5 long tail keywords search tools for modern keyword-based strategy

Long tail keywords

Are Long tail keywords better? What tools helps in finding the keywords?

There are basically three form of keywords you can target. The head keyword, 2-3 word phrases and the more descriptive phrases.

Using the head keywords (1 word phrase or short tail keywords), 2-3 word phrases have high competition.

Using the more descriptive phrases have a high probability of conversion and that’s why long tail SEO is what you should consider doing always.

It is a known fact that long tail keywords are great for bloggers, small online business, and professionals because they tend to have much less competition and high demand.

Long tail keywords make it easily to dominate a niche and rank high in the search engines and increase your conversion rate.

This means you have the power to direct the search engines to the direction you want when you target the right keywords.

What is long tail SEO?

Before we go into the keyword search tools, it’s important we understand what is long tail SEO.

Most importantly how long tail seo will increase your ranking and earning.

Long tail SEO is the targeting of specific niche that are more descriptive and reveal intention of the user.

The search keyword normally have 3+ words in length.

Ranking for one word phrase has value but are highly competitive, because companies are spending more to ensure they rank for that word.

But with long tail keywords, you can rank high and because it’s in line with the user intention, you can easily convert the user into a buying customer.

For instance, it’s easier to compete for the long tail phrase “Nike red mens running shoes” to Nike shoes.

Another thing to note is the person who will be searching for Nike red men’s running shoes is looking for it to buy compare to the one searching for nike shoes.

One shows the real intentions, the other it’s not.

When you want to start working on your small business idea or blog online, it’s important to employ the use of long tail keywords research as that will position your business to be among the top of the search engines which sends organic traffic regularly.

Now that you know what keywords can do to your business, it’s time to know the tools that help you find the long tail keywords that make you achieve it.

Tools to finding long tail keywords

Long tail keyword search tool have become popular and you can take advantage of the tool to rank high within the search engines.

Amazon, the number online ecommerce store, use the power of long tail keywords to increase their sales by 57%.

Long tail keywords

No wonder, successful blogs, and websites rely on search engine optimization (SEO) as one of the most common ways to rank high for a niche in the search engine.

There are top tools to find long tail keywords. These tools enable you to get hidden keywords that improve your search engine ranking.

5 top long tail keywords tools to use and increase your organic search traffic.

Using google keyword planner is the most popular keyword research tool. Who doesn’t use the google keyword planner?

But the google keyword tool gives you the keyword there advertisers are targeting.

Using other tools will however, be employ to ensure that you’re targeting the right domain and you can dominate it.

Many (including me) don’t like keyword research especially when the search is boring. But still, have to do it because of the organic traffic it brings and the authority it builds.

In the article am writing to share the software that can be used to easily find long tail keyword. There is both free and premium service. Although some of the premium services offer trial service before you can upgrade.

  1. hitTail

Hittail wants to do one find a thing, to rank well in google and get more organic traffic. It makes finding long tail keywords exciting and easily.

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The software makes the combination of keywords and gives you suggestion on the best one you can rank high in the search engine.

All keywords suggestions are long tail.

All keywords suggestions are long tail. The hitTail tool has analyzed over 1.3 billion keywords and counting which makes it one of the trusted tools for keyword research.

The software is not free, it has a personal plan, pro plan, and business plan. To use hitTail, you can click this link to try it for free.

Now that you have an account, log into your account and begin your search. Then input your search term in the search box.

long tail

Let’s say we’ll be searching for the term red roses. Just input the search term.

Long tail keyword tool

The result will show the long tails you should target.

With hitTail, you’ll have different tools for different SEO. This include:

  • keyword research tool
  • keyword competition analysis tool
  • keyword rank tracking tool
  • keyword search volume estimation tool
  • keywords density analysis tool
  • long tail keyword tool

With HitTail, you can consistently grow your business with consistent organic traffic.

Long tail keyword search tool

With long tail having 70% of the search traffic. With Hittail, long tail keyword research is pretty easy and fast.

Case study

The wpbeginner included the use of HitTail as part of their long tail SEO strategy, in two months, they were able to increase their organic search traffic by 20%.

This may sound not much, but for a site with 250,000+ traffic, this is really much. That’s an increase of about 50000+ traffic.

  1. Semrush

The semrush keyword research tool does a lot of things. From keyword research to keyword ranking, to check backlinks, to know the long tail keywords with the high CPC and know the position of a website.

I have to use the service of semrush to get quality long tail keywords with ease and have seen the results. Semrush has a point version and a trial version. With the trial version, you still can do keyword research.

