Businesses you can start with 10, 000 naira in Nigeria

businesses you can start with 10, 000 naira

Are there businesses you can start with then thousand naira in Nigeria? What business can I do in Nigeria with ten thousand naira? There have been more answers to the question than answers. But if you read to the end of the article, you’ll have all the answers.

Well starting a business in Nigeria has never been easy considering what you’ll go through to raising capital or finding investors to finance your business idea.

Truthfully without funding, your business idea will not see the light of the day. This is what about 70% of entrepreneurs face.

Wait a minute, do you know with 10, 000 you can start a profitable business?

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Well,ten thousand naira might sound like small money and can do little or nothing to make it possible to start a business.

Are you looking for businesses you can start with 10, 000 naira or you have 10, 000 naira and asking yourself what business can I start with it? Then you’re in the right place.

Below are some of the profitable small businesses which you can start in Nigeria with 10000 and still make a profit from it. What makes these businesses great is, you can even run it even when you have a day’s job.

If you’re ready, here we go.

Top businesses you can start with 10, 000 naira in Nigeria

1 car wash

If you’re looking for a business you can start with 10000 naira in Nigeria, car wash business is one business you can do.

With the increase in the number of car users on a daily basis, this has increased the popularity of the car wash business. This is large because most of the car owners have little or no time to wash their car by themselves.

This type of business will never go out of fashion as long as people continue to use cars.

You can operate a home, location or mobile car wash. Whichever one, you can make it profitable when you continue to give your customer the best.

No skill is required to start the business. You can learn more about car wash business by clicking the link here.

2 laundry services

Laundry services business is one of the relatively easy business to start. The business offers services to where clothes are washed and dried.

Because everyone needs clean clothes by washing it always, those starting a laundry business will experience the demand for their services.

One advantage of the business is, you can start the business even if you don’t have experience in the laundry.

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The laundry business can be started as a home based business and you’ll require washing basin, drying ropes, working iron and a good ironing stand.

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3 chicken dressing

Whether it’s the restaurant, hotel or even households, they always pay for their chicken to be dressed. These chicken dressers can do the job in less than 5 minutes. To start the business, you’ll need to learn the process of chicken dressing.

Then get the necessary working equipment like the kitchen knife, water boiling pot, and a working table. Chicken dressing can take place either in your business or client location.

Chicken dressing business is probably one of the profitable businesses in Nigeria and requires less than 10, 000 to start.

4 sales of recharge card

Selling recharge card has always been an all year round business. People recharge their phones to call friends and family, make an enquiry, marketing, buy data for surfing the internet etc. these activities are done almost on a daily basis.

In Nigeria, the average phone user has two active sim cards, which means they recharge at least two phone lines.

To start the business, you’ll have to know the type of recharge most people in your location can afford before buying the recharge card.

The example in a quarter where many can afford to buy 100 naira recharge cards and you sell mostly 500 and above recharge card, you’ll experience little patronage and it means you’ll definitely out of business in no time.

5 shoe making or shoe selling

A friend who is in this business has seen surge because he was able to find a way to create quality half shoes and sell them very cheap.

Shoe making is another business that will continue to boom in Nigeria. You can start the business in two ways.

Firstly, you can get the skills and begin making the shoes to sell. These will require you to know the raw materials, several shoe sizes and ability to create unique designs.

Secondly, you can go into the business by buying already made shoes and then sell it. You can collaborate with the business creating the shoes and sell it at a moderate price that will encourage customers to come again.

6 bead making

Bead necklace are becoming more of a universal costume in the country. This is evident when you go to any occasion whether it’s from the north, south, east or west, you see many women using the bead necklace.

The point is, there is a market for entrepreneurs who want to join the business of bead making. With a shoestring budget, you can get the bead making material and acquire the required skills of bead making.

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To stand out, you should be able to come up with unique designs that will make your beads really unique-many are tired of using the common one around.

7 internet business

Another example of the high demand market and will continue to be so in the future. Internet business might a general term and can include several other businesses.

As people want to start their businesses online, they’ll definitely need a website/blog, want to target a niche, register a domain name and host a website/blog, know about search engine optimization, article outsourcing, traffic generation etc.

If you know any of the services, you can start the business by doing it for people who don’t know how and charge them.

It could be you, where you want to start your own blogging business, and then you can find a niche you can target, begin to churn out content and in time you’ll begin to profit from it.

8 cake and cupcake business

Making and selling unique cake and cupcakes for occasions, party, wedding celebration is one great business idea with a great profit margin.

The business can be started on a shoestring budget to get the tools and raw materials. The process of mixing and baking can take place in a kitchen. When they’re ready, you can go on to contact the restaurant, hotel, wedding planners, event planners, kid party planners, catering companies, bridal shop to let them know about your cake and cupcake you bake and sell.

One vital way to market your business is to send free of the cake and cupcakes to people who will taste the cupcakes and when they like it, send business back your way.

