Benefits of working for yourself (Self-employed)

self employedWhen it comes to work, there are two things you either work under a boss or you become your own boss.

If you’ve tested both, you may see that the flexibility working under a boss is limited and you’ll have to follow the rules and regulations created to guide the organization whether you like it or not.

In his speech to graduating students, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates told the student that if you think you have a tough teacher, wait until you get a boss.

But if you’re working for yourself, there are many flexibility and benefits. Here are the benefits working for yourself.

 Benefits of working for yourself (Self-employed)

  1. You’re working on your idea

Not every organization will value your idea especially if you just started climbing the ladder. But when self-employed, you have the chance to work on your idea and make it a reality. You can also replenish or change the way you want and to suit your desired aim.

  1. You’re your own boss
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As the boss, you make the decisions, decide who to partner with and create your network.

  1. You decide your own working hours

When working under someone, you have a fix time schedule you must adhere to. Mostly from 8am to 5pm. It simply means during such times, you’re not in control of it, but the organization.

But when working for yourself, you fix your time, in fact, you can even decide not to go to work and no one will question or query you.

  1. You can develop your strategy

You’re free to design the way your business will grow by developing your own initiative and projects. The way your business response to change is critical to your business growth and the ball is in your court.

  1. You enjoy all the profit
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Profit can be 100% yours.

  1. You choose your own location

You decide on your business location. You can work from home or secure a business location.

  1. You’re building influence

As the business grows, it simply means more people are beginning to buy or subscribe to your product or service. As a result, you’re building trust and influence.


We all may start under a boss, but it’s when we become our own boss will be able to make our ideas and strategies a reality.


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