How to build a business system that works

build a business system that works

Do you want to build a business system that works? when you read the article, you’ll lead the basic ways you can do that.

Building a business can be exciting and challenging, but it’s managing the business that takes most of our time, especially when the business is growing. A growing business can be pretty demanding especially when everything (decisions, operations etc) is dependent on you (the entrepreneur).

After going through the most successful businesses in the world, businesses like Microsoft, google, apple, coca cola, Nike, Levis and so on, they’re business that builds systems that work and it will be difficult for these businesses to go down just like that.

Why build a business system?

Every business has a goal to achieve at the onset of operation and that will ultimately determine how the business system will be. Well, there are several reasons why entrepreneurs build business system within their business. This include:

1.Gives you more time

You’ll have more time for yourself because more of your responsibility is off your shoulder and this also afford you the luxury of time to think about new ideas and how to move the business forward.

2. Employ people

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A business system doesn’t work with one person alone. With the business system, you’ll have to hire more hands to run the business and these makes it possible for the entrepreneur to reduce unemployment.

3. Independent of you

The good thing about a business system is, even if you’re not around, the business will still work and grow. That is the business work as a team and when one person is not there, it doesn’t affect the operations.

How to build a business system

In his book E-myth (Entrepreneurs Myth), Micheal Gebber, gave us three most important people that can form a business system and they’re:

–          The entrepreneur

–          The managers

–          The technicians

The entrepreneur creates the idea first and sometimes start executing it. When he starts to record some success in growth, he looks for the managers and technicians. The manager then becomes the head of the technician. And it’s the technician that does bulk of the work. The manager will stand as a supervisor making sure the technician works according to plan.

If building a system is about these three people, then there are certain things the entrepreneur must do to ensure that the aim of the business is achieved to the maximum.

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Work out what the business needs

The business works well when it’s divided into various sections or departments. For instance, a business can be divided into sales department, production department, marketing department and so on.

Define the work for each section

Describe what each segment job/duty is. these will make the manager know exactly the work they’re to do and what to achieve. For instance, in a clothing line business, there could be a department for design only or just cutting the cost of the shirt, it can be sewing the hand etc. they define it so that they mass produce and avoid errors.

They hire the best managers

Those that will manage the technicians are what will make your business goals come into reality. The best managers you hire the better the outcome. You may want to spend some time on these subject so you don’t get it wrong.

Work as a team

A build a business system that works, give room for improvement. Listen to your team and sometimes you will get some ideas or strategies that will move you to the next level.

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