How to start Newspaper/Magazine Business in Nigeria

Bako Yila

Bako Yila is an entrepreneur and loves working with aspiring entrepreneurs the right way. His blog offers business idea and resources to build a successful business.

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23 Responses

  1. waoh, this is what i have been looking for. Thanks a million. But i think you ended quite inconclusively.

  2. nigfree says:

    Thanks Okafor and good to here that my article was helpful, am happy too for letting me know about it.

  3. Steve orji says:

    Very very useful information. Pls can i have your mobile contact for more discussion on magazine publication. Thank you

  4. nigfree says:

    @Steve thanks these information was helpful

  5. aghananti says:

    great! you ve made my day.ur article is so educating and distinct.may I have your number please?

  6. Abimbola Oladipo says:

    your information was really helpful. Am just about to start my magazine and i think with your ideas that you created i will follow it up and i would not mind to hear from you question for more knowledge


  7. thanks for the great business tips.

  8. ikoi abode ikenna says:

    highly informative. just like that on @

  9. Babatunde says:

    This information is very vital to me…thanks a lot men

  10. Thomas says:

    it’s good content. quite useful and relevant. i will love to have your phone contact.


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  12. Maureen valentina says:

    this is really 👍 great. tnx 4 dat. i hope u dnt mind giving me your number 4 more info

  13. Dr Saint says:

    Great tips, much appreciated.

  14. Kennedy Ahanotu says:

    Thank you for this information. Very inspiring and a good work material. thank you once again.

  15. Sam says:

    This is lovely but is it a must I do any form of registration before starting?

  16. Yemi Azeez says:

    I am planning a commercial magazine to published mainly in Lagos and Abuja. The concept is strictly to advertise companies. Please any additional you wanna give as I would appreciate this lots more.

  17. Emy says:

    How can you register the magazine to be a legal business

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