Get a complete 14 days trial version by clicking the link here.

Log into your semrush account. You can either input a keyword or a competitors keyword to know which keywords they’re targeting.

what is long tail keywords

Let’s still go with our example of red roses.

Long tail keywords

You can also use the semrush tool to know the search keywords sending traffic to their pages.

Using the same search box, you can copy the URL of the domain and know hit search.

It tells you the search volume coming to the page, the paid  search and the total backlink for the page.

Am using the link, http://www.bestphotosworld.com/15-beautiful-red-rose-pictures/

To find the long tail keywords sending the organic traffic to the page.

Long tail SEO

For the page, it has 1.0k organic search, 0 paid traffic and one backlink.

Then you can stroll down to see for yourself the top organic keyword for the page.

semrush SEO

As you can see these are the top 5 keywords sending the organic keyword. It also show you the position of the page within the search engine.

For instance, for the keyword rose pic, the page is rank position 3 and has 720 search volume.

If you need to see more of the referring organic keywords, you can click on view full report.

You can as well see the type of the backlink to the page. You’ll get to know whether it’s a follow or non-follow link.

Long tail keywords

With semrush you can find competitive data to target from.

Case study

Bloggerspassion used SEMrush to increase their search engine traffic by 15% in 30 days.

  1. Wordtracker

Wordtracker happens to be the first keyword research tool to use. Even though I didn’t really understand what keyword was at the time, I still used it to find some amazing keywords.

With wordtracker, you’ll have access to vast keyword database, allows you to utilize misspellings and easy to use.

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Discovering a keyword that works perfectly well and help you outperform the competition in search engine ranking and craft the best SEO strategy.

Wordtracter can reveal over 1000 long tail keywords from a single click of a keyword search.

long tail keywords

You can enter the keyword you wish to search for, decide the time period and select your territory.

The territory makes it really great if you’re to target specific location. This really comes in handy.

Now going by our keyword red roses for our example again, I will input it into the search box and click search.

long tail keyword

This are the result we have from our search, with the volume of the search. Wordtracker will also give you a preview of the SERP pages making the top of the pages.

long tail keyword

You can equally find the interest for the keyword red roses for a period of 12 month.

Long tail keyword search

The Wordtracker Keywords Tool helps you to grow your business and multiply your profits.

  • Get keyword results you can trust
  • Save time
  • Boost your search engine rankings
  • Discover profitable new market niches
  • Attract targeted, profitable traffic to your site
  1. Ubersuggest

The ubersuggest is a handy tool for finding long tail keywords to generate content ideas and one of the best free keyword research tools for finding lots of keywords suggestions. The ubersuggest helps in finding keywords that are not available in other keyword research tools like the google keyword planner.

It combines google suggest, bing and other keyword suggestion tools to you a lot of long tail keywords. Visit Ubersuggest and start generating the your keywords.

Long tail keywords

Enter the keyword in the keyword field and click on suggest.

We’ll continue to use our red rose example.

Long tail SEO

Ubersuggest will then suggest to you the keywords and place then alphabetically.

  1. Keyword tool dominator

Keyword tool dominator has changed the way we do keyword research. They use the google autocomplete service to find long tail keywords from google.

The keyword tool dominator gives the keywords base on the search queries people are using within the google search.

If you want to find long tail keywords, using the keyword tool dominator is the best option for you.

The KTD has three options you can choose from.

The first is the google autocomplete tool. With the tool, you can find long tail keywords directly from google.

The second is the amazon keyword tool. The tool helps to find long tail keywords from amazon.

The third tool is for youtube. With the tool, you can use it to find long tail SEO keywords directly from youthube.

Keyword tool

Whichever one you wish to use, you just click on it to take you to the page and start using the keyword tool.

If we’re to try the google autocomplete tool, just click on the try it free.

Long tail keyword

You can change the google.com to google.co.uk. But am leaving it at the default setting.

Using our red roses, you can type it in the search term or keyword box. Then hit search.

long tail keywords

This makes the tool more interesting as these are the most visited content and product websites today.


 Final thoughts

There is one thing that has been consistent with the tool discussed above. They understand that today’s search engine is about long tail SEO and that’s why they’re focused on giving you the phrases you can target and rank for.

These tools are the top tools you can use to find long tail keywords and dominate the search engines which is still the best place to find organic traffic.

The sites have worked really hard to ensure that the tools makes it easier to find keywords and have an enjoyable user experience.

What other free and paid tools can we use to find long tail keywords, feel free to let me know by adding it as a comment.





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