Guidelines for registering a foundation/NGO in Nigeria

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  1. Akilu Zakari says:

    I have a foundation that is not registered,due to lack of fund and I have been operating wit it,hope it is not a crime,

  2. nigfree says:

    Akilu, it’s better you register it, because when someone register your foundation or NGO name you legally loose it and the person can sue you for using the name. My advice is, it’s better you register the name to avoid any trouble that may arise.

  3. Yemisi says:

    Hello, nice write up..
    Can you post on the neccessary steps to take in establishing a Non Positive Organisation..? The Pros and Comes.. Thanks

  4. Nathan says:

    Please how much will it cost me to register my non governmental organization

    • nigfree says:

      Hi thanks for the question. When you read the guide, you’ll see everything. please read the article again. thanks

  5. Ogbuagu Tobi says:

    thanks for this info, I have one already in operation, I will register it soon

  6. Blessing Vitalis says:

    Thanks for the guideline, I hope to register soon and start immediately

  7. flora says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the great info. I want to start up a foundation NGO in my father’s name and to set up trustees including myself and my husband. But we live outside Nigeria and I am not a Nigerian, but my husband and the other trustees will be from Nigeria.

    Can this be set up by a legal rep and documents sent to me for signing to set things up?

    Kind regards,

  8. Peace says:

    Hello, I will like to set up a charity. I will like to know how many trustees is required?

  9. Rukayya Gital says:

    Thanks for guidelines. I believe that many people with the intention of initiating one; like me will find this helpful

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