How to start cockerel farming business

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  1. Richards says:

    Hi, My Friend And I Have Been Working On Our Cockrels For About 12 Days Now Cos We Have Discovered A Way Of Growing Our Cockrels To Table Size Within 75 Days! We Believe They Will Turn Out To Be Tastier, Bigger And Healthier. See You Soon. Richards

  2. Sheri says:

    I find this step by step interesting and educative.I need to try this out.
    Thank you

  3. Joy says:

    Thanks for sharing. Super helpful

  4. ishola afokake opeyemi says:

    please I started a poultry business few weeks ago and the results ain’t encouraging. please I would like you to enlighten me more because I have put a lot in these business

    • nigfree says:

      Thanks for the question. But it’s a general one without specifying the main thing discouraging you. Please be specific.

  5. Djoy says:

    9ce post. Thanks
    I want to start with 10 broilers and 10 layers so as to have the idea. God helping me

    • nigfree says:

      Great to hear you’re starting with 10 especially if this is your first time of doing poultry farming. you’ll learn and when you expand, you’ll have little or no problem.

  6. Kadir says:

    Most appreciated.

  7. NAGNIkO BENGALY says:

    Hi I found your comment very educative and interesting I’d like to ask how much one can sell a cocquerel in Nigeria? so that I can have an idea about this business thanks

  8. nigfree says:

    There are several drugs to use. Please specify which disease before we can give our recommendation. Or better still, consult a veterinarian

  9. Tunde says:

    Your post is very educative but i will like you to talk about medications as i am just going into the business and cockerel is my prefared breed for starting.

  10. Olusegun Olugbenga Ogungbe says:

    What is formulated feed?

  11. Omotee says:

    I mistakely put my cockerel feed where rain poured on it. Can they still be fed with it?
    How many times do I feed them daily? When can I deworm them?

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