Dating and business: how to combine

These days dating business has become a real booming industry. Recent figures show that almost 51% of people in the United States is currently single.

That is exactly why many young entrepreneurs struggle hard to open their own dating businesses.

As you can see, you are far from being alone in the whole industry. The dating market has become increasingly crowded.

Thanks to biggest market leader Tinder and some other giants like and Elite Singles – a whole host of dating apps has shot up and the online dating industry is undergoing a drastic shift from the more conventional subscription sites to dating apps.

Considering a busy market what you absolutely need is a clear start-up plan and a realistic revenue model.

What’s more, due to the obviously sensitive and changeable nature of dating, a huge emphasis has to be placed on a professional, secure and transparent final product.

But, if you think you’ve got a prominent idea that can easily take the online dating world by storm, there’re still many smaller details and niceties to set up a successful dating website or app.

Take a look at those five simple steps by Dating Blog to start your love business with online dating right now!

  1. Compose a business plan

We recommend all business owners compose a clear and itemized plan, including a description of your company’s list of offerings, market analysis and appeals for financial backing.

Researching the field of activity and setting the business plan for your dating resource allows you to determine its parameters.

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Decide whether your platform will propose not just traditional dating, but also speed dating, pro search and some other matching options geared towards particular interests or passions, such as sports and so on.

  1. Define your market

Perhaps the main crucial element of any prosperous business is identifying the target audience.

With a number of established leaders in the industry, it is incredibly important that your business will offer a range of unique services to set you apart from competitors.

Creating a site aimed at specific tastes is a great way of establishing a client audience and finding a gap to fill in the market.

For example, a popular dating service BlackPeopleMeet matches its members on the basis of ethnicity while Uniform Singles is tailored specifically for those people serving in the military branches.

Think about the characteristics or tastes you should stick to. Apparently, it’s essential for you to carry out a market research, so that you make totally sure your concept hasn’t already been fulfilled.

  1. Create an attractive environment

Depending on the dating preferences of your service’s users, it is of a huge importance to remember the users are all human beings all with their special feelings and desires.

First of all, you’ll need to hire a skillful web designer and a graphic design as well to create marketing pieces for your online dating business.

You will need a logo, templates for your website, brochures and a blog – all appropriate to your specialization.

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Our recommendation: go for a light-hearted and minimalistic design rather than something eye-popping.

Create an attractive, user-friendly environment that will make online dating a fun experience. Allow people to express themselves in full measure. The site’s design is essential for attracting potential members, so it’s important to make your future clients want to encourage their friends to join.

In fact, the construction of any website or app will probably require support from an experienced web builder and you may also need to obtain such core functions as an e-commerce, instant messaging and finally – spam detection.

An amateur looking service will not be able to attract many people and might also instill a sense of distrust among potential users.

  1. Find a convenient location

If your business requires some sort of a headquarters, select an attractive location to provide people a comfortable access to it.

Choose tasteful, conservative furnishings, hire positive and friendly staff to set new members at ease.

Customers always appreciate quiet and comfortable areas to discuss their dating preferences, so think over some cozy lounge areas and relaxing music.

  1. Promote your dating services through online and offline advertising

Attend special events to promote your newly opened dating business, whether those will be official meetings or relaxed conversations at coffee shops.

Pitch dating stories that will involve tips and pieces of advice to local print publications and blogs to start positioning yourself as a pro in the sphere of online dating.



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