Why do you need audio amplifiers?


If you got finally tired from an old music center or want to listen to music on the device better than cheap China speakers, then it is time to learn a little more about the amplifiers. Many people do not quite understand their purpose and do not use them.


What is the purpose of amplifiers?

When buying a high-quality sound system, it is logical to expect that there would be just a few sound sources. Whether you want to listen to music via the player, watch a movie or take a dip in the next game world on your computer, it does not matter. The main thing that the sound quality is at the height, otherwise. The problem is that different devices have the different power of audio signal output. In addition, the frequency palette can also vary, which means that your speakers can give the sound that is not much better than one from the integrated sound source of some device you use. To make all to good power and quality, just use amplifiers that connect to audio sources through a variety of connectors.

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Types of amplifiers


  • The preamplifier. Its task is just to collect all sound sources together and to transmit a signal to the power amplifier. Some amplifiers of this type allow while listening to conduct sound recording. The rear panel of the preamplifier is dotted with all kinds of connectors. Sometimes among them appears XLR port, which allows you to connect equipment located at a great distance from the amplifier. This feature is used when connecting a professional stage equipment and at home is clearly superfluous. However, it greatly increases the cost of the preamplifier.


  • On the face of its functionality is quite simple. On the front panel is the volume control, while on the back is only one stereo input and output to the speakers. Nothing complicated, but on this amplifier depends the quality of the original signal. Inside the device are capacitive power transformers and capacitors which increase the amperage. Such an amplifier is always a lot of weight and is quite expensive.
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  • Integrated amplifier. The idea to combine two types of amplifiers in one was very great. As a result, such a device is capable of performing the functions of both previous types. However, remember if the combined power is too cheap, then think about its quality.


Several nuances

If possible, you should choose a technique from the same manufacturer, but if it is problematic, at least of one class.

Another consideration when selecting an amplifier is its resistance and the power of the output signal. Amplifier resistance must match the speaker impedance or be lower, but not exceed it. Power coming of sound let it be a little less than the maximum capacity of your speakers. This will prolong its life and save your nerves.

In general, that’s all. Now that you know so much, stop torturing yourself in a dream and make a purchase of your dreams. Only on Jiji, you can find amplifiers on sale in good condition and for a good price! Enjoy the sound without overpaying!



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