Branding best practices: 6 steps to targeting the right audience

branding best practices

Think a brand is just for big business? Think again. Branding is important for business of all shapes and sizes.

Do you know why?

Proper branding can keep your business at the top of mind for current and potential customers. Therefore embracing these brand best practices will certainly make it possible.

Below we’ll show you the branding best practices that send target audience that help in building your brand.

That would be epic, right?

When you think of Microsoft, what come to mind is windows software, when you think of google, the first that comes to mind is the search engine. What of HubSpot? Content marketing comes to mind.


These businesses have built their brand around a niche that makes them unique and gives them authority.

Getting targeted audience becomes the crux of every business that wants to build their brand. it’s however, a great way for the business to develop a brand-building strategy.

However, getting the right audience does not happen without understanding who your target audience are, where they’re hanging out and constantly reaching out to them.

Your target audience grows when you’re always giving out value. Consistent application of your brand makes your audience begin to notice your business.

The attention to your business begins to grow and so also is your audience.

Putting an effective brand strategy should be in place in other to distinguish your business from other competitors.

Now we know how important a brand is, let’s see the branding best practices targeting the right audience.

6 branding best practices targeting the right audience

All known brand started building from the scratch. That’s why these branding best practices is a most for small businesses. It’s going to be a long walk, determination and a strategy of action in other to get there.

You have to come with a daily strategy that makes it possible you‘re constantly moving towards achieving your goals.

What better way to do it than the internet? Below are some of the branding best practices you can use to target the right audience and continue to get new customers always.

  1. Organic search traffic

Search engine traffic really is important in brand building. It sends in targeted audience to your business regularly.  According to Imforza, “70% of the links search users clicks on are organic – not paid.

This is because the way the search engine works today is different from 10 years ago. The user search using intent. In other words, they are specific to what they’re looking for information.

Therefore getting the qualified users who use intentions requires you to target long tail keywords.

The long tail keywords perform better in search engine by 2.5x times than head variation.

branding best practices


long tail keywords are specific than head keywords.

Example of head keyword: designer T-shirt

Example of long tail keywords: Affordable designer T-shirts online

The examples above shows that for a head keyword it doesn’t say what the user want, on the flip side, the long tail it shows the intention of the user. The user typing ‘affordable designer T-shirt online’ in the search box is probably looking for something to buy.

Another thing to note is, targeting head keywords are competitive. It might be difficult to compete with companies paying high to rank for head keywords.

If you want your business to get the organic traffic you will have to focus on long tail keywords which make it possible to rank high within the search engine and send in the target audience to your business.

According to moz, long tail keywords sends about 70% traffic to websites and blogs.

branding best practices

Finding long tail keywords will require doing keyword research to know the long tail keywords you’re targeting.

Once you have your long tail keywords, you begin to write articles focusing on the long tail keywords that will make the ranking for the keyword possible.

Content length also affects your page ranking.

In the past, writing 500 article will seem smart and ranks you high. In today’s search engine, you have to write a longer article to stand the chance of making the top ten search results.

after serpIQ analyzed the top 10 search results for over 20,000 keywords and noticed a pattern.

They realize that content the average content length making the first google page is the 2000+ word article. The higher the words, the better.

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branding best practices

The search engine is looking for quality over quantity, you must strive to do that. 2000+ words let you write an article with depth.

Organic search traffic is one of the branding best practices many brands use today to get more targeted traffic.

Getting the eyeballs, clicks and conversion require that you provide articles targeting long tail keywords.


  1. Social media

Social media has evolved and has become a vital tool for marketing. According to a social media report, there are 2.3 billion active social media users.

More people using their phone to get connected via social media. It’s estimated that 1 million active social media users via mobile are added every day.

No wonder 91% of retail brands use two or social media channel to increase sales and branding.

But the big question is how do you get targeted audience? When promoting via social media aims towards targeting everyone. You log into your account, it’s people you know that always pop up.

Looking for a way to find the audience that is targeted should be the number priority.

To do that, you have to make your message clear and direct to the people in need of that. Targeting broad subject will not work. Strive to focus on one thing.

For instance, instead of focusing on sports, focus on yoga. A topic on the sport will definitely attract all sort of people who even mentioned sports in their conversion.

Here are some tips that will equally help you achieve more with social media:

A clear video message helps push the message fast and get the engagement required.

