Interactive video: The simple way to increase content engagement

Interactive video The essence of content is to educate, drive traffic, lead, and sales.
However, the landscape of content marketing has evolved.

Today Success comes when you deliver what customers want, when and how.

That’s why Video is a must.

Not just any type of Video, but interactive video.

Even 83% of marketers video is increasingly becoming an important part of Content marketing.

Interactive video in a snap

What we’ll cover:

  • what is interactive Video
  • Interactive video vs linear video
  • Why interactive video
  • Where interactive video uses the most
  • Interactive video tool

What is an interactive video

Interactive video is a technique used by top brands that interact and engage their customers with the aim of meeting their marketing goals.

This form of video content impacts product and service purchases.

This is so effective that 81% of businesses use video as part of their Marketing Strategy and is a 63% increase.

The use of interactive video clearly shows that people using it are getting the results they desire.

This is because with an interactive video you can:

  • Create a story
  • Tailor Content
  • Create quizzes
  • sell product

Create a story

Everybody loves a story especially if it’s in a form of engagement video.

This is because it gives the user the option of choice creating an interactive video is a way to present your product or service to your viewer in an engaging way.

Sell product

Links to the product can be included as part of the video which makes it easy to click on the link within the video and takes the user to the sales page to make a purchase.

Tailored Content

We may all love cars but don’t like the same brand. That show customers are.
That may be the same when people visit your website.

With an interactive video, you can meet customers’ needs with ease by creating content videos tailored toward different customers that meet their needs in a glance.

Create quizzes

what perfect way of collecting data? you can use creative videos to do that.

Interactive video vs linear Video

Linear Video has been in play for a long time. The linear video also known as traditional Video is the most common, where you only click play, pause, forward and rewind when watching.

That limited function is the only way You Can interact with the video.

In interactive video, the functions are not limited to linear video function.

With an interactive video, you can now click, hover, quizzes, polls and other digital actions to ensure the user interacts with the video.

This interaction is similar to the way they interact with web articles
interactive video you’ll have

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Clickable areas

Ability to include clickable areas within a video where users can see buttons which them to other web pages directly from the video.

Unlike linear video, this option is not possible.

Clickable areas in linear videos are only included in the description of the video.

Data input fields

form fields can be included which can allow users to enter certain information.

like name, email address or a subscription, etc.


Ability to combine buttons & different paths that you can assess users and get the result at the end of the Video.


This gives the user the control ability to use and to change the content in order to fit the needs of the user.


The user experience users get and the engaging of fun is what turns a potent user into taking action.

Because interactive video has become one of the most widely used Marketing tools by an expert.

According to the report, 20% of marketers that used interactive Video, found 78% as an effective strategy.

With that in mind, many companies are adding this form of marketing.

This is due to the fact that:

a. Most Favorite video
Today, great marketing strategies that will have to include a video that users can affect them in a positive way.

That’s why interactive video popularity is on the rise.

According to reports, brands account for 36% of all interactive videos that are produced.

This is because of the increased engagement rate of users and conversion rates.

Also, the watch time of the interactive video is 44% longer than linear video, building relationships with users and increase sales.

b. Increases engagement

One of the main essences of creating a video is to create engagement.

In a linear Video where engagement is limited, the user can be easily distracted.

With many using mobile device he with the distraction, you cannot afford your viewer to be passive, but rather active.

Active user can get the information The video is passing and increases the concentration.

The interactive video keeps users active by grabbing and keeping users attention because studies have shown that 64 percent of customers are likely to spend more time with a video that they can interact with it.

Interactive video gives the user control
Giving your audience a choice make them relevant and that can make the content impact the viewer.

An interactive video does not just give your eyeball what to watch alone but gives your viewers the ability to take specific actions within the video.

it could be inputting data, taking quizzes, etc. Just take action based on what’s relevant to them…

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e. Interactive video converts
Making pee Viewers take action is possible with interactive video.

As a result of the interaction, it can significantly increase your conversion rate far better than banners, Youtube annotations, linear video ads.

f. interactive video increases user data and navigation

Tracking user behavior is a business desire in other to know we to keep and continue to make them come back.

An interactive video builds that desire to making users in control and in return, you get the behaviors, data, and insight on what they want and how they want it.

Adding questions, polls, and quizzes during the video a ton of data and insight about the viewers.

This gives you insight on audience behavior and preference which can increase your return on investment.

Where interactive video is used the most

The use of interactive video is vast, but Companies and individuals popular use case is in management, learning and development and customer experience.

In management

Interactive video can be used to recruit, onboard new employees, collect feedbacks, in health care, ethics and compliance training.

ii. Learning and development

Companies and individuals use their sales training Leadership Coaching, product sales, and skills training.

iii. Customer experience

Product training, how-tos, education products are some of the Customer experience you can create in your interactive video.


while creating an interactive video in the past requires time, knowledge, effort and expensive, technology is simplifying all that.

With videract, you can create mouthwatering interactive videos. The Good part is to do not need any technical knowledge to use Videract.

It’s all user-friendly, with videract you can:

Create powerful Call to clickable buttons inside action by putting clickable buttons inside any video

Interactive video without technical knowledge
Create quizzes and polls
ability to add multiple choice quizzes and poll increase engagement from users.

  • Create video opt-in forms

increase your email subscribers by using the video option form technology.

  • Stay ahead of Competition
  • Get unlimited traffic.
  • 100% newbie Friendly

Videract does the work of creating interactive video even if you’re a newbie.

Interactive video in a snap

Videract does what video maker doesn’t do.

Are you ready for interactive video?
so that’s what you need to know about interactive video.

What do you think? Are you in? You should be.

According to report 876 of businesses now use video as a marketing tool. This figure is a sharp rise from 63% in 2017 and 81% in 2018…

To keep up, you should be one using interactive video for marketing.

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