Don’t be left out: The 7 steps process to create a physical product

physical product

What do Microsoft, apple, coca cola, staples have in common?

They’re successful business and all sell physical products that have change the way we live.

You may be wondering how do one create a physical product?

This is what this article will seek to show you.

During the industrial age, to make your own physical product, you’ll be required to buy the equipment, install them, provide electricity, security, get the raw materials, get personal in other to operate the machines and produce the product.

All the steps in the industrial age will require huge investment and capital to create. It was left for few people who really have the money to setup and run the factories that do the manufacturing.

Today as a result of technological advances, the story is different. You can create your own physical product via outsourcing and build a network of customers to sell the product.

The method is simple, instead of going through the uphill task of setting your own factory, you can create your own product by finding suppliers and manufacturers to create a custom product based on your specification.

You tell them how the product will look and they create it for you. The good thing about product creation is the process is fully automated. Which means you can do it online.

According to reports, companies that sell physical product makes more money than companies that don’t

With the increase in the number of e-commerce websites, the demand for more sellers is on the increase.

Because an e-commerce website cannot meet the demand of customers alone and that is why sellers are equally required to sell too.

Here are the comprehensive steps you can create and sell your own physical product.

  1. Product creation idea

In coming up with the product creation idea, you may not need to reinvent the wheel. You may copy and present someone product in a different way.

the process of product creation idea can begin from your neighborhood or from your crib. It could be a product you use and you think you can improve on it

Another way by reading the reviews from other people. Here you check for the product you’re interested in and read the negative review. It’s in the negative review you’ll come up with a better product idea.

For instance, if I want to create a cupcake as our product, I will go to the biggest marketplace, which is

I will search for cupcakes. The best seller in the cupcake and those with the highest review are the ones I will and read the negative review. The negative review will be what I will include in the new cupcakes I intend to create.

Finally, you can create a product that is not in the market at all. You’ll have to brainstorm to achieve that.

If you’re still stock, you may want to check the several categories of product you may choose and develop your product idea. It’s important to choose a category and narrow from it. One vital site to do that is

For instance, you can focus on the kitchen category and specialize on creating grill mat or cupcakes. The idea here is to be specific.

In choosing a product do not choose a brand product. This sort of product category is highly competitive and will make you difficult to swim among sharks. The brand products are of companies who have built their trust and influence over time.

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An example of brand products is cell phones, tablet PC, and laptops. The product is created by top brands like apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, making it difficult to compete at that level.

  1. Find a supplier/manufacturer

At this stage, you exactly know what product you intend to create. You have to move to the next stage to find suppliers/ manufacturers.

These suppliers and manufacturers help in putting all your ideas into reality. All you have to do is to contact them and tell them what you need.

There are three ways to find a supplier/manufacturer.

Use google

Often the first point of call. Do a search of suppliers based on your need. In your search, you can input the following in the search engine:



If you want to know the supplier in your area, you type:



Replacing the keyword with the product name.

Using google, you’ll need to be thorough in other to get genuine suppliers/manufacturer.


One of the popular place to find suppliers/manufacturers. I usually call the search engine of suppliers/manufacturers. is categorized into a various category and there is absolutely nothing that you need that won’t be done.

You can begin using by signing up and using their search box to search for the suppliers/manufacturers of items.

in Alibaba, any item you type, the list of the suppliers pops up.

But like google, not all the suppliers/manufacturers are genuine. You’ll need to do some filtering to get the suppliers you want.




For instance, if I do a search about Grill mat a list of suppliers/manufacturers will appear. To know who a good supplier is, I will have to tick (cycle with red), on trade assurance, gold supplier, and assessed supplier. This help to filter and leaves me with the best.

If you’re still not satisfied, you can visit the suppliers website one at a time.


With, you’re covered. Salehoo, have done all the work for you. They’ve brought in suppliers/manufacturers that are genuine and help create your product (s) at a cheap price.

With Salehoo, you can have access to over 800, 000 trusted  wholesale suppliers and over 1.6 million products at a genuine wholesale price.

Salehoo is not free. You’ll need to pay $67, which is okay compared to the benefits you’ll get.

With Salehoo, in addition to the world class suppliers/manufacturers, you’ll have access to the market research lab and seller training center.

Visit Salehoo to sign up which is free and begin to get the benefit even before paying for it.

To get the best bargain, you should contact at least 5 suppliers. You screen from there.

  1. Contacting supplier

You know your supplier, it’s time to contact them. This is really an important step for you. You’ll need to really make sure you send the message as clear as possible.

Below is a sample of a message to send to your supplier/manufacturer.


My name is (put your name), and I am looking to source a Product and found you on (the website). Specifically, here is the product

listing I found (include the link to the product)

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I’m interested in placing an order for this product

after I review a product sample. I am happy to pay for the sample cost and shipping cost. Please let me know if you are able to take payment through PayPal for the sample prior to shipping or if you require a different method of payment. Also, can you please tell me the price per unit of the product based on quantity ordered?

Finally, do you do amazon FBA?

Thank you, and I look forward to doing business together.

Sincerely, (your name)


Then wait for a reply. If there is an area where you don’t understand,  you can ask.

  1. Create your custom designs

Since the product is yours, you’ll need to create a custom name, logo, and design intended for the product package.

You can use photoshop or CorelDraw to achieve that. But if you cannot do that, you can use the website to outsource for the design. With just $5, you can get it done.

The supplier tells you the best format the design should be.

  1. Order for samples

Before mass producing the product, you can order for samples to see whether the supplier really produces the product according to the specification.

Have a fill on how your product will be accepted in the market, you can give family and friend to use and review it. To get the best result, don’t tell them it’s your product. This way, they’ll be very honest with you.

  1. Order for the mass production of the product

Once satisfied, you can give the supplier a go ahead and begin the production of the product. Most suppliers/manufacturers will require you to pay 70% of the money and the remaining 30% on completion of the work.

After the production, the manufacturer is expected to ship the product. That will ultimately be dependent on the way you intend to sell the product.

  1. Selling your product

There are two very important steps to sell your product. Whichever step you choose, goes a long way. The two ways are selling via a network or e-commerce website.

Selling via a network

When selling via a network, you’re creating wholesalers, retailers up to the final consumer. With this method, you get your product in the hands of people who are willing to market it on your behalf.

If you’re selling via a network, you ship the product that is mass produced to your location.

Selling via Fulfillment by amazon (Amazon FBA)

This is trying to put your product in the largest marketplace in the world. When you intend to do Amazon FBA, the supplier must be able to do it.

Because amazon FBA, the supplier ships the product to amazon fulfillment center (Warehouse) to store your product.

If you’re going to create a product using amazon FBA is one way to sell to the wider world.

You’ll need to setup your store, upload the product images, the price and description of the product.

When using amazon, images and title are really important.

Learn more about amazon FBA

Creating a physical product is possible because there are suppliers/manufacturers willing to create one for you. What product idea do you have, why don’t you follow the steps above and create one?

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