Personal finance tips-the rich becoming richer and the poor poorer (Part 1)


In the pass, in our society, we normally find three sets of people. They’re the rich, the middle class and the poor. Each contributing their quota in the society, the rich having the more powers to dictate things. Becoming rich doesn’t happen in a day; sometimes you have to start from the scratch to the middle class then to rich class.

 However, in our world or in most societies, our middle class have disappeared. We only have the rich people and the poor people, with the gap between the haves and the have not widening. The question still remains, ‘why are the rich few becoming richer and majority poor people are becoming poorer’?

In this article, we’ll be attempting to point out some things that differentiate the rich and the poor in the society. This is our guide and will try our best to be unbiased in any way. The personal finance tips below will give you a guide post.

Tip# 1: utilizing opportunity

The rich

The rich people see a problem as an opportunity to create the solution and as a result, they build up wealth for themselves. They have train themselves to spot opportunities and look for suitable ways to execute them. This explains the reason why the rich people don’t play with opportunities.

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The poor

The poor she opportunities as problem to be solve not by them, but by someone else. The meaning is poor says it all passing over opportunities repeatedly. They keep on passing over opportunities always and blaming the person that turn the problem into an opportunity as the problem.

What to do

Never underestimate the opportunities you see around. Do you know that an idea in action is a solution to a problem? Example, when the founders of Microsoft, saw a hardware that required software to run it, Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen had the idea to develop the software that runs the hardware which they did. That idea alone that gave the solution to the hardware has been turn into billions of dollars over the years.

They might not look good as you like, but be sure there is a diamond underneath it if you dust and clean it. Spotting an opportunity is simple and you can use the following ways to spot the opportunity in your environment.

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Spotting opportunities

Spotting an opportunity begins with locating the main problem the people are desperate for solution. It can be something they buy often and that they move to quite some distance before they get it. You can take the step by providing it.

You can equally site and discuss with people to know what interest them and notice if it’s not available, go further and ask, what they’re willing to pay for it.

It may not be a new thing, it can be lapses you see in someone who is playing with the opportunity. Move in take advantage of the situation and before you know it, people will move from that person to your own.

Learn to see with your mind’s eye, opportunities are turn into gold by the problem they solve. In other to be rich, you must learn how to turn every opportunity into gold.

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