How to Become a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Commercial real estate agent

Do you want to become a real estate broker? What does it take to become a real estate agent or broker? What are the requirements you’ll need to meet in other to become a commercial real estate agent or broker?

In this article, I will show you the step by step guide to becoming a real estate agent or broker and some of the steps that will make you unique.

It’s every body’s dream to own a house. but not everyone has the time to find one in the location that they want. With that in mind, a commercial real estate agent steps in to help.

The real estate agent can advise you on the type of apartment best suited for you.

No wonder, in the united states 82% of all properties are sold through real estate agents and brokers. It means there are a lot of opportunities waiting for the next real estate agent to cash in, making the real estate sector one of the most profitable one.

According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) (link is external) estimates that there are about 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States. According to the 2012 Economic Census (link is external), there are 86,004 real estate brokerage firms operating in the United States.

Making the United states one of the largest real estate real estate business hub in the world.

Despite the economic conditions, there is still the market in both the residential and commercial real estate sector. This is due to the fact that people will continue to buy houses because they need a roof over their heads.

Not using a professional real estate agent to save money in your real estate deal may cost you later. Irrespective of whether you’re buying or selling.

Why are commercial real estate agents important?

Buying or selling a home is a major financial (and emotional) undertaking. Find out why you shouldn’t discard the notion of hiring an agent just yet.

Better connections

Whether you’re buying or selling, the commercial real estate agent makes the connections that are beneficial to both the buyer and seller in the marketplace.

Because of their connections, they can be able to help, by providing solutions to the problem that may arise.

Have knowledge of the market

The knowledge of the market cut across both the buying and the selling process. The estate agent can provide information to the buyer, be able to know the price of the property at present and future, the history of the house, neighbor, closeness to social amenities and whether it’s going be a solid investment.

When selling, the real estate agent uses the market to attract the right people who will buy at a higher price.

These are some of the information a buyer or seller might not know.

Negotiation skills

The real estate agent serves as the middleman between the buyer and the seller. The seller wants a higher price for the property, while the buyer will need to want it at a reasonable price.

The agent uses their negotiation skills to reach a deal that will make it possible for both parties getting the required benefits.

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They can do the paperwork

Buying and selling a house involves a lot of paperwork and be complicated to either the buyer or seller. The real estate agent can use their expertise to make sure they make the process as smooth as possible.

Things to Know about Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Before going into the steps involve in becoming a real estate agent, there is still need to clarify some misconception that has prevented a lot from joining the business.

  • You can become a real estate agent whether you work in a real estate firm or not. Although working in one of the firms can be a good way to get new skills and experience.
  • The mode of operation as a commercial real estate agent is the same anywhere. The only difference will be in the charges, regulations and requirements of each state and country.

Now that we know the important of a real estate agent, it’s time to dive into the procedures of becoming one.

How to Become a Successful Commercial Real Estate Agent or Broker

The real estate business is not slowing down and below are the steps you’ll need to setup and become a success commercial real estate agent or broker.

  • It begins by Making up your mind to become a real estate agent

The fact that the real estate industry is lucrative is not enough to join until you have to make the decision to do so. This will give you the right attitude and reasons to build your business in the real estate sector.

It means no matter what happens, you’ll stick to the development of the business until it begins bringing in profit.

Having great negotiation skills and ability to persuade people in buying properties are all part of what will make you successful in the business. However, you’ll need to know the nitty-gritty of the industry as well.

  • Go and acquire knowledge by attending course or training

Meeting client need is one of the main duties of a real estate agent. The client will want have their dream home at an affordable price and sellers want to sell their property at the price that is worth it.

Satisfying client needs requires the skills and mastery that can come by investing your time and resources to learn.

Adequate knowledge and training will make you equip beyond what you think and a great way to start.

Buying books, reading expert guides will all go a long way in equipping you with the skills that will ensure each negotiation and deal is a successful one.

Never stop at that, continue to build yourself as you grow. This makes your business to always be relevant and effective.

  • Obtain a license as a real estate agent

Becoming a professional real estate agent will require obtaining the license. The license gives you the authority to do business at a level that you’ll have a say.

Obtaining the real estate license, you’ll have to go through a series of exams. The mode of exams varies country by country.

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But it’s important to get yourself ready before the examination date. You can search and attend courses or classes that will be organized by various approve institutions.

These institutions will be a great guide to passing the examination that will qualify you for the licensing.

After passing the examination, the license will be issued to you. The license will always be valid for some years. Which mean for you to continue in the real estate business, you’ll need to renew your license at the due date.

With the way things are changing at a faster, you’ll need to keep updating yourself else you’ll risk going out of business. Continues learning will always give you an edge over your competitors.

Because the more you learn, the freshest ideas will be injected into the business.

  • Gain experience under an established real estate firm

Now that you have met all the requirements and the skills, one thing that is lacking is the experience.

That may sound like nothing or is not important, right? But there are certain conditions or instances that only a commercial real estate agent with experience can handle.

So deciding to join a professional real estate firm and work for sometimes will give you all the experience that you’ll need.

But not all brokerage firm are worth your time. Do find one with the abundance of listings and chances are you’ll be paid in the process.

You should be able to know how they operate, the way they charge clients and see what you can add to fill in the loopholes especially when setting up your own firm.

If you don’t have one of such real estate firm close, you can move the one closest to you and get the practical knowledge.

Another thing to note here is, experience always gives confidence to people to do business with you, because they’ll say you’re there so you know what you can do.

  • Set up your own firm

After acquiring the necessary skills, it’s time to setup your own business. You can register your business name and setup your charges. You can use the lapses of other commercial real estate agent, improve it and make your business better.

  • Find a location

Having a location is great. But not just any location is good for business. The location you must find and use should be easily accessible to cars, motorcycle, bicycles and even those with none.

  • Advertise your business

Now it’s time to begin to acquire clients by advertising your business. Using the various form of advertisement can be employed. From using print media to digital media can be effective.

However, if need be, the services of an expert can be employed for that purpose.


As the real estate industry continue to evolve, more opportunities will continue to be created due to the increase in population and the need for buying or selling of apartment.

Positioning yourself as a real estate agent puts you in the right position to tap into the opportunities.


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