How to start a blogging business in Nigeria

blogging business

Blogging business has come to stayAnd more people will start their own blog. Some bloggers in Nigeria are making 5 to 6 figure income monthly.

In this article, I will be sharing how to start, run and operate your blogging business in Nigeria. There are many bloggers who started the blogging revolution in Nigeria.

Blogging is actually a platform where people share their views, interest or passion on subjects they like and as a result, build a business around it.

Why blogging business

– The easiest and fastest way to share your passion and expertise, thus building your reputation.

– Setup is pretty simple.

– A Little amount required starting.

Thinking of how to start a blogging business? Here is how you can start, run and operate your blog as a business.


Preparation stage

In starting a blogging business in Nigeria, here are some of the preparation steps you need to take.

1. Target audience

Who are you going to target? This should come first. Is your blog going to target men or women, young or old? Is this person you’re targeting local or global? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

Targeting global audience

If you want to target international audiences, the following should be taken into serious consideration.

a. You must be ready to make the first impression by providing contents they’ll comeback looking for more.

b. You must be ready to provide new unique content and avoid using generic content unless you want to make reference.

c. Must provide content that will be a typo and grammatically error free.

d. Always have something new that will excite your side visitors.

e. Target a niche that has high demand with very low competition.

2. Find a niche

Then go on to find a niche about the subject that interests you and Nigerians.

It’s easy to mention some of the high in demand niche in Nigeria and these include: internet business, make money online, dating, Latest Naija movies, import and export business, celebrity gossip and job search. To better understand, do a keyword research.

How to do keyword research

First before jumping into conclusion on the niche listed above, conduct a keyword research. Compile a list of keywords that interest you.

For instance, job search, job interview tips, resume writing tips etc. then do a keyword research to know what people are looking for. The following site gives you ideas on your niche.

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One of the popular and largest forum in Nigeria. you can begin by looking at the trending section of the forum. Look for a related topic and see how many people have viewed the topic. There are several categories too where you can visit and search various thread.

b. Google trend

Google trend tells you about niches and whether it’s the right time to launch a blog targeting the niche.

c. Using google keyword research tool

This excellent tool tells you the number of search on a keyword both locally and globally.

And this is important because the best form of traffic is been generated through the search engines. Getting the required keyword sends organic traffic from the search engines.

Action stage

1. Start your blog

I am sure you have a niche now. Begin building your blog by buying a domain name and signing up for hosting. The process for installing a blog is pretty simple and you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to install a blog.

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Best hosting services

Best site to build a website

If you have held a mouse and have click to install a software, you can install a blog.

If you want to build a professional blog, you should register a generic domain name than a vanity name. generic domain name tells you what the blog is all about even before navigating to it while a vanity domain name doesn’t tell you about the blog until you log on to the site. an example of a generic name is and a vanity name is


2. Add content to your blog

In blogging content is king. Take your time to provide highly informative articles that excite the reader. Joining online community forum and subscribing to press releases and blogs related to your blog topic are all great ways of generating great content ideas that attract readers and build their loyalty.

Quality content that solves the readers problem is what made people like John Chow, Darren Rowse build loyalty and credibility in their niche.

Content is what position you as an expert in your chosen niche. Take time to write quality content that adds value. It takes me an average of 3-4 hours to write an article.

You may be faster than me but the idea is to generate something that adds value.

Avoid providing generic content. These are content that already have been saturated with information regarding the subject.

For instance topics like “how to drive traffic using blog comment”, is not a new topic. Instead, share with them how you generate traffic using any of the social media.


3. Monetize your blog

Now that your blog is up and running, it’s time you monetize it so that you begin to rip the benefits of your hard work.

There are several ways you can monetize a blog. But I will be sharing with you the five best way to monetize a blog (that is my opinion).

a. Pay per clicks advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a form of advertising where you allow advertisers place adds on your blog and you make money when someone clicks on it. The most popular PPC is that of google AdSense. The ads come in various sizes to choose from.

All you need is to sign up with google Adsense copy some ads code then paste it on your blog. Then the google network supplies the ads.

The money you’ll make will be determined by the amount of traffic you generate and most importantly the click through rate.

b. Advertising

Selling advertising space is far more the lucrative one. You can sell space on your website for people to buy and place ads.

Here you can make 100% of the profit. Here with as minimum as 1000 people visiting your blog, you can start selling advertising space.

With the plugin OIO publisher automates all your selling ads from taking the orders, displaying it and providing the statistics. This plugin is a most for bloggers, the only thing is it’s not free. You’ll need $47 to purchase.

Read more about OIO publisher

c. Affiliate marketing

One of the popular and cheapest way of making money online. Here you promote a merchants product and you’re paid a commission when the customer buys the product via your affiliate link.

There are various affiliate merchants waiting for you. You can do a search on google find merchants that suites you.

d. Subscription

When you intent to sell premium content or want to start an e-course, then using a subscription is the best way to achieve that.

You decide on the amount you want people to subscribe to have access or you can use your subscription to build your list and you use your list to market product or service in the future.

Services like, are all providing the same opportunity.

e. Hire me page

What are you good at? If you can write, design website, programming and so on, you can offer your service. Fix the money per hour and provide samples of your work not only on your blog alone but also on other blogs you have previously worked for.

4. Expose the word

It’s time to spread the work. In blogging traffic generation is a constant phenomenon. Even successful bloggers still generate traffic. Here are the ways bloggers use to generate traffic.

a. Blog comments

Though some thing blog comment makes a little contribution, but it still a vital way of generating traffic. There are blogs we call do follow blogs.’

Their blogs use a blog plugin call comment Luv. These allow you to display the top blog post at the end of the blog. We have a list of do follow blogs. You can read them by clicking here.

b. Forum comment

It’s very important to join forums related to your blog, not only for the content idea along but to drive traffic too. Create a signature link of your blog and join in the conversion. Each time to reply a thread or start a new thread, your link will appear.

c. Social media

Join the social media and build your followers. Link your blog to the social media and each time you publish a post, they’ll see it and follow.

d. Guest blogging

e. Like invite

Succeeding in blogging business

1. Treat your blog as a business. Success might not come in a day. organize what you intent to do on a weekly basis that will move your blog one step ahead.

2. Don’t deviate from your niche. Focus on it and build your blogging business around it.

3. Write search engine optimizes articles. This send targeted traffic to your blog and will eventually be the loyal followers of your blog

4. Keep driving traffic to your blog.

5. Take your blogging business as a business. It may take time to build loyal followers, authority and begin to make money with the site




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