How to Start a Haulage Business

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  1. I found it interesting how you said, “The business opportunities are enormous as long as there will be movement of physical goods from one point to another.” I can’t see that need ever going away, which is probably why it’s a good field of work to get involved with. I find it entertaining to think of businesses to start and get involved with. I have never really considered heavy haulage transport but after reading your article it sounds really interesting! Thanks for the info.

  2. Yewande Olusegun says:

    Thanks so much for nigfree, so detailed and Motivational. I have two trucks for gas haulage that has messed up over the years. I want to believe this has opened my eyes to some of the issues I feel has made it crashed previously. I will apply these measures now and I pray it works. Thanks a lot.

  3. This is some great advice to consider when wanting to pursue a career in truck transport. Whether or not you decide to run the transport service yourself or hire drivers, I think it’s important that you are trained properly in medium to heavy transport vehicles. It can also give you more credibility with those who work for you.

  4. I haven’t ever thought about the damages that could be done if a car breaks down on the road. I’ll need to look for more information about this so that I know to be more careful. Maybe finding a shop to get my car repaired could help me stay safer.

  5. It was interesting to read your distinction between a haulage business that involves driving the shipments yourself or just buying a truck and leasing it out to a haulage company for a while. I imagine that this second option would not only give you some money inflow, but would also provide you with experience that would make it easier to secure clients if you wanted to go solo. I would probably be more inclined to hire someone for my haulage needs that had been in the business for a little while.

  6. kelvin says:

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