Managed WordPress hosting-The complete guide

Managed WordPress hosting

Do you really need a managed WordPress hosting? Or do you want to upgrade from your current WordPress hosting plan to a managed hosting?

If that is the case,

What are the best-managed WordPress hosting providers you can us?

Before you make the decision, let’s evaluate and know the good and bad side of managed hosting and thus make our recommendations at the end of it.

All you need to do is to carve out a few minutes of your day and I will show you the nitty gritty of this WordPress hosting plan, when you really need it and the best providers out there.

It’s a known fact:

That running a blog or website no matter the size is not a day’s job.

You have to keep updating the site with fresh content, marketing, increasing traffic, and conversion.

But that will only happen when the WordPress site is running smoothly and your web hosting provider is taking care of the issues that may arise.

However, not all WordPress hosting plan have that privilege. When you’re using a shared WordPress hosting, the chances of getting the support that you need is limited compared to Managed WordPress hosting.

With a managed hosting, the support you get is always professional. That is, it’s expert in the area that will be providing the support.

Because of the increasing number of people signing up for hosting, the web hosting companies have created affordable solutions.

With as little as $5 dollars or less, you can sign up to the shared hosting plan.

While this is good for starters, however, for medium-sized websites or a site that’s receiving loads of traffic, it will not be enough.

Such high traffic sites must have to upgrade to a better web hosting to ensure the website keeps moving smoothly.

That’s where managed WordPress hosting will come into play and these type of hosting was created specifically to manage everything WordPress and things related to it.

Due to the effective performance of managed hosting, the hosting plan popularity is increasing by the day as the number of people signing up for the plan is increasing by the day.

What is managed WordPress hosting

It’s important before moving forward we understand what a managed WordPress hosting is all about.

With several types of hosting plans around, it’s easy to get confused at what other forms really mean and the purpose for it.

Sometimes not knowing, makes you sign up or upgrade your hosting in the plan not fit for your website need.

What is managed WordPress hosting? it’s a type of WordPress hosting created to take care of everything related to WordPress on behalf of the client. These can be a software upgrade, WordPress installations, other technical issues etc.

This will enable you to focus on other things that matter. That’s the distraction on other things are all taken care of and left with the way to building your website.

With a managed hosting, you’ll need not to worry about uptime, site speed, security and any technical issue.

The hosting provider has a team of experts working round the clock that will be managing the server for you.

These type of hosting is great for blogger or business owners that don’t have the technical know-how or time to manage the server.

The need for site load speed is crucial for traffic and conversion, hence the hosting providers have their own Content Delivery Network (CDN) and server level caching reducing the dependability of a cache plugin and to ensure the hosted site loads fast.

The price for a managed hosting is high when compared to other forms of hosting. This simply goes to say it’s not for beginners.

The pros of a managed WordPress hosting

Despite the high cost, there are certain key components which make managed WordPress hosting an excellent solution for both medium-sized blogs and many web development professionals.

Some of the key features that give you the maximum benefits include:

Site will always be up to date

We all know that managing WordPress website is not easy. We always have to contain with publishing fresh content, responding to comment, updating WordPress, the plugins, theme etc.

With a managed WordPress hosting, all the technical aspects are off your shoulders. They’ll do the updates and upgrade for you.

They don’t just update alone but ensure they test to ensure there are no compatibility issues before making the final upgrade.

These ultimately provide you time to focus on other important things like content creation, marketing your blog etc.

Blazing fast

Site speed is an important factor that can increase or decrease traffic. No one likes a slow loading website. A slow loading website reduces traffic and reduces site conversion.

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Sometimes even when you use a cache plugin, have you’ll not get the result that you wanted.

With a managed WordPress hosting, your site will continue to load faster.

Instead of relying on cache plugins, the WordPress hosting provider has included their own Content Delivery Network (CDN) and server level caching to ensure sites load fast.

In a nutshell, you don’t need to pay an external CDN or install a caching plugin since the managed WordPress hosting provider has enabled caching at the server level already.

Professional support

When I used a shared hosting plan, the support was always directing my case to the technical department, simply because the support for the hosting plan am using isn’t a professional.

The support here is not comparable to any other hosting plan.

When there is a technical issue, you know that it will be treated accordingly because it’s going to be handled by professionals with the knowledge of WordPress and offer advice on the plugins that affect the site performance.

This is largely due to the fact that all the support here is professionals with the full knowledge of WordPress and other issues related to it.

With a managed WH, you’re sure of getting the best support.

Constant backup

One painful thing that can happen to your website is losing certain data or content as a result of updating you’re the WordPress script, plugin or theme.

Even the creators of WordPress will always tell you to backup any data before you can update.

But with managed hosting have made all that simple and straight forward.

They carry on a daily backup of your website so that updates will not make you loose any of the website data. After every backup, they create a restore point in case you want to revert.

No downtime

One major causes of sites going offline are when the hosting provider are having technical issues or the traffic is much that the hosting plan cannot contain it.

The same is been said about shared hosting but when the traffic becomes overwhelming, the site will go offline. Meaning the server space is limited to a number of website traffic per month.

The managed hosting will ensure your site always life online no matter the load.

