Life Tips

We believe in believe life is meant for people to live and not to exist in it. Here are our life tips as a guide to a better living, we hope it helps.

Tip # life is not always bed of roses

In life you’ll have good times and bad times, no matter how careful you are. But it’s in moments of bad times that you grow forward in life.

Learn to live in both sites in life, in other words enjoy the finest moments and always prepare for the worst.

Tip # Not all that glitters is gold

Nothing pains like the things that shines on the outshine and on the inside, they’re something else.

Most times good things are only glittering on the inside-so do not judge a book by its cover or judge by appearance, because a rich heart, diamond etc can also be under a poor coat or in a dirty ground.

Tip # Never follow the crowd

People follow the crowd because they don’t know what they want and thus can settle for anything. The worst is they don’t know to make decision.

Life rewards the few people that always take the bold step, the path everyone things it’s the hardest way and pushes the crowd to them as there slaves.

Tip # You have a part to play

Everyone have a part to play. They pay your school bills and you do the studying-that’s your part to play. So also in life, you don’t expect everything to be done for you-your success is ultimately in your hands and only you can make it happen by playing your own part.

Tip # What goes around comes around

What you do today, determine your outcome tomorrow. Don’t expect to reap where you do not sow.

Tip # Time will never wait for you

Time will always be moving and doesn’t care about you. It’s better to do the little important things, before regret will be your bed.