How to start a waste disposal Business


One business that is very lucrative is the waste disposal Business. With mass movement of people into the Cities and more Buildings spreading out to accommodate more people, the space required to dump waste is almost non-existent. With a good business plan, interest, required capital and strategy, you can begin the waste disposal Business.

Why start the Waste Disposal Business?

  1. Lack of space for refuse disposal is making individual waste management difficult. More space for dumping refuse are been converted to Residential or Office Buildings making it difficult to dump or incinerate the refuse in a place close.
  2. With more Buildings springing up means more residents and an increase waste produced. The increase in the amount of waste produced makes the business lucrative.

Starting the waste disposal Business

  1. Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is an indispensable part of every Business. Start by writing a Business plan for the waste disposal Business. At a minimum, include the service you intend to render, mission statement, required startup capital, strategies, projected profits and future expansion.

  1. Determine your location
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The Business can only thrive in an area where they have little or no space for dumping of refuse. A place with little dumping place and a lot of Residents, will make you more Customers than a Rural area.

  1. Raise the required Capital

This can be done in several ways. If you’re financially buoyant, you can begin with your money, but if you’re not, you can use your Business plan to raise capital from investors or get loan from the Bank.

  1. Buy the required Equipment

You’ll need certain equipment that can make the Business unique and efficient. You can buy the following equipment:

  • Waste collection truck
  • Shovels
  • Hands cloves
  • Face mask and
  • Boots for the workers

  1. Produce customized waste bins and plates

Produce branded waste bins for your Customers. You can choose to create a unique and stylish design to give you an edge in the market and to help market your Business as well.

  1. Determine your prices

What will you charge for the services you are offering the populace? Determine how much you can charge on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. If there is an existing waste disposal Business try and know how they charge on a monthly basis and find a competitive price.

  1. Hire the right People
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The success of this and any Business largely depends on the People you hire. Take sufficient time and the proper process to hire competent People who can run the Business. When hiring, it’s important for the workers to know what the work entails.

  1. Market your Business

Marketing is simply the process of letting people know what services you offer and how they can patronize. Market your Business to the People in the area. You can create a catchy Flyer and distribute to the target area. The Flyer should contain all your services and the benefits of subscribing.

  1. Expand your Business

Greater success comes with expansion. Start making plans to expand your services to other areas, neighborhoods or localities. Buy more equipment and hire more people.


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