How much do I need to start foodstuff business in Nigeria

Are you thinking about foodstuff supply business or trading foodstuff in Nigeria?

Whichever one you might be thinking…..

It’s accurate to say that you want to start foodstuff business.

Yet you don’t know how much you need to start foodstuff business in Nigeria.

Well, it begins by having a business plan.

Before we get them, let’s discuss what you’ll need to start the foodstuff business.

The sad truth is, it’s going to be a daunting task to tell you exactly what you’ll need to start the business.

The good news is when you read the article in its entirety and surely you’ll get the idea of how much you’ll need.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in.

Choice of foodstuff products

First thing first, you’ll have to settle on a choice of foodstuff product. It’ll be difficult to take all food items at the beginning. But focus on your circle-that’ll suit you best.

This might be based on your location, availability of food product and knowledge of the products.


Think about the income you intend to earn day by day, week by week or yearly. You’ll need to access what your profit will be. This will have to figure out before you can move forward. Without profit, the business might not stand the taste of time.

So back to the question:

How much do I need to start foodstuff business in Nigeria?

It’ll really be difficult, but I will mention some of the things you’ll need before starting the foodstuff business.

Before we go into that, you may want to seek advice from an existing foodstuff business owner. You’ll be able to find information and idea from an experienced business owner.

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However, not many business owners will be willing to tell you all that you want, especially when they know that you’re going into the foodstuff business.

That’s normal. That’s why below we share with you some of the items you’ll need.

  1. Foodstuff business product source

You’ll need to find a place where you can constantly find product and always available when you need a supply of it. Preferably, the location should be closer to your business location to save cost and boost profitability.

  1. Foodstuff business logistics

You’ll need to convey your product from the buyers’ location to the point of sales. If you don’t have a conveying car, you’ll need to partner a logistics company that will pick the product when the need arises.

  1. Foodstuff business shop

You’ll need to rent a shop in a good location, preferably where individuals/households are living. The type of shop you’ll need will depend on the location and cash in your hands and how you want to start.

The shop of N60, 000 to N120, 000 will be a good starting point. You can even expand by moving into a bigger business space.

You can get a land and buy your shop to your taste.

  1. Foodstuff business store shelves

Shelves are important in your foodstuff business. You can use the shelve to arrange your product. It makes the shop look need and nice.

The shelves you’ll make will depend on the type you need. There’re shelves made of wood, aluminum, and metal. Whichever type of material you choose to make your shelves is totally up to you.

Even though wood shelve is the most popular option and the cheapest.

  1. Foodstuff tables and chairs

You’ll need to get tables and chairs for your foodstuff business. Tables to write on it and to place some selling items for customers to see. You’ll need a chair as well to make yourself and customers comfortable.


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You can use metal or wood table and chairs. Just ensure that it suite your business needs.

  1. Shop painting

Now that you have your shop, you’ll need to paint your shop. Since you have rented or own the shop, you own the right to paint the shop to your preferred taste and color.

  1. Aeration and cooling system

Since you’re going into a foodstuff business, you’ll need to ensure that you maintained a certain temperature which will help preserve the foodstuff. The aeration and cooling system will ensure that your business location is always dry with low humidity.

  1. Foodstuff business packaging

This might look not too important. But packaging will be part of your business. The more unique your packaging, the faster your customers will find your business.


You’ll need to partner with a packaging firm to create your unique package. This might not be an immediate need for the business, however, its what makes you stand out from your competitors.


Final thoughts

You can now see that it’s difficult to tell you how much you’ll need to start foodstuff business in Nigeria. But once you know the items, you’ll need to estimate based on your taste and desire of how you want your foodstuff business will be fashioned.

For foodstuff business, the market will always be huge because we have the population, people will have to feed both themselves and animals and the demand is beyond the supply.

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