14 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch & Follow

Online Marketing Influencers

Having been blogging for some years now, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that there are online marketing influencers who will ensure that you take your online business to the next level.

Now before you start thinking this is hype, then keep reading the article.

Anyway, you may be right, considering that, over the years, there have been a lot of published content in the form of an article, video, and podcast about how to build your business online.

Believe me, many have realized that majority are just blatant analysis with no result from the so-called experts.

But there are exceptions. In other words, those who really are not just experts, but have turned it into a successful business.

That’s why I’ve taken my time to really bring out the best online marketing influencers who have tried, proof and have been successful.

These influencers are the movers and shakers in the industry for many years to come and are always willing to help you in building a successful business.

Unfortunately, I’ve got to know them not long ago, nevertheless, I have learned beyond my expectation.

  1. Rand Fishkin

When you call the name Rand Fishkintwo things comes to mind. One he is also known as  “the ‘Wizard of Moz,” is the founder and former CEO of Moz and secondly he’s a leading expert in search-engine optimization, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Rand Fishkin is one man who in 2001 started his web design business and was really aware of how important organic search traffic is and through the years, he has become an expert through generating traffic through the variety of search engines.

Today, he writes epic new content always to share his ways to build your brand and increase your conversion by getting targeted traffic coming from search traffic.

The approach to each piece of content makes you to hunger for more from him.

He’s also a speaker and author of titles like Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the Moz Blog.

  1. John Rampton

John Rampton is an entrepreneur and connector, as well as the founder of Due.com. Because of his entrepreneurship drive, the entrepreneur magazine named him one of the top 3 online influencers. Top 10 most influential PPC expert in the world for the past three years. John is a renowned speaker-speaking around the world, helping many entrepreneurs to grow their small business ideas to billion dollar businesses. His regular contributions are in authority sites like Entrepreneur.comTechCrunch, and The Huffington Post.

  1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is best known as the founder of Crazy EggQuick Sprout, neilpatel, and KISSMetrics. As a web analytics, marketing and conversion expert and entrepreneur, Patel has a habit o writing epic content. His 3000 and above words articles are well researched, practical, unique and gives it free.

I often wondered why? Until I read the statement which he said: “I write so many blog posts in hope that it will help you succeed”.

No wonder, the wall street journal calls him a top influencer on the web, top 10 online marketers by Forbes and 100 most brilliant companies in the word by entrepreneur magazine.

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His latest book HUSTLE promises to show you how to be passionate on the projects you’re embarking, setting impossible goals, getting recognition etc.

Neil Patel shows you how to tap into his unique way of approaching any project.

You’ll gain the confidence and motivation to do what you really want, a step by step process to build relationships with influencers and a whole lot.

Neil is also a regular contributor to publications such as Inc., Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, and TechCrunch.

  1. Ann Handley

Ann Handley is a genius when it comes to creating and managing digital content and as a result, many organizations trust her in building relationships for the organization and individuals.  MarketingProfs knows it and made her their chief content officer and also a LinkedIn influencer. She’s an author and has authored the book “everybody writes: your go-to guide to creating ridiculously good contentbecame a wall street journal bestseller.

Earlier in 2011, Ann, co-authored a best-selling book on “content rules: how to create killer blogs, podcasts, videos, ebooks, webinars and more that engaging customers and ignite your business”.  Handley is also a keynote speaker and columnist for Entrepreneur.com.

  1. Larry Kim

Larry Kim is an influential pay per click expert, founder and chief technology officer at WordStream. His regular contribution on topics like internet marketing, social media, and other topics, has made him a key influence.

His works have been featured in popular and authoritative blogs like marketingprofs, search engine watch, DM news, website magazine and many others.

Larry maintains an active social media profile on facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, and medium. He is also the author of four award-winning books.

  1. Wil Reynolds

Wil Reynolds helps people and business grow. He’s the founder of Philly-based SEM/SEO consulting firm SEER Interactive and has worked with many fortune 500 companies to develop SEO strategies which result to building traffic and increase conversion.

  1. Arnie Kuenn

Arnie Kuenn is the CEO of Vertical Measures, great speaker, and award-winning author with content marketing book “accelerate and the “Content Marketing Works: 8 Steps to Transform Your Businessand an instructor for the Content Marketing Institute and the Online Marketing Institute.

  1. Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen is an expert when it comes to actionable marketing guide and thus the chief content officer at Actionable Marketing Guide. Her passion for marketing has let her share her knowledge as a speaker at several conferences every year.

Her expertise in marketing is diverse cutting across various product categories. Whether you have soft goods, high regulated financial services, craft or entertainment-related product, Heidi is up to it. Heidi is up to the task of providing you with actionable marketing guide which will take your business to the next level.

She’s also a co-author of Instant Content Marketing Success: 10 Tips from Leading Content Marketing Experts.

  1. Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder is an entrepreneur and focuses on business, technology, and marketing in the digital age. She’s the founder and award winning CEO of Marketing Zen a global online marketing and digital PR company.

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Called the zen master of marketing by entrepreneur magazine and millennial master by fastcompany.com.

She’s also the author of the best-selling book The Zen of Social Media Marketing and has also been honored both by the white house and united nation as one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs in the country.

She’s is a keynote speaker.

  1. Amy Africa

Amy Africa is an online sales improvement consultant and CEO of digital marketing agency Eight by Eight and a sought-after speaker speaking about marketing trends, failure and optimization strategies. Africa has worked with clients like Dell, Better homes and gardens, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, American Express and much more, offering expert marketing advice for business growth.

  1. Brian Halligan

Brian Halligan is the CEO and co-founder of HubSpot, a marketing software company. Brian is an author and has co-author of “Inbound Marketing: attract, engage and delight customers online”, Inbound marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs and “marketing lessons from the grateful dead”. Brian knowledge doesn’t stop there as he is a lecturer at MIT.

  1. Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner is the CEO of marketing insider group and the author of “content insider”. He’s the founder of B2B Marketing Insider.

His expertise in content marketing strategy and content development connects with buyers at a scale.

Michael is a speaker and trainer for many companies in about every industry.

  1. Brian Dean

Brian Dean is an SEO and Link building strategies and founder of backlinko. Even Neil Patel said “ Brian Dean the creator of backlinko as the best when it comes to link building.

Brian offers really simple in-depth, unique and actionable SEO strategies and case studies like no other in the link building industry the best part, for free.

He has a way of taking a complex subject and break it in a simple way, then show you the simple way you can do it.

One great thing about Brian is all his SEO and link building methods are search engine friendly (white hat) and really increase your ranking as well as the organic traffic.

He has several terms for achieving certain SEO task like the moving man method and CTR magnet method is some of the strategies you’ll always find when you visit backlinko.

  1. Michael Chibuzor

Michael Chibuzo is a creative writer and creator of contentmarketingup is an SEO for small business outsourcing company.

His blog and in-depth writing always show you ways to create better content.

Michael, is also a freelance writer and his writing style gives you content that is not only evergreen but also increases your conversion.

Final thought

Whether I (Bako Yila) will be an influencer, only time will tell, but these content marketing influencers will always be willing to take you by the hand until you’re successful.

I have no doubt that these influence will continue as internet business continue to evolve.

Your turn

What can you add to the article, feel free to share your thought in the comment box?

Bako Yila

Bako Yila is an entrepreneur and loves working with aspiring entrepreneurs the right way. His blog offers business idea and resources to build a successful business.

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