Another great thing people use is they share and download videos more than written article.

  1. Always use an image to support your thought. A post with post attracts more people that those without. Always use an image that has the full-width size of the news feed.
  2. Look for the social media that best fits your business. Not all social media can work for your business. You’ll need to find the one that best works for your business.

For instance, if your business is about images all the time, Pinterest will work more than any other.

The bottom like is, as you grow your business, you have to constantly provide value regularly. Posting content always sparks social media engagement.

  1. Guest posting

Having your presence in authority sites is one way of showcasing your business to an already existing audience.

In authority sites, they have already built a brand that people respect. Getting a fraction of that audience to your business is not a good idea.

There are many ways you can reach them, but one vital way is to guest post on their site.

Most of the authority site loves guest blogging because they want their audience to find something new whenever they visit the site.

The guidelines for accepting guest post are different from one another. One thing that remains consistent is they expect you to provide content of value, not just about self or brand promotion.

Guest blogging will require you always provide unique content than just generic content.

The most site takes guest posting serious and take the time to promote it to their audience on social media, their email list to ensure it has the maximum exposure.

  1. Ego bait

How would you like to get influencers to share your content with their audience? That is where ego bait comes in handy.

Ego bait is just like an endorsement. When an influencer shares your stuff it simply means the influencer has endorsed your content.

You have to look for a way to find these influencers to get to share your content.

A single tweet could be worth several conversions.

To get an influencer to share your content that gives the eyeballs and brings you the target audience, you should do one of the following.

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Interview the influencers.

Reach to the influencer telling them you want to interview them. This influencer is always busy and receives lots of emails daily. You have to pitch your idea in a way that will make them click on the message to read.

Make your message as short as possible straight to the point. Include the medium you intend to do the interview.

When they respond giving you yes, you can go on to send the time for the interview questions. They’ll reply when only is the answer that you need in written form. Over the phone, you may want to use skype to conduct the interview.

When concluded and to publish, contact the influencer giving them the link to the article. They’ll definitely share the article with the influencers

Ask influencers about their opinion

There may be a controversial question you want to get their opinion of different influencers about it. Email it to as many influencers in your field.

The few that will respond, that there opinion and make a post out of it. Mention the influencers name and share their thoughts on the subject.

Contact any of the influencers about it. They’ll be very willing to share the content.

Write a post about the influencers/their product

Write a list post about the influencers or write a review about their product. Once you’ve done it, contact the influencer asking them to share the content with their followers.

Ego bait is really one vital way to get the word out to a more focus, targeted audience. As a result, you may have quality backlinks back to your site.

  1. Partnership

A business partnership is worth building. The partnership can come in various ways. It could be in the form of conferences, article writing, podcast and so on.

The partnership gives you an opportunity to expose your business to more people especially when it’s with an authority business.

But before going into partnership, you must first ask yourself: do I really need to go into it to build my brand? if the answer is yes, then strive to build a successful one that will last with whoever you’re partnering with.

Building a successful partnership requires you to include four key elements that will make it last longer.


This is the foundation of all business partnership. It involves give and take from both parties. It begins with the willingness of full commitment before getting one in return. Anyone who is giving or taking more than the other, the trust will crumble.


Both parties must mutual respect for both parties. Your strength might be your partner’s strength and vice versa. No matter what happens both partner must be willing to acknowledge and respect the partners’ weakness.

Share the same vision and value

Having the same goals in mind will make work easier. What cripple business partnership is when interest begin begins to overshadow the goals of the partnership

Make sure you have understood fully the vision and the objective of the project before signing up for it.

Honest and open communication

Honesty and open communication should always no matter the difficulty of the situation. This could include the change of plan, money and management style.

It’s important to know where your partnership stands and what need to be done. Make time to tell your partner the progress you’re making.

The partnership is not out of place, you have to strive to find one that will always be beneficial to your brand building. Once you proof to your audience that you’re an authority, more of such partnership will come.

Final thought

These branding best practices will make you avoid the pitfall that may arise in your business.

With more competition in the business world, there has been never a great time to take your business branding than now.

It’s business that continues to build their brand that will get the attention and turn the attention into loyal customers.

This will not happen overnight, you’ll need to continually do it in other to gain the required exposure.

Branding best practices go alone way of making your business always relevant.


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