Cost of rearing 100. broilers in Nigeria

  1. Cost of rearing 100. broilers in Nigeria

1. Day old

Before you start you’ll need a 100 broilers bird. The price will depend on the time and season you’re buying. normally, two months to mas religious Celebrations like Sallah, Christmas & Easter, the price of day old goes up Significantly.

2. Broiler feeders and Drinkers

for 100 broiler bird, you’ll need 6 feeders and four drinkers for bird to grow feed and grow properly and equally.

3. Poultry Feed

Normal time for growth from day old to table size is 8-10 Weeks and within this weeks on you. Can need 18-20 (25kg) bags of feed. This feed prices varies depending on the type you’re using. There are several good quality poultry feed out their that are suitable for you.

4. poultry Vaccination

There are two several drugs for broilers but, there are two major broiler Vaccination you can do. They’re Gumboro and Lasota. This form of vaccine Comes in vails. For 100 broilers, you’ll need 100 vials. That’s you need 3-4 Vails (each 100 dose) depending on how you want to vaccinate your bird.

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5. Poultry nutrients and drugs

Challenges might arise during the growth process, this will require other drugs or nutrient boost. This will definitely dependent on your veterinary doctor recommendation.

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