With the site we are recommending, you’re guarantee of your site to always be up and running.


Security is a major concern to many website owners. Without security, your site will be attacked and can eventually crash

With a managed hosting, no data will be lost or tamper with because they will be kept safe by the service provider.

The issues of attacks, malware, and other security issues have been taken care of.

Saves time

You’ll need not to worry about understanding any of the technical aspects of the server as the managed hosting services take care of all that in the house.

The service takes care of everything related to WordPress while you focus on doing something else.

No sharing of hosting space

With a shared hosting, you get to share your server space with other subscribers. One problem with one of the sites within the shared hosting site affects other sites.

With a managed WordPress hosting, you’re free with all that. You’ll have a dedicated server been managed by the hosting company.

That’s why the speed of a site using managed hosting is always high.

The cons of managed WordPress hosting

Despite the key features that make managed WordPress hosting solution a solid solution, there are some cons when it comes to using it.

These cons include:

High-value price

This WordPress hosting is not for everyone due to the high price. This is preferably for business websites, professional bodies, seasoned bloggers and medium-sized blogs.

The hosting for a single domain can start from $30 a month for a site that can receive up to 25, 000 visitors a month.

For a site which will want to use multiple domains, the hosting package can start from $99 a month.

However, if you’re running a blog or business online with consistent income that can cover up the pricing, the managed hosting should not be an issue.

The hosting is strictly for WordPress

The managed WordPress hosting is strictly for WordPress. You cannot use the hosting plan with other content management systems.

However, at the point of hosting, you should know that the hosting plan is specific to WordPress. That’s why it’s called managed WordPress hosting.

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Less control

You don’t have full control of the hosting since all the technical aspects are handled by the web hosting provider.

It doesn’t mean you’ll not be doing things in your dashboard. You can install new plugins, change themes and do other things.

But when it comes to the issue of updating, level caching and security, all that will not be under your control.

In essence, the cons are not that serious except the high price of the hosting. well when you consider a great deal of effort they put to ensure the site is running, you’ll notice that the pricing is fair enough.

Top 6 managed WordPress hosting providers

We have seen the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting, plus some of the things they offer.

It’ll not be out of place to offer our recommendations.

The reason we’re doing this is simple, we want you to work with the best.

With many WordPress hosting providers, it’s easy to be confused at which one will work for you.

With our experience with these web hosting providers, we present the four top managed WordPress hosting providers that have proven track record and efficient anytime.

Even though there are many good web hosting providers offering great WordPress hosting, we have decided to choose the top three that can give you the required need when it comes to managed WordPress hosting.

These sites have a track record of high performance and efficient service delivery so that while you focus on building your site, they focus on ensuring your pages are visible and intact always.

Below are our top 6 managed WordPress hosting providers.


the DreamHost managed WordPress hosting offers over 5 times faster than shared hosting.

the hosting plan has lots of security features, cloud storage plans, automatic update and excellent expert support.

The DreamHost managed WordPress hosting offers a 97 days money back guarantee, giving the user an excellent opportunity to try the service risk-free.


Managed hosting


Hostgator is one of the popular web hosting providers and one that has to stand the test of time.

The HostGator managed WordPress hosting is one of the easy to use with less control.

With Hostgator, there is automatic security updates, consistent malware detention, and removal, blazing fast site loading.


Managed hosting


Bluehost managed WordPress hosting is one of the most amazing WordPress platforms you can use today.

Sites using Bluehost managed Hosting loads under 2 seconds and starts from $12.49.

The basic plan allows for 30GB storage, 2GB RAM, 30GB backup storage and 100 million visits per month.

The Bluehost uses KVM hypervisor on WordPress hosting servers and assigned to individuals to use it alone without been impacted by others.

As a result, the user will experience fast loading, security, uptime etc.

The Bluehost WP hosting has integrated many tools that can easily make running a WordPress site easy.


Managed hosting


Liquidweb focuses solely on managed hosting. their popular slogan “build something brilliant, we’ll handle the hosting”, says it all.

They provide you with reliable, secure, fast, hassle free, worry free WordPress hosting.

There managed hosting starts at $119 and you’ll still enjoy:

  • Blazing page load speed
  • Staging sites for development
  • Automatic backups and updates

In all, there are 8 plans you can choose from.


Managed hosting


Wpengine lets you drive your business in the right direction with managed WordPress hosting.

Using Wpengine, the site will experience speed, security, great customer service.

There are about 800 hours of around the clock professional WordPress support daily with guarantee uptime.

With Wpengine, there built in CDN, caching and the backup system makes hosting great.


Managed hosting



The siteground managed WordPress hosting is designed to give you speed, security, and expert support.

Siteground is integrated with CloudFlare to boost performance and speed.

When you subscribe to site ground hosting, backups happens automatically and can choose server locations.


Managed hosting


I know what you’re thinking. But one thing is certain when it comes to managed WordPress hosting: your site will always be online and all technical issues are taken care of on your behalf.

This makes your pages and data always intact with the security they provide.

However, it’s freeing up some time that the managed hosting providers while you focus on things that are important that will always matter.

At the end of all that, you’ll notice, the price for this type of WordPress hosting is worth it especially if your site has started seeing consistent growth in traffic.




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