucky

When will you stop the excuses and use the time to do something productive? It’s time to move on.

It’s the matter of choice.

Everything in life starts with a choice. Where you’re today is a matter of choice of yesterday and where you’ll be tomorrow it will be determined by the choice of today.

The ball is in your court, how you play it is up to you. But know that no one can change your financial future, but only you. No one has ever succeeded in life by giving excuses.

So what does it take?

What does it take? Well, it takes decision, persistence, lots of patience and discipline to change to maintain the choice we make intact.

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Makes you be focus and stick to what you have chosen. That is whether, in good times or bad times, you’ll still continue to stick to your course that is a decision.


This keeps you moving telling you that you have a goal you want to achieve.

Lots of patience

This is the daily drug of the rich. Don’t expect instant result because you’re building something that will last. There are, however, handful people who might get the instant result.

If you’re then among the many that take time to build, be patient and do what is expected daily and I tell you, time is only the dividing line.


Normally, you’ll have the plan to follow and what you can do on a daily basis. Discipline enables you to continue to do what is expected at the right time.

Go for it

Are you going to be the next lion (rich) which despite the background, the skin colour, the level of education and so on, you can still say am going to do it?

Go for it, today is a good day to start. Begin with financial literacy and continue to move. You can read the article series again and again.

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