Most profitable livestock farming in India

Most profitable livestock farming in India
Do you want to start livestock farming in India? Then you’re about to know the most profile livestock you can venture into.

Animals are not only for survival but can be a good source of profit. No wonder therere several business who have invested heavily in his sector.

However small businesses are also queuing in to take advantage of the Opportunity in livestock farming in India.

Below are the top 5 most profitable livestock farming in India livestock farming in india for profitability.

Poultry farming

Raising chicken can be one of Source of the best source of earning. According to bill Gates raising chicken can be one of the we to lift people out of poverty.

In poultry farming, you can decide to raise chicken for meat or egg. You can invest a little to get 10-15 local chicken and get one rooster to fertilize them In three to four months, you’ll get off between 080-150 chickens and non will cost less than $4 at the point of Sell.

You can raised broiler chicken for meat This will require you truest in buying day old from reputable producers. You’ll need to learn more about broiler chicken.

You can also raise chicken for egg. In my opinion, this is probably the best form of profit in poultry farming business.

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This Cost less but still profitable. All you’ll need is a small space to keep these Chickens, good farm house and poultry food for your chicken.
When chicken layers are old, they can be sold as spent layers.

According to Bill Gates, with under 100 chicken, you can earn a minimum of $1000 a year. When done consistently, your small chicken farm will grow and produce the needed income you need.

Raising Rabbits

Rabbit? yes rabbit. Because it can be raise for profit. Rabbit requires less
Space and Less investment when compared other form of investment. One rabbit can birth to 6-10 baby bunnies after a month.

You can sell the rabbits for meat. A bunny can cost around $15-$50. The demand for meat is high and the supply is limited. The rabbit housing is one of the cheapest one to construct. There production is great.

A rabbit can get pregnant hours after delivery. That means in 40 days you can have new bunnies. If a rabbit delivers 6-10 bunnies, then one rabbit can give at least 45 bunnies a year and if any of the bunny cost $20 then youll have $900 from one rabbit. Imagine you having 5 rabbit, that will be $4500 a year income.

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Goats and Rams

Goats and rams are raised for meat and probably for milk. They have a less in investment when you Compare it with Cows. Unlike rabbit, goats and rams gives birth to two babies at a time.

Having a huge male goat, it can be sold for meat because the demand for the meat is huge. The bones can also be used in medicine. Depending on the size of goat and rams, the price Can be $130-400 at the point of sale. They can be also be used for fur, meat! and milk. Having two can bring in $1000-2000 a year income.

Fish Farming

One of the profitable livestock Farming in India. All you need is sufficient water bodies.
You can raise fishes in rubber tanks, concrete tanks and wood thanks. Concrete and wood fish tanks can be constructed in the farm location.

While that of the rubber tank, you can buy it from dealers. Therere different fish you can grow and include, catfish, salmon and shrimp are very popular.

Pig farming

Pig are a popular livestock in India. This are mostly used as human food. Also
the shin, fat and other materials for use is clothing, ingredients for processed
foods, Cosmetics and other for medical.

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