Long tail keywords-4 ways to find keywords using long tail search


Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords? Am sure you heard about it.

The question is how to find long tail keywords.

This is what this article will seek to show you.

Keyword research has been the crux of search engine optimization.

Keywords research can come as a 1-word phrase, 2-3 words phrases and more descriptive phrase (also call long tail SEO).

Long tail keywords research is not something new to webmasters.

You’ve probably use keyword research tools to come up with some keywords that have helped your search engine ranking.

When you pick a keyword, you’re picking a fight with other webmasters who will be competing for the same keyword.

What is long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are more descriptive phrases because it focuses on the specific need of the person, unlike short tail keywords which do not and those makes it a high probability of conversion. For example, a person searching for “red Nike running shoes” shows that’s the specific thing he needs.

Long tail keywords are often the one that gives most of the benefit whether you run a small blog, small online business or in finding the right niche when you’re just starting.

The reason has been that long tail keywords defines specific customers intention with 3 or more words.

I’ve done keyword research and will continue to do it to improve my search engine rankings which send organic traffic always and increase my conversions. I think that is the goal every online business will want to achieve.

The good thing about this form of keyword research is it has the more generic head keyword, which makes it relevant to a specific audience.

According to the conductor, the conversion rate for long tail keywords was 2.5x higher than for head terms.

long tail keywords

No wonder SEO professionals and authority blogs have understood the power of how to dominate the search engines using long tail keywords.

Benefits of using long tail keywords

Some market is just highly competitive, which large companies dominating the search results. It took these companies years to get there building the authority they have today. The companies still spend big time in SEO and marketing to stay ahead.

Competing with such companies will be difficult to beat them and that’s why using long tail keywords have benefits and deserve your focus.

  • It’s much easier to rank for long tail keywords than for more common short tail keywords.
  • With less research on long tail keywords, visitors that find your website can buy or subscribe to your products or services.
  • Building authority becomes easier because you’re trying to be specific when you use long tail keywords.

Knowing user intention

When it comes to finding long tail keywords, two things comes to mind. Because that’s what will make the intention real clear.

The two ways

a. The formal keyword research

This is using certain keyword phrases to rank high within the search engines.

In the early days of SEO using short tail was a great way to rank high (still people rank higher today, but highly competitive).

b. The informal query

This is an informal way of finding long tail keywords. This is what people mostly look when it comes to finding long tail keywords.

While using keyword research ranks you using certain keywords on the search engines, the query is what people type in the search engines and it could be anything from short to long tail keywords, questions, sentence, name or anything.

Here the person using the search engines don’t care how you’re positioned it’s what comes to mind the searcher types and hit search. The search engines will bring out the best results.


When you search for Mexican food, here is what you get.

long tail keywords


It will not be the same when you search for Mexican food recipes, gives you a different thing entirely.

long tail keywords


These are all search queries and with each query, there is a change in the way the sites rank in the search engines.

You may want to target both keywords.

Now that you know the why let dive into the how.

4 ways to find keywords with long tail search

It’s through content that google finds and index the page. One major thing that plays a vital role is how you use keywords.

Determining the keywords is vital to the success of your blog post. The keywords become your guiding light throughout the research.

Google accepts a 1-3% keyword density within the article. But that should not be all. You can use search queries as a related keyword. This means you’re going to be ranked for keywords which send in organic traffic and also appear in related searches.

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Once you have the relevant keyword and the related search terms, you can go on to begin to plan for your content. Longer content with 2000 words and above makes the top of the google ranking.

This is because you have the chance to fit in your keywords and related keywords within the search engine without been penalize of keyword stuffing.

Using the long tail keyword research tool, you can be able to get more descriptive phrases which will ultimately make you have a better ranking. Some of the tools that work perfectly well include:

Google keyword planner


google search

keyword tool dominator

These are not the only keywords research tool in the market but are among the simple yet effective tools to find descriptive keywords. in the steps that will follow, you’ll learn how each tool can be used.

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

  1. Google keyword planner

I know you’re familiar with the google keyword tool. But before you jump to the next step in the list, it’s important you know how this tool is vital.

This one of the most popular keyword research tool and it’s free. Most people tend to shy away from using the tool in finding keywords. Some say it’s a bit boring to use it.

The google keyword tool always gives the same keyword to everyone including your competitors. For instance, if you’re looking for keywords on your “shoe delivery

This is what comes up

long tail keywords


As you can see, the variation for the keyword “shoe delivery” is close. Like;

Cheap shoes online

Cheap shoes

Buy shoes online

Shoe stores

The keyword tool churns out some keywords that are uninspiring. The thing is the tool gives the same keywords to who ever use the tool to find that keyword.

This is the main reason why the competition is always high. The good news is, it’s not the end

Here is a way you can get to the bottom of the google tool.

