Tubebuddy: The tool you need to grow your youtube channel

grow your youtube channel

Do you know that youtube is the third most visited website with almost 5 billion videos watched on it every day and gets over 30 billion visitors per day?

This is staggering numbers and calls for business to start publishing videos. As 6 out of 10 people prefer youtube videos platform than to live television.

even with that traffic, only a handful of YouTubers is benefiting from it.

Some create and publish videos with only a handful views.

How do one change that? Using tubebuddy.

Tubbuddy is a great tool that lets you get the most out of your youtube account.

This tool is user-friendly, have great features and comes with both free and paid plan.

The paid plan prices are very reasonable compared to the features you’ll get.

Here is the catch.

If you’ve been running a youtube channel with little success or is about to start your own channel, then you’ll want to read the post from start to the end as I will show you how this tool will help in managing, optimizing and growing your youtube channel.

You’ll find out the power tool called tubebuddy with the rich feature that lets you get more out of your videos with ease within your youtube channel.

This is because tubebuddy works as a browser extension for both chrome and firefox and lets you use the features withing your youtube interphase.

Because of its generosity, the tubebuddy team free version of the tool has pretty plenty and helpful features.

In other words, you can start using the tool free version and when you’re ready, you can upgrade to the premium version.

Features of tubebuddy

What does the tool have that will help grow your youtube channel? Below are the features you can get on the tool.

Creates another menu

Tubebuddy adds another menu inside your youtube channel which makes accessibility of it inside the youtube channel.

Tag explorer

This finds the best and most popular tags for your videos.

Publish to facebook

This gives yu automatic publish on facebook whenever videos are published in your channel in a facebook native video format.

A/B testing

Get the ability to A/B test your video titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails.

Best time to publish

It automatically finds the best time to publish videos to your specific audience.

GIF Generator

Generate or create a GIF from a specific portion of your videos

Get an alert

Whenever someone mentions you or your brand, you’ll be notified.

Get competitors scorecard

The tool let you keep an eye on your competitors

Description promotion

Ability to promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos.

These are some of the features you can get from tubebuddy. Well you can get some of the features by clicking here.

Getting started with tubebuddy and grow your youtube channel

How do you enjoy all the tubebuddy features and grow your youtube channel? Here are some of the step you can go to install and begin to use tubebuddy.

When you visit the tubebudy official website, you’ll see the following:

Because am using a chrome browser, it’ll give me an option for that. If the browser is firefox, in the place of chrome, you’ll see firefox.

Now click on the extension to install it. These will open in another tab of the browser.

Then click on add to chrome at the top right of your window. After the installation, the extension will appear at the top right of the browser.

Now it’s time to continue.

  1. Create an account on tubebuddy

Getting an account with tubebuddy is pretty simple and straight forward. All you need to do is to click on sign in from the top menu.

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It takes you to a page where you’ll see the following:

Because it’s for youtube, the tubebuddy team lets you sign up with your email account. Preferably, you can use the email you use for your youtube channel.

Then click on sign in with google which you’ll see this.

Click on allow. If everything works, this is the message you’ll get from tubebuddy.

Then visit your youtube official channel to see your tool been added in your channel.

But when you find a link like these:

Popular videos on youtube

Then you need to click on re-link will properly link your account to the tubebuddy tool within seconds. When all things go perfectly fine, you’ll see these when you click on the tubebuddy menu within your youtube channel.

2. Using the tag explorer

The tag explorer works just like a keyword tool. The feature allows you to research and find the best tags for your videos. And thus position your videos for higher ranking which will increase the viewability of the video.

To access your tag, just click on the tubebuddy icon and locate the tag explorer at the right-hand corner of the drop down menu:


Then click on the tag explorer and will take you to a page where you can input the keyword you want to find tags for. Let’s say, we’re going to be searching for SEO, then input it and click explore.

The tool then searches around the youtube to find the best for you.


Tag explorer

The tag explorer does more than what you’re looking for.

First of all, the tag explorer gives you the must use tags and the percentage of use. As you can, we have the top 3 out of the 219 total result for the free version.

Secondly, on the top right, you’ll see the top ranking in search videos.

Thirdly, below the top ranking search, you’ll have the search volume, competition and makes the overall recommendation.

For the tag SEO, the tubebuddy has advised us that the keyword is very competitive and tags it as overall bad.

To get the most out of your tags, you can use a more descriptive search tag. Let’s say the tag am looking for is SEO competitive analysis, here is what you’ll get:

When we used a longer keyword, we have very great tags that are less competitive when you compare to the one above.

The takeaway then is when using the tag, use more descriptive tags because they’re less competitive and increase the video chances of views.

3. Posting video to facebook

Increasing your video views is a great way of making it go viral and tubebuddy makes it easy for you to post your video on facebook.

Why will they include facebook? here are some stats:


  • Facebook accounts for62% of social logins made by consumers to sign into the apps and websites of publishers and brands

With that stats, your video will definitely be shared by ends online.

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The great thing about the feature, is it post the video as a native facebook video and not in youtube format.

Posting on facebook is pretty simple and straight forward. To do that, you have to go to your videos under your video manager. Then click on bulk.

A drop down menu is what you’ll see and then click on bulk publish to facebook.

4. A/B testing

You cannot know the way people will see and engage with your content until you can be able to test it. The tool allows you to test your titles, description, and thumbnails in other to get the maximum view and increase your video popularity.

Now go over to your youtube channel and click on the tubebuddy icon which will now open a page and you’ll see the A/B testing site.

When you click on A/B test, it’ll take you to the official website of the tubebuddy. Just log in to your account and create your A/B test.

5. Best time to publish

One of the features that make tubebuddy unique is the ability to guide you publish your video at a time that will give you all the benefits.

The tubebuddy will give you the exact day, time to publish the video for maximum benefits.

To use the best time to publish features, click on the tubebuddy icon and below the right menu click on the last option.

If it’s the first time of trying to know, you’ll get the following message “Looks like you’ve never calculated the Best Time to Publish for this channel. 
Simply click the button below to run analysis!

When you click on calculate the best time to publish, tubebuddy will do the calculation for you and present the best time to publish your videos.

The best time to publish features shows that for my subscribers, Sunday at 4:00 pm (Western Europe standard time). You can equally change that to either target everyone or non-subscribers.

But for maximum view, it’s important you choose for everyone.

6. Brand alert

Set up Brand Alerts to monitor YouTube and get notified when new videos, playlists or channels are found matching your search phrase.

It makes it easier to know where you’re mentioned and often make comment on such videos. The system tracks which videos you have already responded to and allows us to Star items to come back to later.

7. It comes with free and paid plan

To start using tubebuddy, you’ll have four option you can choose from. The free, pro, star and legend plan.

The free plan has some features you can start with, but it’s limited. The Facebook publishing and bulk processing will require an upgrade for it to work.

Even the tag explorer that is part of the free feature is extremely limited. You only get 3 tags out of over 200. In other words, the free plan can limit you from doing a lot with tubebuddy.

If you’re planning to start a channel or already have an existing channel, the tubebuddy will definitely increase your channel popularity and subscribers.

If you still need to start using tubebuddy, click here to create your account.


Tubebuddy will ensure it takes your channel to the next level. It’s parked features gives you the new way to manage your account to maximize your video success.

The easy way of using tubebuddy is because it’s integration is within your youtube channel and still maintain the interphase of the channel.




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