How to start an indomie joint in Nigeria

How To Start An Indomie Joint In Nigeria

They called it instant noodles, but it’s popularly known as indomie by many in Nigeria.

Over the years, indomie have become an integral part of our diet at home, school, and even occasions.

This is because, in an instant, you can have a meal which tastes good.

Due to the popularity of indomie, it has resulted in people opening joints called indomie joints which they can provide more variety of meals.

These joints have become more popular today than some years ago and today we’ll be answering the questions on how to start an indomie joint in Nigeria.

How to start an indomie joint in Nigeria

Instant noodle has come to stay and so also is the indomie joint business. In the following steps, I will discuss the step by step guide on how to set up an indomie joint. If you’re ready, let’s dive in.

Step 1: find a location

The first thing to do is to find a location that’s suitable for your customers. Some of your customers will come on foot while others will come with a car.

Find a location that’s accessible to all clients no matter how they come. This way clients will not shy away from you.

Just know that no one will come to your joint if the location is not accessible and has a clear sign that points them to the place.

Step 2: Decorate your business location

You have to stand out from other joints in town. Make your place unique and clean. I have seen other joints which looks just like the local restaurant in town.

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So in other to stand out, include things that will make the joint breathtaking and invite.

One major thing I usually see in the most joint is how the place looks. Most times not clean and looking like another local mama food.

Ensure your joint has a unique color, good seats, tables and portraits that can make the place great.

Make your demarcation which you’ll need the kitchen and the main customer area.

In addition to that, you’ll need to ensure the place is pretty neat. That can encourage first timers to come back because you have a unique business location.

Just be creative and make your things great.

Step 3: develop a unique recipe

Even though instant noodles comes with its recipes, you can come up with additional recipes to give your customers the variety that they need. One may like one recipe while another will need the other.

Coming up with other recipes that are unique to your joint. This way your business recipes will make your business stand out.

Be creative and ensure that your new recipes are really delicious. This is so important because this in addition to your unique location will make you stand out and thus makes you build customers fast.

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Step 4: Buy the necessary equipment

Now it’s time to begin to get the necessary equipment you’ll need to use in your business.

You’ll need the following:

  • Stove
  • Pots
  • Servicing plates
  • Spoons and fork
  • Serving trays
  • Cups and jugs
  • etc

The specification and number of the equipment will depend on the number you think your joint can take.

Step 5: Advertise your business

At this stage, all is set and time you’ll need to begin to let people know about your new business.

The first advertisement will be your business signboard. An attractive one that spells out the message is a good way to begin to attract customers.

Other important methods that work include:

  • word of mouth. You can begin by telling your friends and family. I can say they’ll be the first responders and also help advertise your business.
  • Radio and television advertisement
  • Print out flyers and distribute them. Preferably in places where people will find it easily.

Step 6: Develop unique package in case of takeaway

Come up with a takeaway package. This is pretty good for business. The reason is you may come across customers that are shy to eat in your joint or are in a hurry to an assignment and will want to eat later.

It could also be a customer wants to take away some food to a colleague or friend.

This simply means that having a takeaway opens more doors to business.

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