Head over to the keyword research tool and under landing page, enter competitors landing page.

long tail keywords


Here I will be using www.trushoe.com

long tail keywords


Here we have a variation of keywords. Like:

Multi-colored wedges

Pointed toe shoes

Here we go we have found our keyword. Because this is the keywords that people don’t normally see, that you can use to get the targeted audience.

Using the same method, you can use sites like:

Pinterest and Wikipedia to get targeted keywords.

Using pinterest.com

Here are the steps you can take to find long tail keywords using Pinterest.

  • Go to Pinterest
  • Input the search term you intend to find the keyword
  • Copy the URL of the search
  • Go to the google keyword tool and place it in the google keyword landing page, just as explained above.
  • Then hit get ideas.
  • The result will give the key phrase to target.


  1. Use semrush

What better way to start than to know the keyword your major competitor is ranking for and develop a strategy that you can position yourself. SeMrush has made it all possible because you can run a number of free reports that shows you the top keywords for the domain you enter.

This is the fastest way to get a sense of the types of terms your competitors are ranking for.

Even large companies dominating the search engines also use long tail keywords. It’s important then to find out which one they use that’s where semrush come into play.

The tool is easy to use and you can start by using the tool by signing up here and get 14 days free trial.

How semrush works

You’ll definitely need an account to be able to get to use semrush. You’ll get 14 days free trial by clicking this link.

Once you have your account, log into your account. In the search section, you can input the URL of the competitor’s website.

ScreenHunter 01 Jun. 16 00.55


Note you can still use the search to find keywords. In this example, am going to be using warrior.com which is one of the largest internet marketing forum.

long tail keywords


Now scroll down until you get to where you see view full report. Then click on it and it will take you to the next page.

Long tail keywords


Then to know the keywords, then click on CPC.

Long tail keywords


Here you go. The long tail keywords that warrior forum is using. You can equally go through the keyword to get the key phrases that you can target.

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Quick tip: if you’re going to be using pay per click as one of the major methods of making money using your site, then this method also works in knowing what advertisers are paying per click.


  1. Using google search

This is probably not a popular way of finding long tail keywords. According to google’s Matt Cutts, your content requires related keywords to the main keyword you’re targeting.

This is where search query comes in handy and the best part of it, it’s google that is even doing the recommendation for you.

When you make a search on google, google helps you gives you related searches. Often call search query.

According to google’s report, search queries account for 15% performed on its site and they’re unique. In other words, never been use in the google search engine.

Across a number of paid and organic sources, as indicated, the search is the largest single traffic driver, followed by “direct,” and then “referrals.

Long tail keywords


Of the search, organic search is just over 5% while organic accounting for just under 95%.

Long tail keywords


But before moving further, you’ll need to log out of your google account and make sure you’re using the google search that is not specific to certain regions to get the best result.


Doing that makes you find related search query except if you’re targeting base in the region.

To explain these point, go to google.com and type any of the keywords your intent to search for. For this example, am going to be using “red tape men’s shoes”.

Long tail keywords


The first thing that happens is when typing red men shoes, google shows you some related terms people are searching for. This is the suggestion that google is saying you should take note.

Google did not leave you there, it also gives you other related searches when you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Long tail keywords


The research searches are all other search queries that people are using to search.

Now copy the related search terms and include it as part of your content. However, make the search related keywords flow with the content. This increases the chances of coming up whether the search is exactly or related to the keyword.

These are the method that has made Wikipedia pages making the top of searches.

One thing to note is the related search term are all long tail keywords which make the competition low.

If you’re skeptical about the related search term, then you can use the keyword tool dominator.

  1. Keyword tool dominator

These research tools help you find long tail keywords without guess work. The KTD provides the real keywords use by real users as search terms on google, youtube, amazon, bing and eBay

In other words, KTD goes into the mind of the user and come up with a relevant keyword that is targeted.

Using KTD will require you to get a user account. Once you have signed up and have gotten an account, then log into the account.

The KTD brings out the keyword tools. Now you can select the tool to get started.

Long tail keywords


Since we’re finding long tail keywords that will help us rank high within the search engine, then you’re to head over to the google autocomplete keyword tool and click on select.

Then you can input the keyword phrase you want to target. Using our example of red men shoes (note red men shoes is a long tail keyword but am still using it in other to get another keyword that can still help position our content higher in the search engines).

Long tail keywords


When the search is conducted, here is what you can get.

Long tail keywords


Here you go, you have your keywords from the mind of the users. Most of the keyword are unique giving you the opportunity to get the top spot.

Final thoughts

As you have read keyword research has some general misconception. It’s not only the brand that can make the top pages. It’s not about building backlinks, it’s also about taking advantage of using long tail keywords to increase your search engine ranking, increase your conversion and build your brand too.

Most of the method I’ve shared are what authority sites, SEO professionals use to find long tail keywords.

What other method do you think can be used to search for keywords? You can make your contributions by making a comment.

Don’t forget, you share the content with your friends.

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