How to start chicken dressing business in Nigeria


One may ask about chicken dressing business and how it can make someone a fortune in Nigeria. Chicken dressing business has been seeing boom due to the intake of more chicken, and normally prefer to pay for the dressed chicken.

This boom will continue as more restaurants, hotels, households are demanding for faster ways to dress their chicken. Therefore, the service of a chicken dresser is required.

Most farms are beginning to setup frozen chicken business where the chicken are dressed, packaged and frozen. Not only do these farms have their own frozen chicken business, but have even started distributing their products to a grocery store. This means more demand for the services of a chicken dresser.

The consumption of chicken in Nigeria has increased tremendously largely due to the reduction of red meat intake. Expert says chicken meat is one of the most nutritionally enriched meats.

Why start chicken dressing as a business

There are about three reasons why you should start a chicken dressing business in Nigeria.

a. One of the businesses which requires low startup capital in the country. The good side is once the materials are purchased, you can use them over and over again. This means that you can recover your money and continue to use the materials for years to come.

b. Learning how to dress chicken won’t take your months to do. With careful observation and practice, should not exceed three weeks.

c. There will be more people looking for the services of a chicken dresser due to increasing in the consumption of chicken products and the business of frozen chicken.

Starting a chicken dressing business

Although chicken dressing might seem like a simple business, the following steps should be followed to be successful.

1. Acquire knowledge
Am always amazed at how fast chicken dressers dress a chicken. They’re fast and can dress much chickens within minutes.

Learning how they do it, from the slaughtering, how many minute you need to put the slaughtered chicken in water and the dressing. Within 3-7 days you should be able to do it on your own.

2. Buy the chicken dressing equipment
In chicken dressing, you only need about 4 items and are really very cheap in the market. The items include:

a. Knife-for slaughtering and cutting the chicken into various parts. You should purchase at least four knifes. Keep some as back up.

b. Small half drum-this will be used to put the water on fire for the removing the chicken hair. You can get a semi half drum which you can use for a door to door or farm to farm service.

c. Table-where the chicken will be cut into different parts.

d. Chairs-for your customers and you to sit.

e. A small tent-to give you shade.

With 5-10 thousand naira, you can do all that.

3. Device your mode of operation and prices
There are two ways to the mode of operation here. You can have a chicken dressing shop where people will bring their chicken and be dressed and or you can do a home service operation.

It all depends on you. But I recommend both because you make more money and client when you do both.

For the price, some will charge between 30-50 naira per chicken. Most people who charge 30 naira do go with the intestine, gizzard and liver of the chicken and sold to a restaurant for more profit. While those who don’t go into the intestine, they charge 50 naira.

4. Spread the word
Now begin to market your business. Don’t underestimate any customer but make sure you tell people about your service to places like hotels, restaurant, poultry farm owners, households. Tell them how you operate, your price per chicken and so on.

Did I miss anything? feel free  to add your contributions by making comments

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