How to Turn Motivation into Success

How To Turn Motivation Into Success

We all dream of being successful, yet we slip into a state of complacency and get on with our life. Today, a lot of people know what they want, but don’t know how to go about it.

They are motivated, no doubt, but do not know how, or have the means, to turn this motivation into success. This can be seen in the writing industry and business world.

Well, today I am going to take you through some important lessons that can help you chase your dreams and succeed, all by exploiting your inner energy that we call motivation.

There’s Only One Type of Motivation in Professional Life

According to Fast Company, a working professional can get motivation only from his work, which directly depends on how it is perceived by him/her.

Contrary to the popular belief that motivation is a result of external stimuli (appreciation from your boss, for instance), new research suggests that a person gets motivated by doing meaningful work.

In today’s work culture, most people tend to measure success through the weight of their paychecks and their designations. It will look good to other people, but is it the right way?

Ask yourself the question and compare it with another trend: Take a person who is a professor at a University.

She does not pride over her paycheck and instead is inspired by her students’ academic growth.

The criteria laid out by the society does not bother her, because she is happy with her work, considers it meaningful, and measures success based on the number of student lives nurtures.

Therefore, the easiest and the only way to turn your motivation into success is to look at what motivates you intrinsically.

A higher salary, a corner office job, a reputed designation – all do look good on your resume, but studies suggest that they hardly contribute to your success.

The advantage of turning your internal motivation into success is that it differs from person to person.

A professor will have a different definition of success, and a web developer will a different one.

If that is the point, then you would also want to know ways in which you can motivate yourself. We’ve got you covered:

What is Your One Life Goal?

Some people just prod along at whatever they are doing and hope to find enlightenment during the course. Success for them is materialistic, which may have been valid in the previous century. Today, the cogs of the machine have undergone a makeover.

In order to inch closer to success, you first need to understand what your life goal is. Of course, you will have a number of life goals – short and long – but what is the single biggest aspiration that you want to achieve in life? Narrow it down and then work towards it.

Build a Habit

“You are what you repeatedly do” rings truer today than ever. In your quest to achieve success through internal motivation, you need to make it a part of your daily routine.

In the above example, the professor takes time out of her busy schedule to mentor few students for their theses. She takes the time to teach her students the basics and advanced tactics of writing a well-researched essay. Her goal is to see her students flourish, and she is making that a habit.

Enjoy What You Do

As stated earlier, internal motivation does not focus on materialistic needs like a high salary or a reputable job title. It focuses on making you happy.

They key is to enjoy the work you do on a daily basis and let life takes its own turn. An employee who believes that the work he does for his company is meaningful and contributing to the company’s success – he will feel good about it.

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There are much more ways in which you can train yourself to be motivated, but these three have personally worked for me when I was still an associate back in my post-graduation days.

Today, I am a tech entrepreneur who sits in boardrooms for meetings with top CEOs in the world, and it was possible only because I paid heed to my intrinsic motivation.


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