Businesses you can start in Nigeria with 50,000 naira.

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For sometimes in Nigeria, Nigerian youths have complained, complain and still complaining about how our leaders are not fair to the youth.

It’s true that things are not going as expected especially when you have graduated from the university or polytechnic and have finished your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

But dwelling on complain and pointing an accusing finger on another person won’t solve the problem, and you make that person in charge of providing the solution. In a case where he doesn’t do it, then it becomes a problem to you.

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Interactive video in a snap

Even the youth have their own problem. A youth man or woman will complain about no job and no capital to start a business with.

But the same youth will serve money to buy a cell phone worth 45,000 or 50,000 and beyond. This money is enough to start a business for you that you can use to grow with it.

What business can you do with fifty thousand naira?

There are several businesses you can do with five thousand naira and make a serious profit from it. However, they’re not getting rich quick scheme.

In fact, there are no such things like getting rich quick scheme because there is no short cut to success.

The following are businesses you can start in Nigeria with 50,000 naira or less.

Internet marketing

This is not a new thing. Many have talked about internet marketing and many have been successful. In my opinion, internet marketing is one of the cheapest ways to begin your business.

Several of such businesses are available to do. Some include blogging, affiliate marketing, flipping expired domain name to mention but a few.

Others are when you offer your services like freelancing in either article writing, graphic design or web design.

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Screen printing

Many businesses and organizations want custom cups, biros, T-shirts, and bags. This gives them some form of identity. But today, individuals, students want to feel among.

One business that provides such services is the screen printing business. this business helps in turning a cup, T-shirt or bag in a custom style using a screen.

The materials require for starting the business are affordable and the profit can be up to 100%

Learn more: How to start screen printing business

Catering business

Catering products are always on demand. This business provides things like snacks, queen’s cake, meat pie and so on to customers.

This business requires you to know the technical know-how of catering and be able to provide a unique recipe that attracts constant customers.

Tomatoes and pepper business

According to the United Nations Environmental Programme, UNEP has lamented that the Nigerian government spent about $1 billion on the importation of tomato paste.

That is about to change as the focus is now shifting to domestic production to boost local tomato production and provide jobs.

The business can be done to target all seasons. Learning how the business is done and how to do it is really important.

Here is a complete step on how to start tomato business in Nigeria

Poultry business

Poultry farming business has come to stay. No one will ever argue that with the increase in the consumption of poultry meat and eggs locally and shying away from imported ones due to the health concern.

Succeeding in the business will require getting a good breed, keeping the poultry house clean always and feed them with the right feed.

Here is a complete step on how to start poultry farm business in Nigeria

Fish farming

Fish is one of the best and cheap sources of protein and often recommended for both young and old due to its low cholesterol.

There are plans by the federal government of Nigeria to stop 700,000 metric tons and this is to boost domestic production. This is opening more opportunities for aspiring farmers to start.

Fish farming is one of the business you can start in the backyard and grow from there.

Starting the business you will require you to know the necessary steps on how to start fish farming business in Nigeria


Information is vital in this age. Many have started their newspaper and today are really enjoying the fruit of their labor.

This newspaper business can be done or started in two ways.

The first way is by designing and printing the newspaper and selling it physically. Here you’ll need to know how to design and print.

To know the necessary steps you’ll need to create a newspaper/magazine business, learn the complete guide on how to start your own newspaper/magazine business in Nigeria

The other method is to start the newspaper online. You’ll need to create your website and constantly update your site.

The newspaper business often makes money from advertising and sponsored review.

Want to know more about how to setup your online magazine? click and know how to start an online news website

Car wash

It’s interesting at how Nigerians are buying cars nowadays. No one, at least on the majority saw that coming some few years ago, but here we’re with several cars that some will make you dumbfounded.

Most of these car owners have little or no time to wash their car.

You’ll need two buckets, a small space that can accommodate at least one car, a tank to store water, car washing detergent, rack and mini sign post notifying the people about your services.

Here is a complete step by step on how to start a successful car wash business

Chicken dressing

Chicken dressing business has been seeing boom due to the intake of more chicken, and normally prefer to pay for the chicken to be dressed.

This boom will continue as more restaurants, hotels, households are demanding for faster ways to dress their chicken. Therefore, the service of a chicken dresser is required.

The idea of frozen chicken is beginning to increase by the day. The chicken before been frozen, are first of all dressed, creating another business opportunity.

The business requires you to learn how to dress the chicken and this is a day’s learning.

Here is a full detail of how to start a chicken dressing business in Nigeria

Selling shoes

The business of selling shoes has always been lucrative. I’ve not seen a person living that is not using, at least, a pair of shoe.

The entry level of the business can determine the type of shoe you’ll sell because there are several types to sell.

Example, some will want to sell wedding shoes, while others school shoes

Most importantly, you’ll need to know the trend before supplying any shoe and estimate the pocket size of your intended customers.

Once you know the type and the trend, you can go ahead to look for a supplier to supply the shoes.

On receiving the items, you begin to market your shoes in places where you feel will have the highest demand for it.

For instance, when selling a children shoe, you’ll look for nursing mothers to sell to and not those planning to wed.

Gift bag seller

Gift bags have never been enough in any way. The popularity has an increase in recent times and has been another constant business opportunity that has proven to be lucrative.

There are two ways to take advantage of the gift bag.

  1. Create it yourself: you may want to create the gift bag yourself. Of cause you’ll need to know the material required, the size of various bags, design them and saw them.
  2. Hire someone to create it for you: someone can do the job of creating it for you and you pay the person.

Either way, you do it, you can begin to sell your gift bags when they’re ready.


Nowadays not all working moms want a nanny. They prefer to use a day care. This type of business is mostly food for women.

The business can be started from home where working moms drop their child for hours. During which the person in charge takes care of the baby on behalf of the mom.

Starting the business will require patience and some little toys that will help the young ones to play.

There is no standard way of charging for the service and ultimately going to be your choice. Some charge on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


This is one of the lucrative business to do. You’ll need a table, a knife, and some packaging material.

Then you begin to go to the certify abattoir to buy the meat base on want you have.

Block industry

Not everywhere you’ll need to setup this business. You’ll need a place where it’s developing to start one. With that, you’ll have more opportunities of selling the blocks.

Selling recharge cards

Graphic designer

Graphic design is a very good and lucrative business to start. You’ll need good design skills in CorelDraw and Photoshop to be able to do this form of business.

Graphic designers are always on the lookout. You’ll need to network using social media, a blog, word of mouth and another method of advertisement to market your graphic design business.

Web design

One of the most lucrative and outsourced services online today. More people are trying to use the internet to start their business but don’t know how to create a site.

Your business can provide that services and charge for it.

More businesses will be included as we move on.

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