7 Content Marketing Influencers That Shows You How To Increase Conversion

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Content marketing has become an integral part of any business that wants to succeed regardless of the business size.

Today more than ever, there are many experts who are willing to share their successful strategies and tactics you may want to follow, copy or steal.

These experts are just too generous.

The only trouble is, how to spot the good ones.

That’s the annoying part of the whole thing. The time to take to screen and filter the good ones that always add value.

Everyone wants a shortcut and not many can afford to devote 5 hours a day reading blog posts, going through social media to find these influencers.

The shortcut always is the solution to all that.

The truth then is:

Most of the online marketing influencers are not the type you want to follow so people then not to give their attention there.

If you think in that way, it’s not your fault because

  • The majority of B2B marketers do content marketing. This gives up to 88% according to content marketing research.
  • Of the 76% of the B2C who employ content marketing, only 37% thinks it’s effective.

so what is the catch?

Many people do content marketing, but only a few achieve the desired result.

It’s those few content marketing that has had an effective campaign, that you should follow to see what they do best and learn from it.

But that’s not easy, that’s why I have decided to give the top 7 new marketing influencers to follow.

They’re not just influencers, they have earned it.

7 Content Marketing Influencers That Shows You How To Increase Conversion

With new social media channels budding on a daily basis, keeping up with the pace to track all the updates across the social media platform is certainly impossible.

These social media influencers to follow which help to track and offer the social media strategist to help you take advantage of the changes.

These influencers are not another hype. They have contributed to the growth of the social media and have a large number of followers.

Want to become a social media influencer? Here are the top 7 list of the expert to follow to learn and get strategies you can implement.

1. Mathew Sweezey @msweezey

Mathew is one of the top minds in future marketing letting his voice a principal marketing insight for Salesforce.com.

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His expertise has earned him frequent speaking engagements at conferences, seminars on things related to conversion marketing.

Also, he has been featured in many huge publications like PCWorld and CNO.com among others.

Mathew is an author with marketing automation for dummies a book for that Multiply the effectiveness of your campaigns with marketing automation.


2. Sean Bestor @sbestor15

Sean Bestor is a copywriting expert at www.betterorbestor.com who take you to see things in a diverse way, bringing the best that words can do. Sean is also a blogger, growth marketing expert + MN sports lover/loather.

According to sean, “in the digital age, good copywriters can get superior results in every medium, channel and I get those results”.

Follow Sean and you’ll never be disappointed, he constantly writes long detailed articles on how to improve your website conversions.

Even though long, the articles are not boring, the step by step method always helps make you stick until you read the article to the end.

You can learn and continue to learn how to increase social media engagement or marketing segmentation.


3. André Morys @morys


André’s is the founder and CEO of the web art AG www.web-arts.com the leading agency for conversion optimization. His unique way of writing have been widely published by professionals and popular media.

As a conversion expert, who authored conversion optimierung (means optimization) has earned him speaking engagement sharing his expertise as a conversion strategist.


4. Johnathan Dane @johnathandane

Johnathan Dane

Johnathan Dane is the CEO and founder of www.klientboost.com which offers PPC management service along with landing page design to help clients to generate new leads.

Johnathan Dane, killed it when he presented the 5 best-kept PPC secrets I discovered through millions of ad spend at the call to action conference.

he has a way of making turning complex Adwords and presenting it in a way you see nothing but simplicity and ease of doing it.

His work has been one of a win-win no matter how you see AdWords, he changes all that. Here are some articles that help:

doing Adwords wrong make it right

competitors making money

in his blog, he presents tips that are too simple and devastatingly effective to ignore.

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5. Kaleigh Moore @kaleighf

Looking for how psychology influence conversions, then look no more, as Kaleigh Moore will take you by the hand and show you how to do it like a child play.

Kaleigh has a way of writing on how psychology affects conversion. Her work has been noticed and featured in authority blogs like some and copy hacker.

Get some fill about psychological copy triggers and empathy in marketing.

Even sites like Inc and entrepreneur featured some of her works.


6. Aaron Orendorff @iconicontent

Aaron Orendorff 0

Aaron is a genius he knows how to write content that drives traffic and get lots of social shares. To verify my claim, take a look at some of his work with the business insider, copyblogger, and entrepreneur.

Believe me, when he says he’s all out to save the world from bad content and that’s exactly what he has been doing at iconicontent.com


7. Jon Cooper @PointBlankSEO


Jon Cooper is the founder of www.pointblankseo.com, is the master when it comes to link building. He offers ways and strategy to build links and marketing promotion.

Jon has over five years’ experience in helping businesses build quality backlinks in a unique and easy way.

His content is always in a way that shows the practical steps on how to get high-quality links to improve your SEO.

When you follow these guy, you’ll be able to know

What Link Building Tactic Is Going To Get Flamed Out Next?

Get concept to Deeper Prospecting with Backlink Analysis

Final thought

Today’s digital marketers keep evolving on a daily basis and marketers are always willing to share their secrets that made them be successful and share new ways that increase conversion.

But one need to go beyond blatant talk and focus on those who have proven track record. This is ultimately what will separate fact from fiction.

The easiest way to achieve that is by finding and following the right marketers that help you avoid the missteps. The ones that always have new things or ways to offer. Suggesting better ways to solve better problems.

These seven personalities are just the starting point, yet they will broaden your perspective, give you new insights always in content marketing.



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