Want to buy & sell expired domain names-follow these 3 steps

Expired domain names

Why do people join the expired domain names business?

Simply because it’s one of the easiest business to do online.

You may be wondering and ask, how do I start and profit from the business of buying aged domains.

This is what this article will seek to addressed.

But years ago, the business of finding, buying and flipping expired domain names was nonexistent. When domain names expire, they drop or become available for registration.

However, it’s the quickest person that register the dropped domain name that will become the new owner of the domain.

For instance, when a domain registrar charges $5 to register a new domain, the dropped domain will be charged the same for the drop or expired domain.

These were how the likes of Frank Schilling used to build a profitable portfolio.

The story is different today. Due to the way people are buying drop domain, the domain registrars decided to create the auction domain names, where people will bid for expired domains and the highest bidder at the end of the day becomes the owner of the domain.

These created a new income stream to the domain registrars.

SEO analysis

But the big question is, Do people really make money flipping expired domain name?

Let me give you some example. For example, www.wrestling.com was sold for $500,000. Other domain names sold are:

www.confortablygreen.com was sold or 1,000 euros

www.patentfinder.com sold for $1,550

www.skilllife.com sold for $1650

www.luxurytimes.com sold for $3,000

www.forextraders.com sold for $8,000

www.signfactory.com sold for $5,000

www.business.com was sold for $350 and www.fish.com was bought for $8 and sold for $1,000,000.

Ali Zandi, the founder of Zandibot.com, a domain name industry blog offering domain name tips, tricks, insights, news, and domain name brokerage services, Made $58,000 Profit Flipping 8 Domains in Under 60 Days.

I know by now your answer is yes.

There are basically three steps you’ll need to start the business of flipping expired domain names. This include:

  • Finding the domain name
  • Acquiring the domain name
  • Reselling the domain name in an auction

But before we get into that, let’s see the things you need to know before buying an already registered domain name.

6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Expired Domains

As easy the buying expired domains are, there are certain things you need to know. These things will ultimately guide you in finding domain names that can give you the profit you need.

  1. Know the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

Many domain names do expire daily. when using expireddomains.net, moonsy or any other, you can find these expired domains.

But finding the domains is just the first step. To really know the value of the domain, you’ll need to check the domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). A higher DA and PA means the domain may have a higher value when flipping.

DA was introduced by Moz while PA was introduced by the site explorer.

A domain authority of about 25 and above is great.

  1. Check the domain with a google banned checker

No matter how good the domain is, you have to ensure that the domain is not banned by google. Using the google banned checker will help you figure out all that with ease.

There are many tools that can do that for you. But using the search engine genie, you can check the status of a domain within google.

You can Navigate to the site and input the domain.

buy expired domain name

Solve the math and click on submit. the tool will search it and if the domain is Okay you will get the following message.

Expired domain names

  1. Check to know what the domain was use for

Since it’s an expired domain, chances are you may not have known the type of pages and content that have been on the website.

to check to know what the site looks like, go to archive and input the URL of the domain. Then click on go Wayback.

A graph will show up with the years of the domain. when you choose the year, you’ll see the calendar of the year with circles on the day.

Anyone you clicked on will show you how the page looked like.

buy expired domain names

  1. Check whether the website has been AdSense ban

whether you’re buying the domain name to keep or flip, it’s important to know the AdSense status of the domain name.

At least the person that will own the domain name will definitely want to make money.

Checking the AdSense status is really important. Sometimes the domain name will not be ban by google but has AdSense ban.

This makes it really important to check AdSense status of the domain name.

To check if the domain is banned by AdSense or not, you can use the banned check tool to know all that.

expired domain names for sale

For this example, I will be using www.money.com. after typing the domain name, then click on submit. Wait for the page to refresh and scroll down.

find expired domain

As you can see the site is not banned by google AdSense. It also will show you the Google result of the domain name.

For our website money.com, the site has been indexed by Google and not banned by the search engine.

  1. Age of domain

The age of the domain will play a vital part in determining the price of the domain. The more the age, the more the domain authority of the domain name.

You can use the whois.com to know the date the domain name has been registered. Just Navigate to www.whois.com and input the domain name you wish to know the age.

Just at the top right of the website, you’ll see a form that has the WHOIS

Expired domain names

Then in the space, put the URL and click on whois. This will then take you to the details of the domain name.

For instance, if we’re to find the age of the domain www.sandalili.com, let’s go to the whois website and input it.

Expired domain names


When we click on whois, here is what we can get:

domain name auction

As you can see, the creation date for the domain name sandalili.com is 06 may, 2013. Using this method, you can get to know the age of several expired domain names.

  1. The number of backlinks

The number of valuable links is equally important. To know which site linked to such site, you can use SEMrush which will tell you the total number of sites that have linked to the site.

Using SEMrush is easy, you can log into the account (or if you don’t have an account, you can sign up here).

Then log into the account. Then input the domain name.

buy aged domains

If we’re going to use godaddy.com, as our examples, type that in the search box and click search.

expired domain names

This will show you the total number of backlinks to the domain name. It will include both follow and non-follow backlinks. For GoDaddy, there are 15.5m follow links and 1.7m non-follow links.

The reason why these are important is because you can be able to buy and flip expire domain name that you can maximize profit.