9 backyard nursery

Growing and selling trees from your backyard is a great way to build another stream of income from home every year. The business does not require many yards to grow and sell the trees.

Planting of the tree can be in a pot, leather or in burlap in the ground. When until they grow in a season or two depending on the plant in question.

Here in Nigeria, some popular three are the mango, orange, pawpaw, dates palm, moringa, and vegetables like spinach, bitter leaf, water leaf, ugwu leaf etc.

You’ll need access to water for it to grow at the rate that you want.

10 makeup artist

This business one business with a high-profit margin, though it’s a business that requires great skill in order to know the right tool and application of the makeup.

The good news is, you can always learn and perfect it.

The business is a sensitive one. No one can give you her face for makeup if you’re new in the business.

In other to market yourself, you should be able to do free makeup and do a before and after shot and start posting it on social media, contact wedding planner, celebrity about your business and what you can do.

11 furniture repairs and finishing

We all use furniture in our homes and business place. Most of the furniture can develop one or two conditions that will require the repairs.

These repairs could be changing the furniture cover, the Dunlop or finishing.

The business will require you to have the skills of carpentry and the working tools that will make you be mobile.

12 decorating services

Decorating services have come to stay. It’s one of the industries that virtually all type of occasion like wedding, religious programs, corporate event, road shows all decorate the event venue in colors that represents the program of the day.

You can start the decorating service by learning the skills of decorating and always strive to give the best. Then begin to target small event for decoration and build from it.

13 commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning is now big business. Offices prefer to outsource for people that will clean their windows, doors, their carpet. Commercial cleaning is also required after the completion of a new building.

To start the business, by liaising with builders, businesses which will give you a better opportunity for you to get business.

The good thing about this business is, it does not require any skills to start.

14 rubbish removal

In many cities, the place for rubbish disposal is non-existent. Most often you’ll have to go a long distance to dispose of the rubbish. This is an opportunity to start the rubbish removal business.

Begin by finding a location where rubbish removal is a serious problem, then start going to a door to door to tell people of your service and what you can charge.

You can buy cartoons from grocery stores to give your clients and set the days you’ll go to pick the refuse.

When done correctly the business can bring in the profit that you can use to expand the business with time.

15 sales of used books

Have you wondered why people get into the business of used books? Well simply because the profit margin is great.

People still buy novels, children books, motivational books, educational books, academic books, art books etc. and are among the most patronize books.

To get the used book, you have to find importers warehouse, where you can find used book and select the ones that will make people patronize and buy base on the book categories listed above.

To sell your used books, you can find a public place where people will see the books regularly and eventually attract them to buy the books.

16 office supplies

Many offices need supplies like a pen, writing pad watches, cups, shirts, perfumes, ties etc. the problem is most office will find it difficult to go to the market, do the market research and buy the supplies especially during work hours.

As an entrepreneur, this is an opportunity that needs to be filled. You can help the office do the shopping without distracting any of the working staff, then charge them moderately.

Because most of the items are what the office use always, they’ll have an idea of the price. So when you buy something at 500 and sell for 4000, they’ll know. Just come with a price that will be reasonable to your clients.

17 Bulk SMS

Many religious groups, businesses, wedding invitations are sent using bulk SMS. This is because it’s cheap and fastest way to send the message notification to easily to a large group of people with a single click.

To start this business, you can find any of the bulk SMS websites and sign up. Then using their payment details, you can buy SMS from the sign and find clients which you can use to send their message on their behalf.

One other advantage of doing the business is, you’ll be building your own phone database which you can use to send marketing advert to them.

Final thought

These are businesses you can start with 10,000 naira in Nigeria. Whether you have the huge capital or not, know that it’s possible to start the business with as little as 10, 000 in Nigeria.

Whichever one you choose to do, giving your best is what will guarantee success.

Your turn

Which of the business can you start in the businesses listed above? Feel free to make your contribution by making your comment below.

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  1. tumba elijah says:

    baking of cake

  2. Alexander says:

    Please I don’t really know what to do, am a 200L full time student and I need cash but I don’t know what business to do that will give me time for my studies. Please any suggestion will be welcomed. Am in Portharcourt

  3. Omolola says:

    Shoe making/shoe selling


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  5. Oluwakemi says:

    there is another business u can start up with #5,000 naira.its an easy business. especially students
    for more enquiry call dis number


    Recharge card printing business is a lucrative one you can start with a minimum of N9,000 only. You can also make above N250,000 monthly printing recharges and vouchers with the right information and guides from Confidence Communications Limited
    For more information on how you can successfully start your recharge business and make profits from it with our free software and userguide, Call Mr.Allue David on 09081160346,
    Buy Recharge Cards And Voucher Pins From Confidence Communications Limited Today and be on the part way to success

  7. Great job on this one. Bead making business can be a very good way of making a living in Nigeria.

  8. elizabeth says:

    Recharge card business

  9. Habibat says:

    Baking cakes

  10. Macaulay says:

    I like commercial cleaning

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