Now let’s dive into the steps you can take to start buying aged domain names and flip them for profit.

3 steps you can take to buy and flip expired domain names

Finding expired domain names for sale and flipping them begins with taking some steps that will ensure your success.

The steps below outlined the steps that will ensure you’re successful in the business of flipping expired domain names.

1. Find the domain name

Finding expired domain names begins by visiting a domain name auction websites, to begin the expired domain search.

Some of the domain name auction sites are afernic, sedo, snap (name), flippa, namejet, eBay, GoDaddy auction, domainlore (best for buying expired UK domain names) and so on.

You have to look deep into the domain name auction sites to know their commissions and see if it’s okay for you.

Avoid the use of free expired domains. such domains give you little or no control at all.

When trying to buy a domain, the following should be taken into consideration:

–         The expired domain names should not contain numbers

The domain name with numbers often is difficult to remember, because it adds to the way you can pronounce.

–         Do not buy domain that contains hyphens

–         Domain name should not extend more than 24 characters.

Easy to remember domain names have 24 or less in character. This is because the shorter the character, the easy the name to be remembered.

–         Your domain name should contain only dot-com extension (.com)

Dot.com domain names are the most remembered from all other domain extensions. This explains why the dot.com domain names are among the most highly paid dropped domain names.

With all that in mind, at the end, you’ll be sure that you’ll have a domain name that is simple and easy to remember.

Using GoDaddy auction

Now using GoDaddy auction, you can search for expired domain names.

You may want to ask why should I use GoDaddy auction?

The GoDaddy auction site presents the expired domains list which will include the featured domains and most active ones. This is a great place to start.

In addition,

  • Buying domain names are easy. You get to know the featured domains, the bid, price and time left for the bid.

Godaddy auction

If you feel you cannot join the auction, you can just click the buy now to secure the domain.

When you scroll down the domain auction, below the featured domains, you’ll find the most active domains in the auction.

domain names

If you still do not find the domain you want to buy, you can use the advanced features to search for domains based on your keywords.

other advantages of using GoDaddy auction when selling is,

  • You have listing options for selling domains. You can use their free, basic listing or even add more features to increase the domain visibility.
  • You have 7 days public auction
  • You can do a private auction

These are just a few out of the many features from using domain auction.

Find why the domain was dropped

Once you have found the domain you want to bid for, it’s time to know why the domain name was dropped. This is because when selling the domain, you may get the most out of the domain name.

There are several reasons you can check in a dropped domain.

#1: Legal reasons– If that is the case, it’s not worth buying

#2:  If it’s banned by google- Then google will not rank it even when there is a new owner.

#3: Felt the domain was not of value- It may probably not offer value as well (May is not 100% true, though, you have to check).

When you put all that in play, you should be able to bid for expired domain names that will ensure you make money when flipping it.

2. Acquire the domain name

By now, you should have concluded your expired domain search and have found one or more domain you want to buy.

The step of buying will begin by placing a bid on the domain name auction site. You can use the DNSaleprice.com and Namebio.com to compare domain prices.

Tip on winning a domain name auction

Not all people will win in the domain auction. You have to be smart if you really want to be the new owner of the dropped domain name.

  • Never make the first bid. Wait and see how the bidding will work
  • Don’t bid early. Wait until it’s remaining some seconds to the end of the bid before you can bid. However, for this method to work, your internet connection must be fast. In other words, stay silent, then come in right at the end with a killer bid
  • Bid higher than anyone. For instance, if the highest bid is $500, you can bid for $550. These will certainly keep others out.
  • As soon as someone bids against you, bid again immediately

After winning the bid, you’re expected to make the payment for the domain. Then the seller will contact you on how you can arrange for the domain transfer. Most domain auction sites make these process pretty easy.

Note after the transaction is complete, the domain name registering is done as well. As the owner of the new domain name, you can now use it to build a website, but if you intend to flip it, you then go to the next step.

3. Selling domain at an auction

Selling domains will begin by listing it at a domain name auction site. You can use the same auction site you use in buying the domain name.

We have listed the domain auction sites above. At listing, depending on the domain auction sites, you can have listing fees.

You can use the domain evaluation tools to determine the price of the domain. Premium domains will have a high price tag.

People are interested in buying expired domain names with high traffic.

In addition, when listing your domain, you can include the following to boost the confidence of the person buying it:

  • Age of the domain
  • the domain authority (DA)
  • Traffic to the domain
  • Evidence that the site is not banned by google

Including all these are a good way to pitch the buyer, increase your domain and domain price.

Out of the listing sites for auction, I’ve decided to give an example of the steps you’ll need to follow to list your domain for auction at GoDaddy, here are the steps:

buy aged domains

You can check and see how other domain listing sites place there’s.

It’s worth of note that the auction sites have strict terms of service, you’ll need to follow it else you can ban from using their service.

The successful bidder will now make payment to you. Normally, these will happen in seconds.

The domain transfer then takes place at the end of the transaction. Every domain auction sites have their way of transferring the domain. When you’re stuck, you can still ask the domain registrar.

Final thought

To resell domain names will always require you to follow the steps outlined in this article. A little of digging and trying, you may be making a profit with flipping expired domain names.


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